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The villain Loki lies defeated, his plans in ruins and his army decimated, with the aid of the Avengers, Thor Odinson was able to defeat his mad brother and recover the Tesseract, now the two of them return to their home, the realm eternal Asgard. But a much darker force gathers beyond the Nine Realms, and its master makes his first move....


The ever vigilant Heimdall stands at the edge of the broken Byfrost, when Thor and a gagged Loki appear behind him with the Tesseract.

Thor: Hail Heimdall, I have returned from my mission.

Heimdall: Yes, I was watching you and your new found allies battle, the Allfather was wise to send you to Midgard.

Thor: How are things in the Nine Realms? My destruction of the Byfrost....

Heimdall: It was not your fault, this mad man here almost destroyed Yottunheim and banished you for all eternity! Heimdall and Loki exchange looks of disdain before Heimdall returns his attention to Thor, they begin walking to Odins throne room.

Heimdall: But fear not my prince, with the Tesseract and the skill of the dwarves, the Byfrost can be repaired.

Thor: I hope you are right my friend, if we cannot repair the Byfrost.... I fear the Nine Realms may fall. They reach Odins throne room, they enter it to find Odin waiting for them, he gets of his throne and slowly approaches Thor. They two of them hug for a minute then Odin steps back when he sees Loki in the room.

Odin: My son, thank you for coming back to us safely, and for bringing your brother home.

Odin removes the gag on Lokis mouth. Loki stands there for a few moments touching his mouth with his shackled hands.

Loki: I am not your son, I was nothing more than a tool to use against the Frost Giants! Odin turns around and makes a hand gesture to Heimdall to take Loki to his cell. Heimdall again gags his mouth and takes him away.

Odin: He is right, im the one really responsible for all this madness.

Thor: No! It's not your fault, you could have never known this would happen.... Where are Sif and the Warriors Three?

Odin: I used my remaining dark energy to transport them to the to the other Realms, things have gotten worse and we must repair the Byfrost soon.

Thor: And the dwarves will help us?

Odin: If they do not want to starve to death, then yes they have no choice but to aid us despite our.... turbulent history.

In the cells Heimdall again removes the gag from Lokis lips, kicks him in the head and tosses him into the cell.

Loki: Hehe, never thought of you as the type to treat regular prisoners like that.

Heimdall: You are not a regular prisoner, I will make sure you never again escape my sight or bring harm to Asgard. He walks away leaving a bloody nosed Loki lying on the floor, Loki falls asleep and has a nightmare showing several images of the Avengers and Chitauri leader gathering several gems and gauntlet, the master turns around and Loki wakes up sweating and nervously looking around his cell.

Loki: Pant, pant, pant, just a nightmare. He places his hands on his face, a moment he hears a female voice and slowly looks to his left.

Amora: Never thought of you as the type to be scared of a bad dream.

Loki: Ah Amora, still trying to gain favor with my brother?

Amora: A childish fantasy like that no longer interests me, I have a far more... ambitious undertaking, the Infinity Gems!

Loki looks at her with fear and shock in his eyes.

Loki: You cannot let HIM have the Gems, he will destroy us all! Amora grabs him by the throat and whispers into his ear.

Amora: Ah Loki, still looking out for yourself, how does it feel being help less when one of the most powerful beings in the universe wants your head?

She lets him go and opens a portal in his cell.

Amora: Oh and thank you for granting me my gift for the master, im sure he will greatly appreciate it.

Loki: You worthless WHITCH! Loki charges at her but she closes the portal and leaves him in the cell, Loki leans back against the wall and falls to the ground pondering at his fate.

Amora: With Loki out of the way, this should be easy, are you ready to take down the Prince of Thunder?

A large, armored and bald man leaves the shadows with a massive axe.

Skurge: Please, that little princess wont last more than a minute.

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that is awesome

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I love this story! (but the part, when Heimdall kicks Loki's head is weird)