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While writing Geotrix, I'm at the same time writing a "gospel" of sorts that ties in to the overall universal themes that will play a significant part of the story. My Geotrix dialogue is crap, but my God my "Dark Genesis" is so good I need to share this!

And if it reads like The Bible, that was intentional. This is like the apocrypha version of The Bible.

In the beginning, there was darkness. But not of the darkness known to mortal man and his kind. This darkness engulfed all, ravaging time and space until nothing seemed to exist. Within this inky mass, great beasts filled with the desires of power dwelled inside. These where known as the Birthless, living entities neither born nor made that have existed through all time. In a variety of shapes and forms, they patrolled the dark kingdom they lived in, fighting amongst themselves with the only goal cemented in their grotesque brains. Power. For eons they ravaged an unstable universe of nightmares, neither killing nor creating but always at war. It was a horrid time, where it seemed destined to continue in a vicious cycle until space itself was destroyed.

Until the light came.

When the light arrived, the darkness fought against it. The Birthless waged war against this new force, but while one side was dominated by monsters, the other was ruled by power and will. After eons of battle, a cataclysmic impact sent the Birthless into a downward spiral, wiping out their dark legions and removing their grip on the control they once had over the universal expanse. With a blast of light, the Birthless where vanquished, reduced to mere shadows rather than any physical being.

The Eternal War, as it was later known, was as devastating as it was grand, but it did not end with tragedy. Rather, a strange new thing was at work, reshaping the empty wasteland that had once been the rule of the Birthless.

The Light had arisen in this new world, and thus was the promise of a new future.

Of a new beginning.

The Universe.

The Universe was made, and order seemed to be in control. But The Darkness still lingered, ever pressing despite its lack of power. The Light was all inclusive, but it could not protect everything that it formed from the aftermath of The Eternal War.

So it began to deal with the problem, through ways that The Birthless failed, or refused to accomplish during their eonic reign.

It began to create.

The Light bent the remnants of the battle into solid forms, harder than flesh, but all pulsing with internal life. These became the plants, each one a living life form made of rock and fire, rather than skin and blood. Worshiping the light that created them, they danced, forever entwined with another in a circular dance among the cosmos.

And The Light saw how good it was.

This is all I've written so far, but I'll write more. I probably won't post it all since I need to fix some ideas and finalize it, but let's just say the outcome of the Dark Genesis is the reason why Geotrix starts off in the first place. Alot of the monsters such as The Birthless will probably play a role in my future Splicer tie-ins, so be sure to read this to get a better understanding at the semi-mystical biology I'll be applying there later on.

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Wow, this is great stuff.

Very creative dude! Look forward to reading more.

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Lol, alrighty then. Instead of Geotrix, I'll start posting up this "side story" instead. :) Glad you like it though!

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@Necrotic_Lycanthrope: Awesome! I look forward to reading whatever you can cook up.

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Definitely glad I clicked on this. Really good man. Need more views for sure.

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Lol, thanks for trusting your gut. You won't be disappointed by what I have cooking for my Dark Genesis. ;P