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T -- Teen- Appropriate for readers 12 and over. May contain mild violence, language, and/or suggestive themes.

Previously on The Epic Wish of a Geek Named Neil...

Cyborg Unicorns and Abe Lincoln!!!

“The Genie...” these were the words that Sir Newton uttered. “He was the same Genie Aladdin encountered...” Newton added...” How did you know?” Neil asked. Then Newton replied: “I followed Alex DeLarge right after Jubilee ran away from him... He went to the empire state and reported to the Genie and asked the Genie’s permission to go to your party... then I heard the most sinister laugh. Anyways I heard the Genie as he recruits a band of mis-fitted group of individuals.”

“ I am the Genie! A neigh omnipotent being! And We shall rule the real Earth!” the genie said. Newton was there standing behind a pillar of marble as the empire state warped into the Parthenon. ‘umm... what are your motives?” a woman with hair coloured fancily asked. “ well Cruela, I shall take revenge upon Aladdin... that bastard made me wait... for another thousand years!” the genie said angrily and seemingly looking like he is having a nostalgia. “He wished to become rich! I gave it to him... He wished to become sultan! I gave him that... but he wished to become god! I cannot grant him that. He was enraged... He wished I would be trapped in another dimension and find me a new master! But then this stupid kid came! And now I shall have revenge! Plus I can now control multiple realities!!! I now have Immense Power!!! Haha!” the Genie said. “NO! You cannot Do that! You will destroy multiple realities!” Newton screamed at the top of his lungs. “Chase Him!” the Genie said. He then summoned a horde of the undead. The earth cracked and zombies from movies, Computer games, and other media bursted from the ground below. “oh good. I shall be dead now...” Newton whispered to himself. But then he realized he can turn his physique into his prime because reality itself was warped. His body came to its peak and had the ability to run faster. It was then when Newton Was beaten up by the Joker...

“Now you have to have the genie grant you your last two wishes forcefully.” Newton said. “you might want to have your bunch of heroes to aid you in this battle...” Newton added.

Then, the door of the pokemon center was bursted open and Jubilee’s silhouette was there with Alex DeLarge by her side... “Hi guys! Alex called me to get back-up... Unfortunately Mikee and the others died of laughter... Now Neil, It is up to you Me, Alex, and Mr. Abraham Lincoln cyborg version together with HIS Robotic Unicorn to defeat the Genie and save the Multiverse... Just then everyone on Neil’s side was filled with hope and then Neil just prayed that He, the man who wished all of this might be unwished...

“Why won’t the Genie want to grant my wish? Don’t he want to be freed?” Neil said... “ Think about it Neil If he was free he would be returned back to his home reality... If he would then he would not have power over multiple realities!!!


Brace Yourselves for the epic fight!!! Neil and his crew versus... meh...the Genie... read the ultimate battle in the conclusion of this story!!!(for real) The Epic Wish of a Geek Named Neil!!!

All characters are not owned by me. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I thought of the story but not of the characters...

Okay i lied there is a fourth part because I was lazy doing the fight sequence... hope you enjoy it though...

to catch up...


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So far after reading the previous entries and this one the story makes sense for me. So the style reminds me of Axe cop. I don't know why but maybe because of its zaniness. Good job and keep it up.

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@Trodorne: Thanks hope you enjoyed it!!!