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Author’s Note: I based a lot of this story on scenes from Action Comics. Brainiac, after the first storyline, becomes Superman’s basic means of technology up at the fort and I would like to say that some of the information I put in here to go along with the story is not cannon with the New 52 universe, even though it is based in that universe.

“Bi-Zar-Ro, Bi-Zar-Ro, Bi-Zar-Ro!”

Superman’s head rings while the chant still goes on, running endlessly as if on one continuous loop. The pain brings him to his knees, his hands clutching in vain at his temples.

“Who’s saying that!?” He yells, the pain bringing everything around him to silence.



That final chant brings his ear drums to bursting and he can feel the blood flowing from his ears. He can feel it, that is, until he drops helplessly to the ground, unconscious.

It’s the sound of crackling fire that wakes him up. Sitting up from the bags of garbage, Superman is greeted by the vision of a metal trash can with a large flame coming out of it and the same homeless man that had given away his cover just hours ago. Remembering the incident, Superman immediately feels the caked blood surrounding his ears.

“Rough night, huh?”

The homeless man looks down on Superman with a look of sympathy, the flames casting a warm glow over his bearded face.

“You could say that.” Superman says, getting to his feet.

“’Brought you over here,” the man says, “thought it be the least I could do seeing I’se the one that got you in the fight. Ain’t you just supposed to be hurt by that glowin green rock thing?”

“I guess not.”

Superman looks over the area and sees that they’re still at the docks and only a few feet from where he had passed out.

“Did you hear anything strange during the fight?” Superman asks the man.

“Just the regular o’ gunshots. Why?”

“…nothing. I got to go. Thank you for the help.”

Superman, with a burst of speed, flies from the scene and immediately is hit with an idea.

I’ve heard that chant before.

Superman changes course from his apartment in uptown Metropolis and turns northward, to The Fortress.

Once the crystal coliseum is in range, Superman slows his speed down until he finally touches the ground at a walking pace right at the front door. With one simple push, the computer scans the fingerprints of its owner and the doors open, revealing the Kryptonian world that Superman left behind those 27 years ago.

“Brainiac, online.”

A small whirl can be heard throughout the fortress as the Kryptonian A.I. activates.

“Greetings, Kal-el,” sounds a mechanical voice, speaking not in an earth language, but that of a planet long ago forgotten. “Has there been an incident?”

He must see the blood.

“Yes, Brainiac, there has been an incident. Back at Metropolis I was trying to stop a bad business deal when I got a savage headache-“

Immediately four probes appear from the ceiling and encircle Superman, scanning him in a very alien green glow. “My apologies, Kal-el, but I believe that this is my fault.”

“Your fault? Brainiac you’ve been here for the last few years and then cooped up in an army base at the time of my arrival, how could you have caused my headache?”

“Indirectly, I would fear,” the machine corrects, “You see Kal-el-“

A screen appears in front of Superman, displaying a travel log of the time he spent arriving to Earth.

“While in your cryo-sleep on the way to this planet I was instructed as part of my programming to introduce you to the wonders of the planet Krypton. This I did though the use of a self playing chip placed inside your brain. At our point of arrival the chip should have been removed, but you were removed before the process could begin.”

Hmm, interesting. “Brainiac, could this chip, say, cause me to remember things about Krypton while I was still there?”

“There is a possibility, yes. Your first memories of your world could have interacted with the chip to have you experience a flashback. Has this happened?”

“Yes, actually it has.*”

“Is this the point of your headache?”

“No. Brainiac, I need you to look into a series of words for me. Somehow the chip must have accessed a memory because before my headache, and almost countless today, I’ve heard just this one chant, over and over again. Brainiac, do a search for ‘Biz-Zar-Ro’.”

At those words, the entire fortress goes dark.

*This can be seen in Action Comics #3

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Great as usual.