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(All characters owned by Marvel Comics. This is a Daredevil What If..? story taking a detour from the Andy Diggle story arc The Devil’s Hand)

The Devil’s Other Hand

Somewhere below New York

A gathering of The Hand watches silently as Daredevil hangs like a fly in a web a few feet above them. A chain around his neck inches ever so slowly towards completely closing his airway whilst his arms are outstretched nearly tearing him apart at the sternum like an overripe piece of fruit.

“Do you yield?” asked the Hand group leader as he walked around the former superhero

“...no” groaned Daredevil through gritted teeth, resisting the torture

A ninja stepped forward with a rattan stick and whack! Smashed it across Daredevil’s shins. Pain shot up into Matt’s brain as he stifled a scream

“Do you yield?”


“These torments you have endured are but a taste of what is to come”

Whack! Another hit, this time across his calves

“You are spent. You have nothing left to give”

Whack! Another hit across the kneecaps

“Do you yield?” asked the leader

“No!” Daredevil’s reply was part growl, part scream

“Remove his boots! Let us see if you are a devil or merely a stubborn blind fool!”

Another ninja stepped forward and cut the boots from Daredevils feet with his katana. Another stepped forward and handcuffed Daredevil's ankles together. Another placed a bucket of hot coals a few inches below his feet. The gathering watched in eerie silence

“Do you yield?”

“I said no!”

“Very well” The leader squirted some lighter fluid into the bucket making flames jump up and lick the exposed flesh. Daredevil winced in pain and instinctively moved his feet up and away. Another blow from the rattan across his toes caused him to lower his feet

“Do you yield?” asked the leader as he sprayed more fluid causing the flames to leap higher

“NO!!” screamed Daredevil as it echoed across the room

“Release him”

The chains slackened and Daredevil collapsed to the ground in a heap.

“Then...it’s...it’s...over” croaked Daredevil

The leader kneeled near the battered hero “You honestly thought that a mere stretching and some light torture for two hours would end the trial of torment? You think that we would give you the keys to the vast empire of The Hand to you because you have shown intestinal fortitude? No, it is not over”

Daredevil was hauled back up like a marionette, tighter than before. A series of rattan strikes rained across his thighs.

The leader smiled and removed a dog whistle from his belt and blew it, sending Daredevil’s senses into overdrive

“You also thought that we are stupid. The we; The Hand, would let you a sworn hated enemy to lead us into the future”

Matt tried to focus but the pain and the noises and the restraints all were doing their job

“We know of your plan to infiltrate us Mr Murdock, to turn us into a blunt tool. You thought that we are blind to what you are just as you are actually blind. Death gains you entry into The Hand”

Four ninja’s withdrew Uzi’s and pointed them at the struggling hero. The more he moved the tighter the chains drew against him as his sense screamed. Pain, gun metal, powder, pain, whistle, death, pain, saffron, pain!

“Prepare for your death” the leader signalled and the quartet opened fire as the remaining ninja took a knee and bowed their heads in part ceremony part safety measure part respect. Matt screamed and tried to escape but the close quarters of the gunfire ripped through him. After a sickening twenty seconds the chamber went deathly silent as blood dripped from the now dead superhero

“Do you yield?” asked the leader mockingly. Slowly the body of the protector of Hell’s Kitchen was lowered to the floor. “Prepare the room! Tonight we shall raise the Devil!”

The ninja’s roared in approval

Rooftops of New York two days later

Daredevil hollowly looked out across the night through, the wind blowing across his clammy skin

“How do you feel?” asked the leader who sidled up beside him

Daredevil’s razor armguard shot out and stopped a hair from the leaders nose

“Reborn” hissed Daredevil “Alive”

“You are now one of The Hand in body and soul”

“I feel fantastic” Daredevil lowered his weapon

“Excellent. Now to business”

“No, to my business! I intend to share my rebirth with a few old friends” snarled Daredevil

“The Hand is yours to command ...Lord Daredevil” the leader bowed deeply and stepped back

“Find me Wilson Fisk...find me Kingpin”

Midtown Manhattan, New York

Six members of Kingpin’s criminal organisation fired down the hallway at the elevator as three other rushed their oversized boss into his apartment. They threw him in and stood guard at the door to no avail. Wilson watched from the floor as blood seeped under the door as the gunfire went silent

“Get up you fat bastard!”

Wilson turned to see a black-clad Daredevil standing there flanked by several ninja’s of the Hand.

“You have been a thorn in my side for way to long Wilson” said Daredevil

“And you mine Matthew” replied Wilson as he got to his feet, his hand slid into his pocket

“Don’t” stated Daredevil “By the time you reach your gun I’ll have slit your throat”

“Why the sudden change?”

“Death has a way of altering one’s perspective”

“So what do you want with me?” asked Wilson as he pulled out his Glock

“Your head!” Daredevil leapt forward and in a scissoring motion with his two armguard razor’s beheaded the kingpin of crime!

“Keep the head” ordered Daredevil to his minions “His body goes onto the street. Go!”

The Hand spread out like a fan and carried out his order with military precision. Matt watched with his radar sense and smiled

The End...maybe

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Holy $h!t! This chapter is great. I hope it's not the end though. =P

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Chapter 2

Norman Osborn looked at a large computer screen. Dotted on the map were symbols of Hammers littered the map of New York. Hawkeye aka Bullseye walked in picking his teeth with a wishbone

“Snakes and ladders Normie?”

“Ahh Lester about time you graced me with your presence” replied Osborn with tone “I have a job for you. You’re going down town”

“You want an errand done use Gargan or cockroach boy, I got other things to do” laughed Bullseye

“It involves Daredevil”

“Now I’m intrigued” the wishbone shot from his fingers and imbedded into the computer screen

“Seems a castle has appeared in Hell’s Kitchen and Daredevil’s, multiples, are out in force” stated Norman


“And I want you to deal with him”

“Get a Hammer Squad and sort him out”

“Not Hawkeye deal with him, Bullseye deal with him. I want him dead. Bring me back his head”

“Oh Norman” smiled Bullseye peeling off his Hawkeye mask “You’ve just made my day”

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Now This is how Shadowland should have began

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Chapter 3

Hell’s Kitchen Shadowland Castle, night

A lone sentry, dressed in a Daredevil-esque uniform patrols the battlements. A sai rips through the night and up through his chin and into his brain. He fizzles into green smoke & rags as Bullseye swings up onto the roof to retrieve his weapon

“Oh Matthew!” sang Bullseye “Come out, come out wherever you are! I got you a present”

“By order of Lord Daredevil you will surrender!” Seemingly out of nowhere appeared twenty Hand ninja’s, surrounding the assassin


The speaker of the group cocked his head to the side in confusion

“I surrender or what?” laughed Bullseye as he plotted moves & attacks in his head

“You will die!” snarled Daredevil as he stepped through the group

“Nice black duds! Send the pyjama party away and we’ll dance like we did in the old days”

“Lester, you are a rabid dog who needs putting down. HAND! TAKE HIM! DEAD OR ALIVE!” roared Daredevil

The ninja’s leap as a wave towards Bullseye who calmly took two grenades off his belt and threw them into the air “Always wondered if this would work”

The grenades ripped through the swarm of ninja’s, raining body parts, green smoke and weapons onto the roof

“It’s raining ninja’s!” sang Bullseye as he hurled a sai towards Daredevil’s face

Daredevil caught the blade with a loud clap, the point scratching the fabric of his mask. He returned the favour, aiming at Bullseye’s thigh. Bullseye tried to dodge but the secondary blade on the hilt grazed him slightly

“When did you get good?” stated Bullseye, a little concerned for himself

“I’ve always been good” said Daredevil “Up until now I’ve held back” Daredevil rolled forward and donkey kicked him in the stomach sending him across the roof “This has been a game to you. Well, game over Lester!” Daredevil pounced driving his elbow into the bridge of his nose with a sick crack. Blood poured from the injury

Bullseye licked his blood as it rushed down his lips. He dropped a handful of caltrops onto the roof and back flipped away, drawing a 9mm Glock. Daredevil “watched” with his radar sense and easily flipped through the potentially hampering caltrops and saw almost in slow motion the gun come out. He flung his billy-club which smashed into the end of the Glock as the first shot left the chamber. The gun exploded!

“#!@% &$U!!” screamed Bullseye shaking the small flames off his fingertips.

“Never again Lester” growled Daredevil leaping forward

The two traded blows, Daredevil gaining the initial upper hand due to his forearm blades cutting into Bullseye’s limbs when he threw strikes. Bullseye whipped out his katana to even the match

“You walk an angel” sang Bullseye raining down a blow causing sparks to fly from Daredevil’s blade “You talk like an angel” Whack! A sneaky fingerstrike to the throat “But I got wise!”

“It’s no disguise!” Daredevil caught Bullseye extended thrust with his left hand and smashed his knee into the shoulder, dislocating it! Bullseye screamed in pain as Daredevil did a jump kick that rattled all the teeth in his head

“You’ve taken so much from me in the past” Slam! Daredevil’s fist cracked into Bullseye’s already fractured jaw “Karen!” Crack! Another punch to the mouth “Elektra!” Daredevil popped Bullseye other shoulder out leaving the assassin disarmed

Daredevil grabbed the sai “You should appreciate the irony of this”

“No...Don’t!” squealed Bullseye as the sai was rammed through his chest and poked out his back

From across the street on an adjacent rooftop, Iron Fist & Luke Cage watched in horror!

“What do we do?” asked Iron Fist

“We take him down” replied Luke

“But...Matt’s our friend”

“Danny! Our friend just rammed a two foot spike through another man’s chest! Sweet #@!&*%? Christmas! I know they got history but murder is murder!”

“You’re right”

Daredevil spotted the pair and nodded at them

“Either swear allegiance to The Hand or walk away!” he yelled across the night

“You gonna come with us Matt? Or we gonna make you come with us?” replied Cage as he leapt from his building to the Shadowland Castle

“Your choices are simple Luke” snarled Daredevil as he dumped the body of Bullseye at his feet “Do not make me repeat myself”

“We don’t want to fight you Matt” said Iron Fist as he joined them on the roof “Let’s go talk about this at the Avengers Tower, nice and civilised”

“There is nothing to discuss!” Daredevil turned on his heels and walked off

Luke reached out and put his hand on Matt's shoulder “Where do you think you’re” Luke’s final word of going was interrupted as Matt used a simple aikido move to flip the near-invulnerable hero off the castle roof and into the street

Iron Fist lashed out with a kick “Hey! We’re trying to help you out Matt”

“The Hand needs no help” laughed Daredevil as he ducked the attack “Join or suffer the consequences”

“You can’t beat me Matt” said Iron Fist “Stop this before I...”

Danny’s words were cut short as Daredevil delivered a palmstrike to Danny’s chin followed by a kidney punch that was almost too quick to see

“H-how?” spluttered Iron Fist, blood seeping through his teeth

“I’m better than ever” laughed Daredevil driving his fingers into Iron Fist’s temple knocking him unconscious. Luke Cage leapt back onto the roof

“You have several choices before you Luke” stated Daredevil “You can fight me and watch as your friend dies of hematoma. Or you can take him away to hospital. Or you can join the Hand now and I’ll save Danny’s life myself”

“How about I rip your head off then take Danny to hospital then come back and smash your castle into blocks” yelled Luke

“Every second the swelling grows and Danny’s life slips away. If he was conscious he could you the Iron Fist to save himself”

Luke stared down his former friend, looking into those strange red eyes

“Who are you?” asked Luke as he scooped up Iron Fist

“I am Daredevil, leader of the Hand. All will serve or all will die”

“So why are you letting me go?”

“I’m not a monster Luke” stated Daredevil as he walked off leaving Luke alone on the roof

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Chapter 2 and 3 was daring and awesome!

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Avengers Tower, the next day

“He what?!?”Norman Osborn’s words ripped through the room like cannon fire. Victoria Hand took a slight step back and adjusted her glasses. Venom looked nervously up at the ceiling attempting to whistle

“Daredevil stabbed Bullseye through the chest with a sai and killed him” she repeated “A new helicopter caught the tail end of the fight, including the face-off with Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Then ninja’s took the body”

“Assemble the team” growled Norman as he gripped the desk edge, his knuckles turning white

“Why?” asked Victoria

Norman glared at her with those eyes that it made her blood seemingly chill and every hair stand on end, but she swallowed her fear and stood her ground “Bullseye was a criminal. A homicidal, sociopathic murderer and assassin. In the public eye he’s better off dead. Daredevil has won the PR war. If you swoop in with the Avengers to rescue his body and arrest Daredevil, then people are going to know...”

“I don’t care what people think! I’ll tell them what to think!” spittle & foam shot from his mouth. Venom quietly slipped out of the room

“Then you’re wrong!” stated Victoria “If he was dressed as Hawkeye, then by all means. But even though Daredevil has broken the law, if and I mean IF this gets to court you’ll one be hard pressed to find a jury that’ll convict him. And sending Sentry & Ares after Daredevil is complete overkill which will further turn the public to his favour, which is where the jury will come from”

Norman let out a just audible growl and looked down at the desk. A faint reflection of the Green Goblin stared back up at him. He shook his head clear “You’re right...it was only a matter of time before we’d have to put Bullseye down ourselves. Inform NYPD that they are to arrest Daredevil on sight and put a cordon around the castle of his”

Victoria nodded in compliance and added the items to her I pad action list. As she turned and left she could feel her boss’s eyes boring into the back of her head

New York Presbyterian Hospital, room 616

A gathering of superheroes squeezed into the hospital room. Daniel Rand, the Iron Fist, lay in bed with his head bandaged. Misty Knight sat beside him, her hand & fingers entwined around his. Luke Cage, Shang-Chi, Dr Strange, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Moon Knight and Ronin stand around the room

“Just use your magic doc” pleaded Misty

“Magic doesn’t work like that Misty” he replied in his soothing bedside voice “Danny will be fine. Assisting his recovery with magic could do more harm than good, especially with his connection to the Iron Fist”

“I have corrected his chi imbalance” said Shang-Chi

Spider-Man started to make a joke but covered his mouth as the master of kung-fu shot him a look. Spidey flipped up onto the ceiling

“So when do we storm the castle?” asked Ronin

“What for?” said Wolverine “Bullseye’s dead, big $#!+%& deal! Let’s throw him a party”

“You’re an animal!” snapped Misty

“I agree” stated Shang-Chi

“Watch it bub!” snarled Wolverine “This could be Madripoor all over again if you want”

“Now I enjoy midget wrestling as much as the next guy” chuckled Spider-Man as he dangled between the two to separate them “But what are we going to do about Matt? And please, please, please let’s not go all Scarlet Witch on him because I’m so tired of that”

“I sense dark forces at work” said Moon Knight ominously

“As do I” added Dr Strange “I feel Matthew may be beyond hope”

“It’s happening again!” cried Spider-Man landing upright “Why is it every time one of us has a slip-up or a bad day the rest gather up a posse to kill them! Sheesh! Bad enough Jonah runs the city but my friends all want to kill me each time Electro throws me into a cab! Which is a lot”

“I looked your friend in the eyes” said Luke, his tone was flat and serious “It was like looking into hell. It was...evil”

“I tend to concur with Spider-Man” said Dr Strange “Which makes me question my own sanity. We should send a group to talk to him. And if things get out of hand”

Wolverine answered with a snikt of his claws as Spider-Man smacked himself in the head

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Chapter 5, The Castle Hand, Japan

Daredevil sat on a cold stone throne before a sea of kneeling Hand members in the courtyard of the ancient castle. White Tiger & Lady Bullseye stood either side of him

"I am Lord Daredevil!" he roared "I am the ruler of The Hand! I have risen from the dead and I have embraced the Beast! We shall strike down my enemies!"

The gathered crowd cheered in approval and tapped their weapons on the ground

"For many years The Hand has been a joke! A child's toy! A toothless tiger! We change that perception...today!"

The gathering stood and cheered wildly

"I have the scroll in which we can declare war on New York!" Daredevil yelled as he showed it to the crowd "Then we shall use The Hand to encircle the globe and crush all resistance!"

The crowd chanted his name. Lady Bullseye looked over at White Tiger, a tad apprehensive at the madness before resigning herself to the fact that it was better to sit at the right hand of the devil than in his path

"To assure my plan these are our targets!" Seven scrolls rolled down from the castle roof, each with a portrait on it. "These are our enemies! They shall be given no quarter! You will bring me their heads! You WILL NOT FAIL ME!"

The seven scrolls had images of Elektra, Dr Strange, Norman Osborn, Iron Fist, Master Izo, J Jonah Jameson and Captain America

"Prepare the portal...we strike tonight!"

Three Hand wizards began conjuring a greenish glowing circle that swirled like a tornado

"Is everything alright Lady Bullseye" asked Daredevil

"Yes my lord" she replied "Your plan is impressive"

"Flattery is not your strong suit" sneered Daredevil "Do you know your mission?"

"Yes my lord" she bowed her head

"Then why are you still here?"

Lady Bullseye bowed and backed away and into the castle

"White Tiger!" snapped Daredevil

"Yes my lord"

"I trust that woman as much as I trusted her namesake. Take the Nail and deal with her once she's done as I asked"

"Yes my lord" White Tiger's undead eyes flashed with delight

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Pretty good, any more?

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@The Impersonator: Thanks, one day I'll finish this

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How about today? :P

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Just bumping some ancient history :)