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This is my first fanfic so hope you all enjoy it.

Chapter one:

The Alpha has begun. Quadraxis was deactivated in a hanger while he was being repaired. Meanwhile on the planet Tallon IV something was brewing ,"What is the report" shouted a massive metallic yet bone thin dragon, "Sir earth is far from our technological level" said a lobster like alien, "Good Commence Operation: Helix assault" said the Dragon "Yes Lord Ridley" responded the alien .

as millions of ships headed from Zebes, Tallon IV, Alinos, Arcterra, SR388, and hundreds other planets "Earth is ours" thought Ridley while the ships headed for earth at FTL speeds.


Godzilla was destroying Tokyo when he noticed something in the skies then he noticed what they were Space ships Thousands of large space ships came landing on earth unleashing millions of the lobster like aliens "Slay all who get in our way" shouted one of the Aliens as they began their horrific assault on earth.

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This is good I can't wait for the next chapter.