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Previously, in Chapter One

Part Two:

Queens, New York:

Green Arrow reached into his quiver, while evading Daredevil's attacks.

"Who are you?" Daredevil asked. "What are you doing here?"

Green Arrow grabbed an arrow and threw it into Daredevil's stomach. "Call me Green Arrow." Oliver then followed up with a right cross. "And I was SAVING a daughter from being killed by her father." Queen threw a kick to Daredevil's neck. "THEN YOU COME HERE AND TRY TO KILL ME?" Daredevil intercept his next blow, thrusting his leg aside, causing Green Arrow to topple over.

"He is correct." a voice said. "But then again, you're ALL here for a reason.

Manhattan, New York:

Batman cut through Spider Man's webbing landing a kick to his stomach. He then uppercut Spider Man, making him flip backwards to regain his balance. Spider Man easily evaded the next punch, throwing his knee into Batman's groin. He then threw a chop to the back of his neck.

"Now, what did you say your name was again?" Spider Man asked.

"BATMAN!" Bruce shouted, throwing a hard kick behind him. He spun around, connecting a right cross to Spider Man's face. Spider Man countered with an uppercut followed by a roundhouse kick. Batman fell to the ground, unable to see straight.

"So you're NOT a Goblin....curiouser and curiouser."

"You are correct." a voice said. "But then again, you're ALL here for a reason.

Queens, New York:

Both heroes gaped at the sight of the being before them.

"I'd recognize the voice anywhere!" Daredevil claimed. "BEYONDER!"

"Who?" Green Arrow asked?

Manhattan, New York:

"The Beyonder." Spider Man answered. Inhuman guy with Godlike abilities."

"So why did you bring us here?" Batman asked.

Queens, New York:

"I needed to play a game." Beyonder answered, stifling a yawn. "You're all on the same side." With the snap of his fingers, he teleported Daredevil and Green Arrow to

Manhattan, New York:

"You see?" Beyonder said. "You're all here for a reason. Mob boss named Tombstone is making a grab for power.....I've noticed that among the capes, almost all of you seem to get along well together. So I'm trying a little experiment." Beyonder snickered. "I'm bringing in people you don't know, to see how you work with them....I suggest you try it. The odds of rebelling against me aren't in your favor....besides," Beyonder added, "who knows,

You might have some fun with it."

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the chapter was intended to be short. I'm writing it short and gradually expanding

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nice job mate! I think I have a proposition you may be quite interested in!

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@primepower53: A crossover Secret Wars kinda thing, good idea

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very cool!

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@SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: @The Poet: @batkevin74: thanks for the kind words, guys! :D

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@The Poet: @batkevin74: @SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: I'm hitting writer's block for this, so I'll be continuing this at a later point. For now, to fill the void of my endless need to write, I'll be writing a SUPERMAN/BATMAN fan fic. (Which I hope you all read and enjoy)

Now to change my AV, background and profile pic to Superman/Batman for good luck! (It's a ritual I have. Don't ask)

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I like it

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@BlackArmor: thanks! I hope I can get past this writer's block soon. To keep ideas going I'll be writing SUPERMAN/BATMAN

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@batkevin74: @SpideyIvyDaredevilFan26: I came up with a way to get around my writers block!

The Chosen Four have become the chosen SIX!

Basically, I came up with the idea that the Beyonder is going to be screwing with the team for fun, and at any given moment the roster could change! :D

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a really interesting story i hope you get over your block soon

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@UrbanChill: comments above have shown the way I figured out to get over my block. I have the third chapter installed and I hope you like it! :D

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This is really nice even by the fact that it was short.

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Again, Poison Ivy should be in this.