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Zavim leads Clark out of the room and walks slowly to the other door a few feet away.

"I don't usually go into the city but I would think you need to see something."

Zavim opens the door and suddenly a blast of air comes through along with the sound of car horns. He walks out and Clark follows.

They come out into an empty alley, the door they just came through blending in to resemble the back door to the building to their left.

"Wow," Clark says.

Zavim stifles a laugh. "Are all of you people so impressed teleportation?"

Teleportation? Clark suddenly comes up with a thought.

"Those soldiers I faced, were they gods too?"

Zavim nods his head. "Offspring of the other two. They were called the Guards of the Gates back when Metropolis still had a gate, dressed like regular soldiers back then, not like they do now."

The two slowly make their way down the street. Clark can tell that Zavim could move faster if he wanted to, but for some reason he couldn't take his eyes off of the buildings around him.

"So you were the god of architecture?"

"Am, not was, Son of Krypton."

Clark cringes at that and can't help looking around at the people around him.

"Don't worry, they don't see us. A prop of being a god is that you can make yourself and others invisible if you fancy."

Clark nods, not truly believing that this could all happen. "What do you want me to see Zavim?"

"I don't suppose you actually look at the buildings around you, do you Mr. Kent?"

Clark gives a guilty shrug and keeps walking with Zavim, "I actually don't have the time."

"Oh, rubbish is what I say. You can save the entire world from purse snatching to nuclear threats in the blink of an eye and be back for dinner. All I ask you is to look."

Clark turns on his x-ray vision and scans the buildings around him.

"Most of these structures have lasted for hundreds of years, just built over each other as the time passes, but you can always see what was if you really look."

That's when he sees it, underneath all of the wood, brick, and metal, a single sheet of wood, aged beyond belief, stuck inside the building with a mark inscribed on it similar to the one on Zavim's house.

"That symbol..."

Zavim nods his head in acknowledgement. "It's our symbol. The encircled skyline is what we call it. My word this air feels nice..."

Zavim seems to go off into his own world for a second, so Clark continues to gaze over the other buildings, finding the mark dotted over most of the buildings he passes.

Until he sees one with out it.

"Zavim, what does this symbol do?"

Zavim snaps out of his trance and turns towards Clark, his eyes narrowed. "It's for protection Mr. Kent. To make a long story short, after years of prosperity I and the other gods had a following out, they were getting too dangerous and I opposed them. After that I wanted to make sure that my buildings were well guarded so I enchanted the symbols that were already there and put one on the buildings that didn't. After that, I left.

"The symbols, though, did something that I didn't think possible. They oppressed the other gods, by putting the symbol on all of the buildings I had them my own, and so the city was mine and not the others. I left my followers to always make sure that the buildings that were built in Metropolis were given the symbol, but they died out years ago, and there lies our problem."

They keep walking and Clark can see the symbols becoming more and more scarce among the buildings.

"Once the city became mine the others went into hiding," Zavim explains. "But after each building is raised without the symbol my hold on Metropolis diminishes and the others grow more stronger. And I'm afraid it may already be too late. Once they all wake up I can tell you they won't be happy to know what their city has become. They will attack, force everyone to obey their command and then when that happens, I don't think even you will be able to stop them when they have the city."

"So what can we do?" Clark asks, feeling a sense of heroism coming across him.

"We need to destroy every building that doesn't have the mark."

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This is good but why not just add a mark to the ones that have no symbol.

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@thespideyguy: patience!