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Knasim begins to chant, the amulet glowing more and more with each muttered word. Superman runs to the god for an attack but is stop just feet from him by a sudden field of energy surrounding him. The chanting continues until the amulet rises from the gods hand and floats in front of him. With his free hand, the god takes out a knife from his jacket pocket and brings it to the woman's throat.

What can I do?

Superman's thoughts race at the thought of the woman's lifeless body and soon he comes to a conclusion. "ZAVIM!" Superman screams.

"No need to scream so loud!"

From behind the god of architecture materializes. Once he notices Knasim, the god quickly moves Superman aside and begins to chant himself, gradually weakening the glow of the amulet. Superman begins to feel the power coming back to him.

"We don't have a lot of time, I can only hold off the magic for a few more minutes. You can feel the power coming back to you, yes?"

Superman nods.

"Good, now go get to the subway, that's where Merhald's going to make his 'entrance' (he always was fond of the dramatic)."

Superman flies off the roof and makes his way to the station.

How is this not weird? I'm flying through town and my way to take on some kind of underworld god while two others fight to make sure Metropolis is safe...when this is over I'm talking to Zavim.

Reaching the station, Superman sees a running crowd of people exit from the underground while the sky begins to darken. Once all of the people exit they huddle in behind Superman, watching the entrance with horror struck eyes. Finally, a figure begins to hunch his way up the stairs. The first thing that Superman notices is that the man is far from young, his wrinkled old skin a sickening pale grey from lack of sunlight, and a coarse old beard dangling from his chin. But none the less, he can feel the power radiating from him.



The voice is almost a whisper.

The man finally gets himself up from the stairs and takes a breath from the open air. Suddenly, the man appears to suddenly regain his posture and color begins to fill his body as he begins to stand more straight. "It appears the time has come."

"You've been asleep too long Merhald. The city you think is yours is mine and I'm not giving that up."

The god all the while seems to grow more powerful with each breath, growing younger and more powerful every passing second.

"I don't think so."

A sudden gust of wind knocks Superman from his feet and throws him a few yards from where he stood. "Zavim's magic is fading young Kryptonian. I'm afraid you won't last long."

Getting to his feet, Superman takes his stance and launches to Merhald, punching him in the chest. The god just stands there and takes the blow as if it was nothing. "Was that supposed to hurt?"

The god grabs Superman by the wrist and begins to pummel him to the ground, hoisting him up and thunderously down for minutes until Superman begins to go limp. "I'm afraid that this is still my city."

Superman gains consciousness and yanks away from the gods grip. The sky has now gone completely dark. Huffing, Superman begins to think as fast as he can.

Zavim gets his power from the buildings in the city with the mark, Merhald grows stronger with more without the mark...I wonder...

Superman gives Merhald a wink and a smile and blasts away from the god, his plan now fully formed in his head.

Above him, Zavim is fighting a losing battle.

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the penultimate chapter before the conclusion of my first fan-fic. Hope you guys like it and give me some feedback. Curse of Biz-Ar-Ro picks up from this series in my Superman- The Other Zone series that ties into the conclusion.

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Can not wait for more. Comment.