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My Name is Jason Blood, I was once a knight, considered a hero to some. I was vain and foolish, believing myself fit to be a king. This vanity was my undoing. A sorceress named Morgana seduced me, led me to believe that if I betrayed my king I would rule by her side and bring our kingdom to new heights of prosperity and peace. In truth I was her pawn in an effort to make her son the king and I was to die. After I allowed her to sneak into my king's stronghold after which she stabbed me in the back with my own sword. Unknown to us at the time the wizard Merlin had known of the whole scheme and had prepared for this by summoning a powerful demon who slaughtered Morgana's forces with ease and left her horribly scared. While I lay dying the creature came to me he told me he didn't wish to return to the depths when the old wizard was through with him. He made me a deal, he would heal my wounds and allow me to live until I had my vengeance on the sorceress and give me all the power I'd need to deliver it. In return I would be his host and allow him to remain on Earth. It has been more than a thousand years since that day.

At first I saw this as a gift, thinking I would be able to find my vengeance and be done with this creature but it was not to be. Morgana and her son were hidden in a place that was far out of my reach so I lived long enough to see my sons die of old age, everyone I knew or loved passed while I stayed the same. Over the years I've attempted to remove the Demon, I became somewhat adept with magic but I've never found a spell more potent than the power of Etrigan, but I did learn his history. He was once nobility in hell. He had his own army and legions of servants but all that ended when the Fallen conquered hell. Their leader had caged him in hell only allowing him out when some wizard was willing to pay the heavy price for summoning him. He has vowed that one day he will return and crush his captors but until our deal was complete he remains bound to me seeing it as every bit the curse that I do.

Now I use his power to battle evil where ever I find it to try to atone for my treachery, but there are some who try to use this power that even gods fear to to their own ends so I must constantly be on the watch for those whose magic is stronger than mine. I will not allow it to be used for evil if I can prevent it.

(Ok hope you all enjoyed the opening chapter feel free to give constructive criticism)

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This is part of DC Genesis

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Lol had to slip the brand name in there. Pretty good intro, cant wait to see more :)

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Just wanted to make sure people knew

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nicely written, i kinda need to see more of it before i can give a constructive opinion though to be honest

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@moviegeek17: This is just the intro

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Im looking forward to this bro.
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Niiiiiice intro. (I know it's 2+ years old, but I liked it.) :)

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@cbishop: Yea I kind of dropped out of DC Genesis after waiting for approval got tiresome.

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@dngn4774: I did for a while but then I kind of forgot about it because I started up Iron Age

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@joshmightbe: I think you should continue it...unless it keeps you from writing more Hungry. I mean, you were doing like three chapters a day, and now it's been over. FIVE. days. Dude! ;)

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im restarting Genesis by myself unless you want in. itd be cool to continue this.

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@cbishop: I'm working on the next chapter. I had it written out but it got too weird so I had to scrap it and start over.

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Need.More.Hungry! And of Course I was digging this. Love your style man seriously.