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Okay guys, sine you liked my retelling of Genesis so much, here's the second part to it. I have to research the 7 days of Genesis for the next few parts though, before I go into war, famine, pestilence and death.....oh, and a really nasty demi-God with delusions of grandeur.

Hint: He ain't the Devil.

The planets danced their dance of life, each one a symbol of unity. Many existed in the span of the Universe, always in motion, always in balance.

Among these newborn celestial beings was the infant Gaia, a planet newly born, with its flesh still soft from birth. In its youth and vigor, it danced the fastest, ever worshipping its parent the Light as it spun in an articulate dance of the ages.

But near to the infant Gaia was a twin, a young life form called Thea. Thea was as jealous as Gaia was lively, seeing its rocky exterior as filth when compared to its sibling. As it watched Gaia dance the ballet of the cosmos, Thea wanted to be as lively as its twin. So it began to dance as well.

Thea began to spin, trying to mimic the twists of its livelier twin. But something was amiss. The twists and tides of Thea where sloppier than the more fluid gracefulness of Gaia. Unable to stop in its jealousy, Thea span faster.

Thea lost its balance and went flying through its enlightened world. While the older planets managed to escape its path, little young Gaia was too focused on its beloved dance to notice the impending danger.

Thea slammed into its twin Gaia and the two young planets where destroyed; only a ring of fire and rock was left from their massive union.

Yet…they did not die out.

The Light witnessed a miracle not of its own hand. Both twin planets, as opposite to each other as the darkness and the light, began to join. Their blood mixed as one, their flesh molded over unifying stone bones.

And their fiery heart beat as one.

The two young planets grew with their combined flesh, and they became unified for the first time. Slanted towards its creator The Light, the newly joined orb was as emotionally divided as it was when it was two.

When happy, the surface would be warm and soft, beautiful to caress.

When sad and angry, the little planet would throw itself into internal chaos.

The Light new that such a divided world could never live in perfect harmony without a focal point to give it guidance.

So The Light gave the new planet a unique gift.

The shattered remnants of the collision still ever dancing in the dark was joined into a new ball, a small orb of new life.

The Light breathed its power into it, and the little orb shone, white with purity and freedom. The new fused planet was calm, a child given to it from the cataclysm that unified to opposite polars.

The unified planet was calm, and with that, it was given a new name. A name to be remembered through all time.

Its name, was Earth.

And its child, the Moon.

And The Light saw how good it was.

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Gonna be honest... at first I read it as "Onions of Earth" - just saying that would be an awesome story also... probably

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Well, planets are layered. So...everyone lives in a huge hardened onion?

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope said:

Well, planets are layered. So...everyone lives in a huge hardened onion?

no... that would be silly... I just thought of giant mutant onions taking over the planet... or the day in the life of an onion... not sure why, but hey... that's what you get when you try to read at 3 O'clock in the morning

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Lol, I know that feeling.

So go get sum rest yo! :V