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Terminator 2.5: Terminate With A Vengeance

The Terminator Vs John McClane

Premise: The Terminator goes back to Feb 1991 looking for a John McClane Jr who in the future will be John Connor's field commander when the war comes. After failing to kill Sarah Connor and just before the reprogramming by John, Skynet sends The Terminator back to knock off John. The only problem is his yippie-kay-yay-mofo-ing dad Detective John McClane who is awesome when he's in a tight spot but an absolute animal when you threaten his family (This started over in the battles and thought well why not write it...)

New York City, 10am

The Terminator knocks on door of a New York apartment

John McClane answers the door, looking at him through the gap left by the chain

Terminator: John Mc

John: That's me pal

Terminator stands silently. Internally it runs a scan and comes up with inconclusive results

John: Look I just pulled a double shift. If you're going to waste my time

As John shuts the door, the Terminator's hand pulls it back open

John: I'm cop! You keep this shit up I'll shoot you holy $#!+!

John leaps aside as the Terminator brings up a shotgun and fires sending wood shards everywhere. John scrambles into the kitchen as the Terminator kicks in the door. John grabs a stool and knocks the gun down into the ground triggering another shot that tears up the carpet. McClane smashes the stool across the face. Wood splinters stick out of the Terminators face. The Terminator grabs McClane but the throat and throws him backwards into the living room. John hits the lounge chair and rolls with it as a shot rips through the old rickety frame

John: Did I bust you a few years ago? And now after all these years in prison you throw away your freedom...trying to kill me!

John fumbled under the couch reaching for his backup gun

Terminator: You must be terminated!

Another shot rips through the poor protection clipping John in the shoulder. John yelled and popped up from behind his makeshift cover

John: I don't plan on dying today!

McClane unloaded his Beretta into the centre mass of the massive man. Five shots in the chest, one in the neck and one in the chin. John looked in shock and amazement as the chin wound revealed smooth metal and also the large man hadn't so much as flinched

John: What the f%^$ are you?

Terminator: I am the future

The Terminator raised his weapon as John leapt out the nine storey window

(All characters are owned by their respective companies. I just mashed them together in this story. It's rated M to MA mainly due to violence and McClane's swearing like most action films...and a lot of the bad ones)

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"Oh, What happens next?" Shreiks this reader with barely controled excitment. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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That's gold!

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Part 2

The Terminator scanned the apartment and picked up a photo near the telephone. It was a photo of John, Holly, Lucy & John Jr and a business card for the Hotel Pennsylvania. It tucked both in his jacket. An elderly neighbour stood at the doorway to the apartment

Woman: Is everything okay in there?

The Terminator walked up to her and grabbed her by the throat

Terminator: Go back to your home

The Terminator launched her to his left and through the apartment door with a loud crash

As John flew through the air and down to the street, he was surprised that his life didn’t flash before his eyes. WHAM!

John came to a slightly cushioned stop in the back of a tyre truck.

John: Ohhh! Jesus! Just like Butch & Sundance

The truck screech to a halt causing more tyres to fall over John

Truck Driver: What the hell man?

John: My elevator broke. You got a phone?

Truck Driver: No

John spotted the Terminator exiting his building and getting onto a motorcycle

John: You got a radio in there

Truck Driver: Look man what are

John: NYPD! I’m taking your truck

John ran to the cab and got in the drivers side

Truck Driver: What the f$#% man!

John grabbed a handful of quarters from the ashtray and threw them towards the driver as he barked into the CB radio and slammed the car in reverse

John: Call 911. Lieutenant John McClane. Badge number 881. In pursuit of an armed suspect headed west on a motorcycle

The tyre truck spun around, clipped a few parked cars and chased after the fleeing biker

Dispatcher: Go ahead Lieutenant

John: Move you piece of S#!+!

Dispatcher: Excuse me?

John: Not you! I need you to call Holly Gennero. Gee. E. F$#^!

John smashed the horn at the combination of slower moving vehicle and traffic

John: En. En. E. Arr. Oh

Dispatcher: Please repeat

John: Lady just call my wife at Pennsylvania on 7 okay! Holly. Gennero!

Dispatcher: Yes Lieutenant

The tyre truck picked up some speed in the open space and closed in the motorcycle. The Terminator glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the approaching vehicle. It reached into his jacket and removed an AMT Hardballer Longslide with laser sight and aimed at McClane. John swerved the truck to the left as the bullet shattered the passenger side of the windshield

John: Shots fired! Suspect is armed and an extreme pain in the ass!

Dispatcher: Lieutenant McClane what is your current location?

The Terminator fired three shots hitting the front tyre driver’s side causing it to go flat and pulling the truck sharply to the left. The truck began to tip

John: Oh $#!+!

The truck hopped up onto its side and flipped over sending tyres into the air. A barrage of tyres flew past & near the fleeing Terminator. He turned back to check to see McClane clambering out of the cab as the truck skidded and sparked as it slide along the road

John: This is such a bad idea

The Terminator took aim and BOOM! A billboard advertising truck (Nakatomi Corporation ironically) slams into the motorcycle who had run a red light. John jumped off the truck as it slammed into the stationary cabs & cars and began giving chase on foot ducking and weaving between the cars trying to keep an eye on his quarry. Passengers & drivers got out of their cars to rubberneck the dual accidents

John: Move! Move! Nothing to see people

John ran up and slid down a cab at the site of the Terminators accident. The truck driver stands baffled at the front of his truck looking at the abnormal dent in the front of it

John: Where is he?

Truck Driver 2: I don’t know, look at this

John: What do you mean you don’t know? You just hit him! He’s the size of a house!

Truck Diver 2: I know that but he aint here!

John frantically looked around and saw an open manhole cover

John: Son of a bitch!

Truck Driver 2: Where’d he go?

John: Down there

Truck Driver 2: Don’t go in their man. There’s alligators down there!

John shot him an are you serious look. He began visually searched the gathering crowd and spotted a construction worker and grabbed his helmet off him

Construction Worker: Hey!

John: Police business

John flicked the switch on of the headlamp and headed to the manhole and clambered down

John: Oh that’s not a natural smell.

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BOSSANOVA!! Dude you should work for Hollywood. Make My comic films the way they should be...good. lol

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Ha ha nice! You gonna finish this?

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John McClane vs the Terminator this should so be a movie

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@joshmightbe: Thanks man! After all the Iron Age stuff wraps up/I get some fresh ideas for Bruce Vs Arnie

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@tomdickharry1984: Eventually

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This is very good, hidden down the back! It has a very Brue Willis feel to this {John: My elevator broke. You got a phone?} Very good indeed. Don't ignore this

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The two best movies... EVER!

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks, I really should finish this...

@GR2Blackout: And now, hopefully blending into one

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This is good stuff. It's inspiring.

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@Deadite: Thanks man, I appreciate it

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Yes, yes you should. There is nothing more annoying that a half done story, like Warren Ellis and Planetary or Kevin SMith and Bullseye (not that you're in THAT league yet but used merely for intructional purposes only...even if it ends badly, stories need an ending, readers need closure...we're simple like that) So finish this

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks, I will try to

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@batkevin74: what the *(&^ happens next!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????

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@michaelthemighty17: They all live happily ever after! Soon I will finish this...hopefully soon :)