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Chapter 1: It Begins

Sand, that howling sound that echoed through their ears was all that they could see and all that they could feel as their feet trudged through the roasting sand for what felt like an eternity. Their arms began to hang loose in agony and so did their necks in exhaustion thanks to the burning sun pelting down their spines. Both men knew the end was soon. Despite struggling to see five feet ahead at times they stayed close enough to one another to see the thought of death in each others bloodshot eyes as they glanced back and forth at one another every hour or so. But both men respected each other enough to not utter the words "I give up" despite not knowing who or where the other came from. The young man dressed in a red cape and blue attire known simply as Superman stared back behind him at the man dressed in black and green rimmed goggles known as Batman with frustration as he noticed the man's legs cast on the ground and his hands scraping away at a piece of paper in the sand with a pen and a glimmer of sadness.

"Excuse me, would you mind not writing that until we y'know get the hell out of here?" Superman asked as he felt the roaring sandstorm begin to consume his ear drums.

Batman creaked his legs back up and muttered back "I'm done walking my boy it's just not working, we need to make a plan and since you can't fly and I can't tell the difference between left or right there is only one way to go"

Superman peered his eyes around the perimeter wondering where the peculiar man with an English accent was talking about "Wait...you mean, down?"

Both men picked and lobbed the sand underneath their feet as they rustled and shifted every muscle and bone in their body to get as far down as they could. They weren't sure what they were looking for but at the very least it would provide some sort of shelter.

"what on...underwear boy, come quick" Batman hissed back as he observed a shiny rectangular object that lay completely undamaged and untouched.

Superman cringed at the thought of being called underwear boy but as he crawled back over he assured himself it wasn't something worth fighting or dying over "it's Superman, what did you find?"

Batman looked back with a hint of glee behind his smile "IT'S A SEWING MACHINE"

Superman stared back with a deadpanned look to Batman's disgruntled face filled with confusion and began to quickly rub the dust off the object with his cape to investigate the artifact further "wait...that's not a sewing machine, it's a boom tube...but what's it doing here?"


"wha?...NO WAIT!"


"Ow...my head" Superman groaned as his eyes tried to distinguish where he was. He found himself in a very different atmosphere as he scanned the room to find it was empty, cold, quiet and with nothing more than a flickering light over his head and a television that stood in the middle of the room with the same man who helped him dig through the sand. A man was subsequently snoozing as quietly as an elephant

" hey...HEY WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE" Superman proclaimed as he sat rigidly on his chair.

Batman's eyes reluctantly opened "hey HEY I WAS SLEEPING, wait it's you...again!, where are we?"

"Safe" a voice from the television ushered through as both men's eyes dashed across the room in shock at the figure on screen.

"My name is Lex Luthor and I need your help"


"LUTHOR" Superman gritted his teeth as he sat on the edge of his seat ready to lunge forward.

Luthor grinned "I wouldn't do that if I were you, as you may have noticed none of your powers are intact thanks to a high dosage of a solar negated anesthetic which simply put means if I wished, I could kill you"

Batman jingled his chains as he flexed his finger towards the mysterious bald headed man "But you haven't and I have my hands cuffed as well...which means you want something."

Lex's eyebrows wavered as he nodded in agreement "You are quite right Batman of Earth 19."

Batman scratched his head "Earth 19? I was unaware there were 19 earths."

"There are multiple, earths, multiple universes all of which are in some way shape or form connected but with different variations. For example the Batman of my earth did not come to fruition until the 21st century and is a lot less talkative than you. Yet you come from a different earth in which Bruce Wayne became Batman in the 19th century"

Superman tried to flex his hand in order to regain some sort of power in his muscles "this is all very interesting but would you mind telling us why you took us out of our earths and into a waste container"

Lex hunched towards the screen "Ahh...to the point as always Superman. As I said there are multiple realities and with it multiple earths but something or someone has been erasing them one by one every 26 days and with it a domino effect is occurring. For example my earth is Earth 0... when it rains in my earth it's sunny in yours Superman of Earth 1 and I'd imagine the same connection goes for Earth 18 and Earth 19 Batman . But due to the other earths slowly getting erased, the effects are becoming more and more...dramatic."

"Like what?" Batman asked not quite sure what the man was getting at

"When a man or woman lives on my earth he dies in yours, and vice versa likewise Earth 0 still existing means Earth 1 has been erased" Lex explained

Superman bellowed "So does that mean Superman died in your earth?"

Lex rubbed his hands "That's what makes you two so interesting. You see out of all of the earths erased so far my Batman and my Superman still exist but once you two started to get hurt they too got hurt, which is why I saved you."

"Saved us?" the two men shot back.

Lex nodded back "Yes...your earths were erased from history, they never existed. But you two could be the key to saving not just our universes but the infinite other ones as well...and it all starts once you leave this room, but I do not want you toying around if you're not 100 percent committed and I'm not the kind to forgive as easily as some of my, colleagues would so I will give you the option just this once, do you wish to help or do you wish to remain here?"

Both men looked back at one another and paused for a second before suddenly nodding despite not knowing anything other than the fact that they were potentially the last hope of the universe.

"Good" Lex smirked as the doors flung open and the two men shuffled off their chairs hastily peeking outside the doors to see the barren wasteland had gone and what it was replaced with was nothing short of horrific.



Irishlad's Note: Well I'm sure that was all very confusing as most setups are but I hope you enjoyed it and Earth 2 is certainly only going to be the beginning with more being explained in the coming chapters.

If you'd like the series to continue let me know and feel free to type any comments or questions and drop them down below as every single one is appreciated! In return I'm going to be consistently putting out chapters on a weekly basis.



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Lex's eyebrows wavered as he nodded in agreement "You are quite right Batman of Earth 17."

Batman scratched his head "Earth 19? I was unaware there were 19 earths."


Good job, it was pretty interesting. Confusing at first. Looking forward to more.

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@awesam:Damn it you got there before I could make the edit haha

Cheers for the comment as well I hope you'll continue to enjoy the other chapters.

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@irishlad: Not sure what to make of it yet but I'm glad to see you writing again. I'm looking forward to reading chapter 2.

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@irishlad: Found this little gem squirreled away, some 6 pages back. Is there a part 2 because it raises many questions and I would like to know what happens next :)

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The top Batman pic looks amazing. I love the steampunk look and his chestpiece gives off a Court of Owls vibe.

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I vote for chapter 2! :)