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Superman was still in the classroom when he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.

"I knew you would be here."

He turns to find Hughes behind him.


The man smiles and Superman notices the books held in his hands. "What are you doing?"

Hughes waves his hands as if to dismiss the question but answers anyway. "Collecting a few things for a nice little family reunion in a few hours."

"You mean the gods. Last time I checked their enforcers took you and that reporter to, well, to what exactly?"

Hughes laughs, looks at Superman quizzically and then laughs again. "I understood that normal mortals didn't understand us but I expected more from a Kryponian. You really haven't pieced it all together have you?"

Superman then gets the hint and turns on his X-ray vision which barely is able to see through Hughes clothes. "You're one of them?"

"And proud of it, Sir. I am a child of Kermela and Merhald. Rightful rulers of Metropolis. Kirk Hughes was nothing more than a shadow even the great Zavim could see through, I am Knasim, god of deceit."

Superman did his best not to hide his surprise and instead started to calculate. Finally after a few seconds he pieced it all together.

"You created this double life just to lead us to this exact moment."

"Correct. And?"

"Zavim had something you wanted but something you couldn't take, something that had to be given..."

"Quite right. Now it would be in everyone's best interest if you had over the amulet."

Superman cocks his eyebrow and smiles just before he flies through the hole in the wall. From behind him, he hears Knasim do the same and while he wasn't expecting a chase, he continues to fly until they get into the city.

Getting past one of the first buildings, Superman immediately feels his powers begin to weaken. He touches down on top of the closest building and Knasim meets him at once.

"Do you feel it Kal-El? Do you feel your powers begin to fade? Bask in the power of the Metropolitan Gods, Superman! Not even your city will protect you from its rightful owners!"

"What's so special about this amulet!?"

Knasim opens one of his books and begins reading aloud, "From the blood of mortals and the metal of the divine Metropolitan can the key to unleash Merhald created and thus free him from the captivity of the Underworld."

Superman feels the amulet actually become heavy in his hand and it slowly begins to glow.

"And once this glorious time occurs the mother of wisdom Kermela shall rise and join her husband to rule."

The amulet flies from Superman's hand and into Knasim's. Once he takes hold of it the woman from before materializes by his side and he grabs her around the neck. "And now let Merhald rise again!"

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Another great issue.