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“Bi-Zar-Ro. Bi-Zar-Ro. Bi-Zar-Ro.”

Clark wakes with a start, the almost incomprehensible chant still ringing in his head. What was it though? Clark shakes his head and tries to not think about it. Looking at his clock, Clark realizes it’s almost time for work and begins to get ready.

Deciding to do it the human way, Clark takes an easy five minute shower instead of a five second one and gets dressed afterward. He guessed he kind of needed to stay human sometimes, might as well take slow steps.

Taking the subway to work, Clark decides it’s one of those days when he likes to believe he’s human.

And not an alien blasted from a self destructing planet.

Getting to his desk, Clark opens up his email only to find no new messages.

“Slow day already.”

Taking out his notes, Clark tries to find something to do while he waits for some new lead on his stories, after an hour, nothing. Somehow, Clark started to feel himself get sleepy.

“Bi-Zar-Ro. Bi-Zar-Ro. Bi-Zar-Ro.”


Once again that strange chanting, and once again Clark wakes up with a jump.


A ping sounds from his computer and Clark opens up the new email.

"Richard Price is going to be at the Docks at 7:00 to discuss a 'business opportunity'. Heard you needed a lead, there it is."

There wasn’t another email address listed, so Clark just assumed it was just another anonymous tipper. But it was just what he wanted.

Richard Price was a seedy business man who was doing some pretty dangerous testing on the aquatic life down at the west coast. Clark had hoped that Superman would take care of him but without some kind of proof no one could act.

Clark had his fingers crossed.


Superman floats over the docks and right above Richard Price. Below, Price stands talking with a group of four people, bringing out from his coat pocket a stack of papers. Superman flies down to the ground, hides away from their view, and takes out his camera strapped to his belt. About to take out his camera, a voice is raised behind him-

“Hey, you’re Superman!”

Turning around, a homeless man starts to wave at Superman just as the five men in front of him turn around to see him. Under his breath, Superman mutters, “Crap!”

The four men draw out guns from their trench coats while Price makes a break for a boat docked yards away. The four fire and the bullets easily bounce off of Superman.

“You guys are new here aren’t you?”

The four look at their guns and then at themselves before they break off to the boat Price is close too. Superman lifts off the ground and almost speeds after them when a massive headache racks his brain.

The chanting starts again.


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This is great.