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Clark sat in his Ma's kitchen, Martha Kent listened to the whole thing, he hoped she would understand what happened, besides, he had nobody else to turn to.
"And then he went through this thing called a 'boom tube' and left. Clark explained. Martha Kent sat there, sipping her coffee, "It doesn't seem worse than anything that happened with that Tyrell person." She kissed him on the cheek. "I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. "Thanks, Ma," said Clark. You're probably right-- BOOM!!!
A voice came from the conrfeild of the Kent's farm "FURIES, ASSEMBLE!"
"Stay here, Ma" said Clark. "I'll keep you safe." With that, he flew through the door and made a stunning transformation into his alter-ego: Superman.
Clark flew above the cornfeild, miles above where anyone could see him. He used his microscopic vision to see who the attackers were. He noticed they were all female. One was a 10 foot tall giant, another looked like a female body builder, one looked as insane as a man named the Joker he had heard was roming around in Gotham, another was dressed in green and had a flaming sword, The last was covered in steel rings and had bladed whips. After hearing them talk, he was able to identify them: Big Barda, Stompa, Mad Harriet, Berdaneth, and Lashina.
Without a second thought, he used his heat vision to create a ring of fire around the "furies" and dove into the middle. The shockwave stunned everyone, except Barda. "There you are..." she said. "I


have your head--so says Big Barda!" Quickly, Superman replied "You people really like to talk in the third person, don't you."
The two slammed into each other, and engaged in battle. Barda seemed far more experienced, but Superman was far stronger. They traded blows a punch to the ribs, an uppercut, a blow to the face. Enegry swirled around them from the sheer force of their blows. Their battle seemed to go on for eternity, both were getting tired. Barda also started to notice she was losing ground. She had had enough. She pulled out a small, golden pole. "This is my Mega - Rod." Said Barda. "Feel it's power!" Before he had a chance to dodge, Superman was hit with a tremendous blow of energy. He fell to his knees.
Barda found the others had recovered. "Now!" she commanded. "While he is weak!" Superman guessed from the way she barked orders that she was their leader. the one named Mad Harriet was the first to strike. with a cackle of laughter, she slashed him with her claws, Superman screamed in pain. The one named Lashina hit him across the face with her whip. The second in command, Berdaneth, sliced him with her sword, the one named Stompa, ironically, stomped his face into the ground. Their numbers began to overwhelm him. Barda, pulled him by his hair, and delivered an uppercut to his chin. Superman fell, unconious. "Prepare the boom tube." said Barda, through an intercom." "We're coming back.
Martha Kent stood, awestruck, as the furies dragged Superman's unconcious body throguh the boom tube...
....and to Apokolypse.    
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I like this one as well! I think you captured Clarks relationship with his mother perfectly! I would keep on writing!