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Bored at work so I typed this up real quick.

His birth was foretold in saiyan legend for years. Even his first few days alive he was defiant, even to death. Only a few days old he was sentenced to death by King Vegeta. He was stabbed in the chest and thrown aside. His fate looked grim, and looked even worse when the evil space pirate Frieza, obliterated his home world. As the planet blew up, he was able to form a shield that saved him and his father. Defiant, even to death.

Broly drifts through the galaxy, looking to quell his insatiable taste for destruction. He grows tired of blowing up planets, they are child's play to him. This is after all, the Legendary Super Saiyan. As he continued forward he noticed some sort of rift in space. He had not seen such a thing, and he decided to look for himself.

He went through the rift and without even knowing, he had entered another universe. He could sense powerful beings as he headed to that universe's Earth. He smiled sadistically to himself. "Time for some fun."

He touched down on to the Earth, looking around, taking in the sights. He landed in the middle of an intersection, ignoring all the cars that were coming at him. They slammed on their brakes, most of the cars slamming into one another. He looked up to a sign that read "Welcome to Metropolis."

The citizens of Metropolis were staring at him, not sure what to make of him. "Hey I don't know who you think you are but you can't just do things like that" an older man was yelling at him for the inside of his car. Broly turned and looked at the man menacingly. What colored hair the old man had turned white. He was paralyzed with fear. Broly smirked and let a small green ki blast leave his hand. Though small the blast was, it leveled the old man, and everything in it's path.

"HHAHAHAHA" Broly laughed and started to let flurries of ki blasts go off in any direction. He turned and looked to see a fist coming at his face. He got rocked by the punch and was sent flying into some rubble. He stood up to see a man in a cape with a "S" on his chest.

"Stop right now." Superman said confidently. "I don't know who you are, but if you come peacefully you won't have to get hurt." Broly looked at him with an intense look in his eyes. "Not much of a talker are y--" before Superman could finish his sentence, Broly let out an ear shattering scream.

Being in this universe, his father's device could not affect his power. The beast was let off his leash. His scream alone seemed to make the Earth tremble. Buildings shook, and roads ripped like they were paper. "What is he doing" Superman questioned. "Whatever he is doing I can't let him continue."

Superman charged at Broly, but a shock wave of power was released from Broly, and it staggered Superman. The transformation was complete. Broly was in his ultimate form. The Legendary Super Saiyan.

The smoke cleared, Broly was standing there smiling. "HAHAHA, are you ready?!" Broly cackled as he charged Superman. He managed to uppercut Superman on the chest sending him into the atmosphere.

Superman was reeling, but he stopped himself under his own power. "He is a strong one. I don't think holding back on this one will be necessary." he thought to himself. Broly flew towards him, stopping with some distance between them. "If it is alright with you we can skip the warm up." Superman said.

"Eager to die are you?" Broly replied.

"This is your last chance to go peacefully."

Broly laughed once more and began to throw ki blasts at Superman. He dodged them, but saw that came with a price. Though the blasts weren't that big, they were destroying Metropolis. Superman was surprised at how much damage they were causing. He had to close the distance to try and get Broly to engage him in fisticuffs.

Superman speed blitzed the brute, punching him as fast he could. "ENOUGH!" Broly roared forming an energy shield around him. Superman was punching the shield with ill effect. Broly yelled and released the energy, sending Superman flying. Broly went after him. He grabbed Superman's arms from behind, and began to drive his knees into Supes' back. Gritting his teeth in pain, Superman started pulling his arms free. To Broly's surprise, it worked.

"I can shoot beams to." Superman's eyes glowed red and he blasted Broly with his heat vision. He poured it on full force, pulverizing Broly into the ground. A deep crater was made from the impact. "That was too easy to put him down. What is he planning.?'' Superman used his super hearing to locate Broly. "Sounds like he is right under ne--" a hand came out of the ground and grabbed his leg.

"HAHAHA" Broly laughed as he came out of the ground. He began to slam Superman by his leg back and forth like a rag doll. He slammed Superman onto his back. "Struggle all you want, in the end you are still dead!" Broly charged a huge ki blast.

"If those small ones leveled the city so easily, I don't want to see what happens when that big one hits." Superman thought. He quickly flew into the air, and Broly launched his attack. Superman flew away with the beam right on his tail. 'If this attack is anything like the Omega Beams, then it is going to chase me till it hits something." Superman looked at the sun, "gotta time this just right." he turned to face the beam. Broly smiled expecting a hit. At the last millisecond Superman dodged it and it flew into the sun.

Superman looked at Broly. Broly smiled and gestured for Superman to come at him. Superman obliged and the two engaged in hand to hand. Both of them are brawlers, it was an ugly fist fight. Both men landing and blocking blows. Their punches landed with such ferocity that it felt like an earthquake to people that were miles away.

Neither one seemed to gain an edge. They backed off, sizing each other up. Each warrior showed no signs of slowing down. This was going to be a long fight.

Destruction, carnage, and mayhem that is all that is left of Metropolis. What was once a utopia, is now not even suited for the rats. A clash of the titans has reduced this once beautiful city to rubble. Skyscrapers lay in the ground, playgrounds are just ashes, and even Lex Corp. wasn’t safe from the chaos. In the skies above, two warriors fight to the death. One fights to protect the innocent, the other fights for the pure enjoyment of destruction.

“BWAHAHAHA, not giving up yet are you? If you just let me kill you, you wouldn’t be feeling this pain now!” Broly said with a smirk.

“I will not stop as long as I can draw a breath.” Superman charged Broly, and in a blur of motion the fight picked up again.

Superman punched Broly in the gut; Broly returned the favor with a kick to the chin. Both men were going all out, neither one seemed to be slowing down. Clark looked down upon his city, the destruction made him sick to his stomach.

“Don’t look so sad, you’ll be joining all those worms soon.” Broly cackled at the man of steel.

“Enough is enough. I have to end him now.” Clark thought to himself. Superman looked at Broly with a blank stare, and he was off to the sun.

“You think running away will save you?” The mad saiyan charged his Omega Blaster, intending to incinerate the kryptonian.

Superman made it to the sun in a blink of an eye. He basked in the chaotic warmth of the sun. He could feel the power coursing through his veins. He’d get addicted the power if he weren’t so strong minded. His eyes glowed blood red, it was time to end this. With all his might he charged at Broly. The saiyan smiled at him as if he were an old friend. He launched the Omega Blaster; the power was enough to destroy the solar system, and then some! Superman countered with his heat vision, more powerful than ever thanks to the sun. Clark saw the power of the attack and knew the destruction it could cause.

He then remembered that he could open a boom tube with the device Orion gave him. “I’ll send this straight to Apokolips, I bet stone face could deal with it.” He thought to himself. Using his heat vision to keep the blast at bay, he opened the boom tube. He maneuvered into position, sending the blast to Apokolips.

The ball of energy zoomed through the tube, straight towards Apokolips. Darkseid sensed the disturbance; he rose from his throne to deal with it. With his hands behind his back, he calmly launched his Omega Beams that quickly erased Broly’s attack. “You will pay for this Kal-El.” Darkseid gritted his teeth in anger, staring into the vastness of space.

Back on Earth, Superman saw the blast had gone away, and he knew he had to end it now. Broly was shocked that his attack had vanished. He clenched his fist, ready to charge a new one. Superman was not going to let that happen. Before Broly knew it, Superman was in his face. He cocked his fist back, and socked Broly on the bridge of his nose. Broly crashed into the Earth, with Superman hot on his trail.

Superman was on top of him in a ground and pound position. He let loose a flurry of punches. It sounded like thunder to people on the other side of the Earth. He brought his fist back for the killing blow; he struck with all his might, just for Broly to disappear.

Superman was confused; he looked around to see no sign of the mad saiyan. Superman was exhausted, almost on the brink of death. He started to pass out, when realized that Darkseid must not be too happy, and that he is more than likely the cause of Broly’s vanishing act. He laid his head down and passed out.

Broly appeared on Apokolips, at the feet of Darkseid. He was too beaten to even realize what was going on. Darkseid used his Omega Effect to heal him. In an instant Broly was healed. He looked up at Darkseid and got some distance.

“Who are you?” Broly growled.

“Ungrateful worm, you speak when spoken too.” Darkseid’s eyes glowed orange and he released his attack. Broly put up a shield that blocked the beams at first. With a little more effort, Darkseid broke through the shield, his Omega Beams wrapping around Broly like a snake.

“Impressive. That is the first time I’ve had to put some effort into breaking a shield. Now, I shall speak, and you shall listen.” For once Broly was humbled by someone else’s power. “Your saiyan physiology is quite intriguing.” Darkseid paced around Broly, “Your body creates perpetual energy, your power increases by fighting and by getting healed you are stronger than ever.” Darkseid said.

“How do you know so much about me?” Broly was able to breath with Darkseid loosening his grip.

“The better question Broly, is what Lord Darkseid doesn’t know? There is a fire in your heart, and I admire that. Your heart burns with rage. You loathe life, and you crave chaos. Join me, and you will be able to achieve anything. I can help you get payback against Superman. I will make you my general in my army. You will lead my forces.” Darkseid said.

Out of the shadows, the two bastard sons of Darkseid emerged. They were not happy with the saiyan.

“I should lead your forces father! That honor belongs to me!” Kalibak grunted.

“Foolish brother, you are nothing compared to I!” Grayven raised his fist towards Kalibak.

“You dare question me?” Darkseid’s eyes were glowing orange, his two sons immediately kneeled.

“You two have failed me one too many times. Your time is done, feel lucky that I let two disappointments live.” Darkseid looked over to Broly, “You can serve me willingly or by force.”

Broly hesitated at first, and then he dropped to his knee, and bowed out of respect.

“Good saiyan.”


-“C’mon you have to do better than that.” Broly charged an attack and obliterated his sparring partner. “Lord Darkseid, I grow tired of these pathetic challenges. I want a real challenge; this garbage is no match for me.”

“Your day has come Broly. Your payback will be claimed on this day. You will lead Apokolips’ forces to Earth. You will start by attacking a place known as Themyscira. No doubt that Superman and his allies will be there when you arrive. I will mobilize my forces to follow your command. Do not fail me.” Darkseid walked into the shadows.

“BWAHAHAHAHAHA” The mad saiyan laughed. His revenge was coming.

A boom tube had opened in the skies of Themyscira. Wonder Woman was immediately notified. She contacted the League, and they were there in an instant.

“It’s him.” Superman was pointing at Broly. “That is the guy that leveled Metropolis; it seems Darkseid had gotten to him after all. Listen team, we cannot afford to hold back. This guy already took everything I had and more, and knowing Darkseid, he made him better than ever.”

“Hera, give us all strength.” Diana said looking into the skies. She looked at her amazon forces, “We draw a line here! They shall not pass! Hera watches over all of us! Fight with all you can!”

The amazons cheered and they were ready for battle. Broly had Grayven and Kalibak at his sides. He nodded at them to move into their positions. Before he gave the order to attack, Broly saw a face he had not seen since birth. Kakarot.

King Kai informed Goku of what was going on. Goku, always eager for the next fight was more than willing to aid the Justice League. Using his instant transmission, he brought with him Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and Vegeta.

Wonder Woman quickly tackled Goku to the ground. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Diana, they are friends.” J’onn quickly read the Z-Fighters’ minds. “They have been sent here to deal with the one name Broly. He comes from the same universe as that monster.

Goku smiled at Wonder Woman and said “Wow you are strong. I could tell you were holding back, but I am impressed. The League was taken back at how light hearted he was even in the face of doom. He looked at Broly and got serious. “We are here to help you. We will do anything we can.” Goku then felt a spike in power, as did all the Z-Fighters.

Broly began to power up, his rage seething at the sight of Goku. “KAKAROOOOOOOT!” Broly was blinded by rage and broke formation.

In a disorganized barrage, Apokolips’ forces charged towards the heroes.

This was it, this fight could decide the fate of the universe.

I couldn't think of a winner so I'll leave it up to you. No flaming, this was meant to be read for entertainment.