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So I just wanted to say this out to all of the people that have been reading my stories. Superman and the Metropolitan Gods has been going a lot better than I thought it would, but I just want to say that for the most part I've been writing this as I go along. So if you've been reading this and you've been enjoying it or you've been saying, this doesn't seem planned, we'll I think I have something going on that may help all of you guys. What do you guys think of me collecting all of the parts of the story and making it into a one page forum with a little bit of extra content with it?

This is just a food for thought kind of thing so all of you guys that have been reading leave comments below and see what you think of the idea after the stories done (which is about two or three or parts).

Also, to you guys enjoying reading the story watch out for the stories continuation in "The Curse of Bi-Zar-Ro."

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At the end put a page with just all the links to the stories and put what ever content you want on that page.