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(Note-Enjoy, Rated Pg-13 )

"There's no way I'm working with him Fury!" Logan's words echoed sharply through the large rectangular room. The two were talking about a new team, and Nick Fury was pretty determined.

"Logan, calm down, you have to look at this from a different point of view. " Fury was smoking a cigar and paying no attention to Logan's anger.

"He's your son Logan, and trust me, I know you two don't have the best history but I have a good feeling about this."

"He sent me to mother f*ckin hell" Logan yelled at Fury.

Before Fury could respond Logan heard someone behind them at the door. Daken was leaning against the wall, enjoying his father's anger.

"You know, I was sort of thinking that we could forget about that." Daken smirked.

"And besides, I think you got most of your anger out when you decapitated your brother." Daken was obviously trying to anger Logan more.

Logan began to growl and Fury knew he had to do something quick.

"Both of you,Shut up, Daken stand on that side of the room." Daken walked to the end of the long metal rectangular table with many chairs and glared down at Logan.

"So why are you even here?" Logan snarled across the room.

"Well, Mr. Fury here, offered me an acceptable amount of money to come in. And who am I to deny?" Daken smirked and looked at Fury.

Logan glared at fury but he didn't seem to care.

"Of coarse, Money's the only way anyone could get you to do anything good." Logan growled.

"Well, I'd rather bring death to everyone around me on purpouse instead of........... Your situation." Daken knew he had hit a mark when he said that.

Logan was now filled to the brim with anger,without hesitation his claws swiftly erupted from his knuckles. As this happened Daken also released his claws.

"Make your move, father." Daken was now in a fighting position.

"You Bastard" Logan yelled as he jump on the rectangular table that sit in the middle of the room.

Daken smirked than jumped on the table and charged at Logan. As they get only 7 feet away the window shattered and before the two could react they felt, holes in them. Falling to the ground, both of them felt the pain, a pain that was more severe than getting stabbed normally. It, was an adamantium pain.

As both Daken, and Logan groan in pain and wait for their healing to kick in. Fury smiled.

"Ahh, Laura, Nice of you to join us."

(Logan/Wolverine, Daken and Laura/ X-23 Are property of Marvel Inc. I write the story but they supply the MARVELous characters.)

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Awesome. Love every bit of it.

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@GR2Blackout: Thanks

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awesome :)

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@kamrenamir said:

It, was an adamantium pain.

So there's mild, serious, extreme and adamantium pain :) It's good. Wondering who else is going to be on this Feral Force: Wolfsbane, Tigra, Wild Child, Sabretooth, Feral maybe

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Love it.