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“Superman: Dark Days”*
An original story from Caligula

{{warning, contains Violence, Adult Language, and Blood}}


* all characters involved are property of DC comics and their respective creators

(the event’s contained within this issue, took place prior to Issue #1)

-We see that Metropolis is under attack. Darkseid and his minions are doing battle with the Justice League. The members presently seen are Superman, Batman, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the Atom (Ryan Choi).-

JOHN- “hold the line, I think we are pushing them back!”

FLASH- “John, I don’t think we are doing crap, I think you really need you eyes checked old friend, you might want to see doctor about that”

-CRASH!, grey bricks and mortar go flying in all directions, as we see Lex Luther in his power suit enter the fray-

RYAN - “Lex?”

-Ryan says this in the middle of uppercutting one of Darkseid’s warriors.

-Lex Speed blitzes through about ten of apocalypse’s soldiers covering himself in their gore-

LEX - “looks like you so called super heroes, aren’t quite cut out for this line of work” (with a big grin on his blood spattered face)

FLASH - “We don’t need the Bob Barker of the villain world to help us out, you can go on home now Lex”

LEX - “don’t think so flash” (and as Lex speaks this line, Flash is caught and thrown through a building, by Darkseid) “shoulda kept you eye on the ball speedy!”

SUPERMAN - (While grappling with Darkseid) “if you are truly here to help, Lex, then HELP!”

LEX - “Oh, you thought I meant here to help you! Hahaha, I meant I was here to help myself!”

-Lex the blasts, Darkseid and Superman both, with a bright green burst of energy from the suits wrists- Superman cries out in utter agony-
-Lex stands over the fallen foes, with hands on hips in a cocky gesture-

LEX - “That blasts was powered by Kryptonite!”

-Kal El rolls over painfully to his side and tries to pick himself up, but fails-

LEX - “oh, what’s a matter white knight!, Not feeling so super anymore?”

-Lex Begins Laughing hysterically as he starts pummeling Superman with his armored fists-

DOVE - “Oh Hell, Lex has Supes pinned down!”
HAWK - “I’m Busy over here”

-Hawk is being thrashed himself by Darkseid’s Minions-

HAWK - “Seriously, Help me Idiot”

-Dove begins helping Hawk fight off the Monsters-

JOHN - “Diana, can you help him if I can create a large enough field to contain these for a moment”

WONDER WOMAN - “No Problem”

BRUCE - “we can do better than that John, do the containment field now!”

-right as Green Lantern creates a containment field, Bruce throw three Batarangs into it. The Batarangs explode in a cloud of yellow dust-

BRUCE - “that should KO them long enough for all of us to help, I’ll take Lex, you you two get Darkseid before he stirs”

JOHN - “On it”

-Batman leaps onto the back of, Lex’s power suit, and puts him in a choke hold-

LEX - “You know that won’t work on me Bats!”

BRUCE - “don’t need it too Lex”

LEX - “huh? Oh CRAP!”

-Batman ripped some wiring out of the back of Luther’s suit, Luther along with Bruce still attached to his back takes off like a rocket into the Sky, over Metropolis-

JOHN - “No!, Batman!”

-Superman, lay on the ground beaten and unconscious, Diana and John stare off into the distant sky, watching Lex/Bruce rocket fly away-
-Darkseid pulls his self, up off the ground and wipes blood from his lip-

DARKSEID - “good the Rodent and the Worm are gone!”

-Darkseid, Hit’s John with his omega beams, disintegrating him-
-Wonder Woman cries out in anger-

WONDER WOMAN - “You cowardly, Son of a Bitch”

-she and Darkseid engage in hand to hand combat-
-Darkseid grabs her by the throat, and Wonder Woman grabs him-they begin choking each other, although it’s begins to be apparent that Darkseid has a far higher resilience than she. As the vessels in her eyes begin to fill with blood and her face turns purple, she passes out and goes limp-

RYAN - “No, Diana”

-Ryan begins to rush upon her quickly, and miniaturizes  in mid leap, although he is swatted down as easily as a fly in, Darkseid’s presence rendering him unconscious-
-Diana’s grip on Darkseid’s throat loosens, then simply falls limp-

DARKSEID - “Even the Amazonian is a weakling… what a waste”

-Darkseid tosses Diana’s Defeated body to the ground.-

DARKSEID - “Finish off the last of these maggots, I’m going to rid myself of the Kryptonian once and for all!”

-Darkseid walks Casually over to his, where Lex and Batman were, for a shard of Kryptonite from the power core of Lex’s Suit lay upon the rubble- he retrieves it.- and lifts Superman from the ground by his hair-

DARKSEID - “You had a good run Kryptonian, but it ends today.”

-Darkseid drives the shard into Kal-El’s heart.-

-POW! Darkseid is sent hurtling into the remaining members of his forces-

FLASH - stands with the Fist of Lex’s Suit, breathing heavily, and bleeding from the nose “I Suggest you, crawl you sorry hide, back into one of those Boom Tube things, before I decide I don’t like the way you breath!”

-Barry aims the wrist cannon, at Darkseid.-

DARKSEID - “very well, maggot! But I will return.”

FLASH - “and when you do we will be waiting”

-as Flash says this Atom, Green Arrow, Hawk, and Dove, come up and stand behind Barry, supporting his claim-

OLLIE - “Now Get!”

-Darkseid and his minions retreat-

DOVE - “Whew, I’m glad that’s over”

HAWK - “but at what cost, we’ve lost John, Clark, and maybe even Bats”

OLLIE - “Clark, can be saved. Well most likely anyhow , at least he is in one piece”

BARRY - “we’ve had far to many funerals, this last year”

RYAN - “I miss Manhunter, and I’m gonna miss John too.”

DOVE - “are you even sure, Manhunter is dead? We never found the body”

-Wonder Woman, is conscious again, and sitting on a park bench, wiping sweat from her head-

WONDER WOMAN - “Someone needs to call Bruce, and tell him his toy soldiers broken”**

(stay tuned for Issue #3)    

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