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It was mostly made up of artists, politicians, architects, writers, and leaders. And the meeting was held on a Wednesday.

They were assembled in a circle, each clad in the shadows of the dark room, at the center, the mark of their religion, glowing almost by its own light. Their leader stood at the top of the mark, no one could see, but they could tell he was smiling.

"Brothers, I bring wonderful news. The Gods have spoken."

Suddenly the mark really was glowing, brighter and brighter with every second. Suddenly, from the symbol, a pillar of light shoots through and takes the shape of three figures.

"They each spoke as one great voice, 'Give us a home!' They said. It is their will. And so it shall be done."

A voice comes from one of the shadow clad members, "There shall be schools for Kermela, our goddess of knowledge. Buildings that will reach the skies for Zavim, our god of architecture. And finally, an underworld that is beyond measure for our head god, Merhald, larger than the city above so that each generation can finally join him."

A murmur of approval washes over the group.

"It shall be magnificent!"

"A masterpiece!"

"But where shall we find such a land for this city?"

That question rang through the circle, bringing everyone to a silence.

Suddenly, the image of the three gods vanishes from the symbol and another image forms, one of a map that no one did not recognize.


The member nod their heads in agreement and the leader clears his throat. "They have also chosen for us the leaders of this great expedition."

The room goes deathly quite.

"James Kyle, Mason Todd, step forward."

Two men step from the circle and stand next to opposite halves of the symbol.

"Do you solemnly swear to hold our laws and secrets to heart on your glorious expedition to this new land and bring honor and glory to out religion?"

"We swear," they say together.

"Then may the power of the Metropolitan Gods be with you."

And just like that the symbol of the encircled skyline seemed the glow brighter than it ever had before.

End of the Interlude.

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Hey guys. Look, I have no idea how long this is going to go on but I will say this, I am having a blast writing it and I love the feed back I'm getting from it. But anyway, as soon as this is finished this story, it's going to lead into a brand new story I'm calling "The Curse of Bi-Zar-Ro". See you guys on the Vine.

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This series is great.