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Odin: Heimdall told me of your recent adventure with your allies on Midgard, he speaks very highly of them.

He hands Thor a cup of wine.

Thor: They are good people, but that Stark fellow was a bit of a drittsekk.

Odin: It does not matter now, Loki is captured and we can finally restore peace to the Nine Realms.

Thor: I am not so sure father, some of the things Loki said.... there was some one aiding him from the shadows but I know not who.

Odin: We know little of what happens beyond the Realms, it is miracle we were even able to discover the Chitauri army in dark space, but if there really was some one aiding Loki we must find out who and stop them, I doubt capturing a world like Midgard was a priority for him.

Thor: Ah lets not ruin my homecoming, we can discuss more of this tomorrow but for now let's have some fun.

They both drink their cups of wine and smash them against the ground, they go to the dinning table and begin celebrating. Meanwhile in the prison cells....

Loki (thoughts): That foolish woman has no idea who shes dealing with, I have to escape before she gets her hands on the Tesseract.

Loki picks himself up from the dirt and begins examining the barrier keeping him in his cell, he senses several weak spots and slowly begins to break through the barrier, suddenly Heimdall appears in front of him, he places his sword at Lokis neck.

Heimdall: What do you think you're doing traitor?

Loki: You have no reason to trust me, but Amora was in my cell and she is going to take the Tesseract.

Heimdall: Do you think me a fool? Amora has been dead for over a year, Thor himself witnessed it.

Loki: Very well guardian, but I want you to know I gave you a fair chance of releasing me.

Loki blasts Heimdall into the barrier which electrocute him, he quickly recovers and tries to stab Loki but Loki dodges it, he puts his chains around Heimdalls neck and chokes him until he losses consciousness, Loki then exits his cell and begins running to Odins throne room.

Meanwhile, Odin and Thor have already drake gallons of wine and are very drunk, in the shadows above them Skurge and Amora are preparing to attack.

Amora: You know the plan, Il take care of the old man while you slay Thor, oh and make sure he dies slowly.

Skurge: Heh, with pleasure my lady.

Suddenly Loki runs into the room. Odin and Thor immediately grab their weapons and point them at him.

Thor: How did you escape...

Loki: You have to get out of here! NOW!

Odin: What....

Skurge drops down onto of Thor and crushes him, Amora creeps up behind Odin and blasts him with a massive magic blast that sends him flying across the room. The two of them then turn their attention to Loki.

Amora: Did you really think you could stop us?

Loki just smiles then begins manically laughing. Amoras grin quickly vanishes.

Amora: Whats so funny!

Loki: Oh nothing, except your pet is about to die...

Loki uses freezing spell that completely freezes Skurges arms. Thor comes crashing through the floor and in one attack breaks Skurges arms off and sends him flying through several pillars before finally landing face first into the ground.

Thor: Hello Amora, always a pleasure to see you my dear. Amora immediately begins gathering energy for a massive magic attack when she notices several daggers in her chest. Blood starts coming out of here nose and mouth.

Amora: You bastard! Youll pay for this Loki I SWEAR I....

Before she even finishes her sentence Loki stabs her in the head killing her instantly.

Loki: No I wont, but you made the mistake of underestimating me.

A bleeding Odin slowly comes up to them, Thor puts Odins arm around his neck and places him on the throne.

Thor: Father, are you alright?

Odin: Yes, this will heal in a moment, thank you Loki for warning us, I knew you were not completely lost to us.

Heimdall enters the room and places new chains on Lokis hands.

Heimdall: Forgive me my king, he got the better of me but it will not happen again.

Odin: Wait! He will stay and tell us what was the purpose behind this attack.

Loki: You see Heimdall? Your king gave you an order, now if you be a good god he might toss you a bigger bone.

Heimdall reluctantly releases Loki but stays in close proximity of him just incase.

Thor: Enough! Loki, you will tell us everything that you've been up to.

Loki: After my.... banishment, I searched beyond the Nine Realms in search of a way of acquiring what I rightfully deserved, it was at this time that I meet quite possibly the worst, most insane being in the entire universe.... the titan Thanos.

Thor: Thanos.... I have heard of him before, how could he give you an army, from what I hear he is only a mad power hungry despot.

Loki: He is mad and his power rivals even those of the Allfather and Mephisto, he holds the secret to the most powerful weapons in the universe, the Infinity Gems, he is in love with Death who he believes to be a real person and he wishes to be her mate.

Thor: Hahaha, this is one of your worse lies Loki, it sounds like something out of a child's story.

Odin: Death is very much a real person Thor, and so are the Infinity Gems, but they are worthless without the proper tool that can unite them. The Infinity Gauntlet, Thanos however will never find it.

Loki: Dont be so sure, if Thor really did kill Amora and she did attack you tonight, who knows what he may be capable of.

Thor: I actually....

Loki: You didn't kill her did you?

Loki crosses his arms with a satisfied look on his face. Thor tries to avoid looking at him.

Loki: You are either truly as stupid as I think you are or you are really in love with her, what does your mortal girlfriend think of this.

Thor: I would be cautious with your words my brother, you may have saved us but you are far from welcome in this room.

Odin: Enough! Both of you! This petty rivalry of yours is the sole reason we are here today, you two have always been competing and look where its gotten you, I should...

Odin looks around the room and sees that the bodies of Skurge and Amora have disappeared.

Odin: We have to get the armory NOW!

The 4 of them rush into the armory just in time to see Amora and Skurge get away with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Amora: You fools really do make it too easy.

Loki and Thor both in a blind fit of rage charge at the sorceress but are too late to stop her from escaping.

Loki: You really should have killed her when you had the chance.

Thor:....... I know.

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Can't wait next chapter ^_^