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Alright so I figured I would turn my movie idea into a fan fiction, being that I doubt Nintendo would bother with it. Even just a few moments ago, I did email Nintendo about some TV shows and the like though i'll probably just get a canned response or no response at all. But anyway without further ado, lets move on with the story! 
Chapter 1: The Gathering 
It was a quiet day in the land of Hyrule, ever since the defeat of Ganondorf peace had once again been brought to the land. Inside the lost woods, a man walked along a path minding his own business, he wore a green tunic with a green floppy hat, brown boots and gauntlets to match and also carrying a shield and finely crafted sword. This man's name was Link, the Hero of Time as he was known, the one chosen by the gods to destroy evil that threatened the world and as he walked through the forest he felt peaceful and rather laid back. Though nearing a cliff he spotted something glowing at the bottom, deciding to not bother he turned to leave though lost his footing as he then fell down the cliff rolling all the way before finally stopping and letting out a groan of annoyance as he got up slowly rubbing his head. 
"Ugh...my head!...Wait, whats this?"Link thought as he noticed infront of him a green portal that swirling and gave off a strange humming noise. 
Curious Link stepped forward some, a little hesitant at first not sure what to expect but something about this portal peaked his interest and as he stepped through it Link disappeared and the portal closed behind him all together. There was no trace of the hero ever being there, and only the soft winds blown through the forest could be heard. 
"Keep together now, no jerking movements in this canyon"came the voice of Fox McCloud over comms, as he along with his mercenary team piloted their Arwings through a tight and dangerous canyon with jagged and protruding rocks and spikes.  
The mercenary team known as Starfox was chasing a pirate lord in a modified corneria star fighter, who had design plans on a prototype weapon which would be a dangerous threat to the galaxy. As the team flew through the canyon, it was getting smaller and more narrow to maneuver properly until it cut off in two different pathways. 
"Falco with me, Krystal, Slippy keep on him Falco and I will see if we can cut him off"Fox explained as Fox and Falco took a right in their fighters, while the other two members took a left following the pirate.
The canyon began to open up much wider, so it was easy to navigate then before especially since it was just the two of them but for some reason something didn't feel right at all. As the two pilots flew at full speed, a green portal suddenly opened up right infront of the two surprising them. 
"What the heck is that thing?!"Falco wondered aloud. 
"I dunno, we don't got time to turn around!"Fox growled. 
The two flew straight into the portal, and in doing so their Arwings dematerialized leaving them in a free fall as they fell and fell for what seemed like a good few minutes before hitting something hard. Fox gave a groan as he slowly got to his feet, shaking his head before helping up Falco and before they could find out where they were, they were in a group of several others.  The room was dark, almost as if they were in space and they were standing on a huge purple platform which seemed to be floating but with no support whatsoever or at least from what the characters could see.
One of these characters was a man dressed in green, having a sword and shield across his back. (Link) 
Another seemed to be incased in a set of armor, and having a cannon. (Samus)
Another was a large ape with a red tie and the initials DK on it. (Donkey Kong)
Another was a short man, with blue overalls and a red hat.  (Mario)
Another was a tall and muscular man, with a helmet and blue jumpsuit. (Captain Falcon)
Last but not least, was what appeared to be a large pink ball with red shoes. (Kirby) 
Before anyone could ask who was who, what was what, and how they all came to be. A disembodied voice spoke to them. 
"Greetings, I have watched various characters for some time now and have chosen you 8, you all have been summoned here to fight for my amusement." 
"What? Is this some kind of joke?! Why should we?"Falco asked in a rather harsh manner, looking around to find out who was speaking to them. 
"If you do not fight, then your worlds will be destroyed...now let the fighting begin!"
"Hey wai-"Link protested but was cut off, before each of the 8 characters were transported out of the place they were in, and set up into various and different battlefields. 
Well theres chapter 1, I know not a whole lot of detail but its just the 1st chapter. Anyway the next chapter, will be the first fight! Who is gonna fight who? Who knows!...Oh wait, I know but I won't tell you...thats my secret.

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@Wolfrazer: Very, nice. It's an interesting idea. I haven't played any strafox since starfox 64, are the games anymore in depth, like you seemed to describe, than the old ones?

Also, I bet someone else has had this idea before and e-mailed it to nintendo, and they have some sort of reason not to do it *cough* mario cartoon AND movie that both sucked.

Anyways, I'm excited you're writing another story, and I look forward to how it turns out.

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@jobiwankenobi:  Ya theres Starfox Adventures, Assault and also Command, but have only played the former two in which Starfox gets an addition to the team(Krystal). But ya I addressed those things in my email, saying that time has changed and theres better technology and all that. I didn't propose my idea though, I kinda just emailed about doing TV shows based off of game IPs(Starfox being a big one that could work), so will see if I get a response.
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Alright here is Chapter 2, am thinking of doing 2 chapters today so ya folks might get to read 2 fights today. But anyway lets get on with it! 
Chapter 2: Link vs Captain Falcon 
The two had been transported to a wide opened field, with what seemed to be temple ruins around and as soon as they saw one another the fighting began. They both knew, that they shouldn't fight however what drove them was to win and not have their world's destroyed and even though they hated doing this, it had to be done. Falcon was the first to make his move, with his quick speed he ran up to Link who had barely enough time to block a kick with his shield though the force of the kick sent him stumbling back and falling over as Falcon grabbed the warrior and threw him at a temple wall as he crashed right into it.  Already Link's head was in a daze, as he got up off the ground spitting out blood as he looked up to see Falcon running at him, gripping his sword and shield Link rose up just in time to bash Falcon back with his shield knocking the racer and bounty hunter over in a slump before pulling out a bomb and leaving it next to him before running off into the ruins not wanting to get caught in the explosion. 
"I doubt that'll really finish him, hes quick...gotta think of a plan..."Link thought as he entered into the main room of the ruined temple, getting a good look at his surroundings. 
"Falcon Punch!" 
Link rolled out of the way, narrowly avoiding Falcon's punch as it left a creator sized hole in the floor giving Link a rather surprised look on his face. If that attack hits him once, he was done for and as Falcon came at him again this time Link was ready, dodging a kick he then slashed at Falcon with his sword who avoided the blade before hitting the warrior in the face sending him to the ground.  Though Link surprised Falcon, kicking him back as he stumbled and fell to the ground as Link got to his feet and came down upon with his sword intending to finish off Falcon, though was surprised as the racer grabbed the blade and then kicked Link back losing his sword in the process, though upon doing so Falcon felt the blade become extremely heavily and since his hands were around the hilt he couldn't remove them. Soon Falcon got a surge of electricity blasting through his body, shocking his entire being as he yelled out in pain though it soon stopped as Link was back on his feet and punched Falcon away grabbing his sword and pulling out a bomb. 
"Shouldn't have done that.."Link said before tossing the bomb next to Falcon. 
Falcon who was still in much pain couldn't really move, and as the bomb came near him his eyes widened as it blew and when the smoke cleared he was gone. Link was surprised wondering where he went, though before he could figure that out he was sent flying with a kick and crashing right into a wall before falling to the floor. 
"Ya almost had me there.."Falcon said as he appeared, his suit was damaged, he had burn marks on his body and he seemed to be walking with a little limp. 
Link slowly got up off the floor shaking his head some as he got up, looking across to see Falcon standing there before an item appeared out of nowhere. It seemed to be a flower of some sort with a face on it, and Falcon went over to go and pick it up examining it closely wondering what it does. He then aimed it at Link, and it doing so it sent out a wave of fire right to the warrior who had just enough time to block it with his shield though soon the fire got smaller and smaller before finally the flower was empty, this gave Link enough time to throwing his boomarang knocking the flower from Falcon's hands. He then ran up to Falcon who was rather shocked that he was now on the defensive, avoiding the blade was simple enough but the shield however was a different story and as Link bashed him with his shield again he was knocked to the floor before Link, without wasting any time stabbed Falcon through the chest with his sword. 
Just mere seconds after doing so, Falcon's body disappeared leaving Link confused though before he could have time to think about it, he too disappeared from the battlefield and back to where he first arrived. Looking around, he didn't see any of the other characters or Falcon so he figured that he won his match and now was waiting for the others to finish theirs. 
Alright there is Chapter 2, also yes I did decide to give the Master Sword a sort of restriction type of deal being that it can only by wielded by Link so figured why not anyone else who tries to handle it be unable to move it an inch(similar to Thor's hammer) and then send a powerful electric shock through their bodies which increases intensity the longer someone holds it. But anyway, Chapter 3 will be along sometime later today so stay tuned!

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@Wolfrazer: Very nice, can't say I'm surprised Link won, though.

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@jobiwankenobi said:

@Wolfrazer: Very nice, can't say I'm surprised Link won, though.

Lol, anyway here is Chapter 3 folks.
Chapter 3: Kirby vs Samus  
These two characters had been transported, to what looked like a big space station with floating platforms. On the two end platforms were two items, a beam sword and a Bo-omb, Kirby went for the sword while Samus went for the bomb. Though upon turning around to actually face one another, Samus didn't think much of Kirby, how could anyone really when he just seemed to be a pink puffball? Was this a joke? Was she really expected to fight this one?  
"This can't be my opponent..." Samus thought as she gave a small yet silent sigh.  
Though she was soon caught with surprise, at seeing Kirby come at her very fast and slashing down upon the bounty hunter with the beam sword, narrowly avoiding it she got cut on her shoulder armor as she rolled out of the way. Jumping off the platform, to gain some distance between her and Kirby, she charged up a cannon shot and fired it right at him, but again to her surprise he actually swallowed the shot before sending it right back to her. Rolling out of the way, she got knocked off of her feet by the explosion from the blast and watched as Kirby came down once again to slash at her, though she was ready this time as she aimed and fired a missile at Kirby which hit him directly as he flew back and hit a wall behind him. Kirby then fell down onto a platform hard, as Samus came up to him ready to finish him off, though with quick speed Kirby kicked Samus hard in the stomach before barraging her with powerful punches sending her to the ground.  
Kirby then floated up and up and up, until finally he transformed himself into a brick and let gravity take over as he came down hard and smashed down upon Samus damaging her armor a little bit before Kirby resumed his normal form. Samus then grabbed Kirby by the foot as she was laying on the ground, before smashing him on both sides of the platform and then throwing him to the wall as he crashed and fell onto another platform.  
"Guess I shouldn't have underestimated this guy.." Samus thought as she made her way over to Kirby, and charged up a shot to finish him off.  
Her charged shot was interrupted however, as she was then sucked up quickly by Kirby as he gained the ability to use her cannon before firing her out of his mouth and onto the platform. Wasting no time, Samus finished her charged shot and blasted it and to her surprise Kirby did the same and as the two shots colided, it created a huge explosion knocking the two back to the far ends of the platform. Shaking her head, Samus got up on her feet just in time to see Kirby run to her, she then remembered the Bo-omb and as Kirby came she grabbed him with her grapple beam and threw him to the bomb as it exploded sending Kirby off the platform and into the bottomless pit.  
As the fight ended, Samus was transported out of the battlefield and back to where, the group of characters first met seeing Link there but none of the others, as the two then waited for the rest of the fights to finish up. 
Alright Ch 4 will be tomorrow, and then Ch 5 sometime later...though probably not on the same time, am wanting to make Ch 5 the longest fight out of them all.
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A little less exciting than the last chapter. It was fairly obvious that when Samus got the bob-omb she would win using some sort of trick. Not by any means bad, though.

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Chapter 4: Mario vs Donkey Kong 
These two characters had been transported a jungle type of environment, filled with huge trees, bushes and vines for swinging on. It was a perfect place for DK, while for Mario not so much as he watched the ape swing from vine to vine and then come at him with his feet kicking the small man back and right into a tree. Getting up Mario rubbed his head some, and then rolled out of the way just in time to avoid another attack from DK as he bent the tree which then flung him off the vine he held onto and on the ground. Now it was Mario's turn as he made his attack, jumping high into the air and coming down with a fist as it knocked DK back to the ground before Mario grabbed him by the arms and swung him round and round before throwing him into a giant boulder. Of course DK was soon back on the offensive, as he picked up the boulder and hurled it at Mario who rolled out of the water as it shattered upon making contact with the ground, though as Mario had been distracted by it he saw DK coming at him with a large hammer swinging it wildly. 
"Mamma Mia!"Mario thought as he went wide eyed, and began to run through the jungle trying to avoid DK who came at him with a hammer. 
The hammer though then suddenly vanished from DK's hands, though only briefly confused he didn't stopped as he then chased down Mario, pouncing ontop of him and smashing him with his powerful fists into the ground. Mario took a beating, and as DK was about to move in with one powerful hit Mario surprised the ape with a fireball as it set him ablaze as he ran around screaming trying to put out the fire. Mario then took advantage of this, as he grabbed DK by the feet and then hurled him into the air before jumping in right on after and punching DK hard in the stomach sending him flying deeper into the forest and landing hard. The short man took a seat on a rock, breathing hard wondering why he was still on the field if he had won? But then it soon dawned on him that the fight wasn't over, and his suspicions were confirmed as he was then taken by surprise as DK came out of some bushes and connected with a powerful fist right into Mario's face which sent him flying. 
"Ugh...hes better then I remember..."Mario though in a daze, thinking back to how before he and DK used to fight way back when. (Referrence!)
He heard DK coming for him with his feet across the ground, and Mario had to think of something quick if he was going to win this fight. Looking around him, he soon spotted what appeared to be a mushroom and as he moved over quickly he grabbed and ate it. DK appeared just in time, as Mario became a giant thus getting a worried look on his face as the ape then ran off into another direction and with Mario on his tail, of course being bigger Mario didn't need to take as many steps to catch up with DK as he then grabbed him in his hands feeling the ape struggle within his grasp. Then like a baseball, Mario threw DK far and clear over the horizon as he soon disappeared and just in time as the mushroom wore off and Mario was back to his original size, before being transported out of the battlefield and with Link and Samus, the 3 now waiting for the next winner in the next match. 
Well theres Ch 4, a classic match up. Anyway Ch 5 will come along who knows when though, am wanting to make it longer then the fights that have been placed so far. So stay tuned!
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Entertaining to say the least.

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Chapter 5: Fox McCloud vs Falco Lombardi 
These two had been transported into a canyon of sorts, it was a wide area they were on with some large rocks here and there though over the cliffs instead of a canyon floor it was a bottomless and dark pit leading into nothingness. As they faced one another, neither of them made a move...it was as if they couldn't, sure they had spared in the past in training or for fun but now they were being forced to fight to for real or have their universe be destroyed....and yet neither of them wanted to fight. 
"Falco...."Fox started trailing off a little. 
"Fox..."Falco replied, as the wind blew kicking up some dirt between the two. 
"If we don't do this, then everything and everyone we know will be gone forever...as much as I don't want to, we need to fight"Fox finished as the two looked to one another. 
"....Your right Fox, so lets not waste any time here standing around"Falco replied as he got a nod from his team leader as a reply. 
It was a few moments, but it seemed like hours to them as within a flash both of them drew their blasters firing a shot off and both shots disarming one another as they then ran at eachother, locking into hand to hand.  Doubt still filled both of their minds, concern did too, their fists connecting with one another in blocks, their kicks colliding with their feet until finally Fox's fist connected with Falco's cheek stumbling him back some and opening himself to a kick to the chest which sent him to the ground. However Falco quickly, sweep kicked Fox causing him to lose his balance before getting another kick to the head sending him flying across the ground and as Fox rose the two looked at one another, they both knew that they weren't fighting to their full ability and were treating this like one of their sparing matches. This wasn't right, they had to go all out to have a winner...even if they didn't want to actually hurt eachother, Fox gripped his hands into fists. 
"Falco I don't want either of us to hold back, we have to go all out on this!"Fox explained. 
"Right Fox, I got it..."Falco replied as he waited for his friend to attack. 
As they started their fight once more, it was more brutal and the attacks came with full force...it was at this moment that neither were going to hold back any longer. Two friends...no....two brothers were fighting with everything they had, Fox kicked Falco back and jumped into the air coming down upon him with a fist, though the avian rolled out of the way in time before aiming a roundhouse kick to Fox's head who blocked it with an arm but was taken by surprise with getting a fist to the face causing him to stumble back on his feet. Items dropped onto the battlefield, but neither were willing to use them wanting this fight to be on their terms, to see who would win just by pure skill alone.  Falco then grabbed Fox by his collar, and threw him into the air before jumping right after him and then connecting a fist right ontop of his head, sending his leader right into the ground as he crashed hard as the bird landed right infront of him. 
Coughing Fox groaned in pain, as he rolled over on his side as Falco approached though taking him by surprise as he went for an uppercut to his jaw knocking the avian on his back as Fox got to his feet. Falco quickly recovered, before the two continued their fighting and at some point the fighting got near their blasters and as Fox got knocked back he grabbed his and aimed it right at Falco who came rushing in for another attack, though stopping at seeing Fox with his blaster. Fox had his blaster trained on Falco, though he was shaking, he was hesitating to actually shoot him. 
"Do it Fox...DO IT!"Falco shouted at him. 
"I....I can't"Fox said as he couldn't do it. 
Fox then discarded the blaster, and attacked Falco again as they two resumed their hand to hand fighting. Eventually the two got near the cliff, dangerously close to it and as the two continued to fight they didn't notice a Bo-omb near them. The Bo-omb then lit itself up, and began running to the two unaware and it wasn't until that it was near exploded that the two noticed, but it was too late as the Bo-omb exploded sending them off the cliff. However in time, Falco grabbed onto the ledge and also was able to grab onto Fox's arm as the two held onto one another, though Falco was losing his grip and he was having a hard time struggling to hang on to the ledge and Fox. 
"You have to let me go Falco..."Fox said. 
"What?! Your crazy Fox, I can pull both of us up!"Falco replied. 
"No you can't...you have to let me go...let me go Falco I am giving you an order"Fox commanded him. 
"NO! I can get us up!"Falco said, not wanting to let Fox go.  
There was then a long silence between the two mercenaries, one that seemed to last forever.
"Then you leave me no choice....your in command of Starfox now Falco, I know you'll lead the team well..goodbye my friend."Fox said. 
With his final words, Fox forceabley broke himself out of Falco's grasp thus lightening him to pull himself up as Falco watched as his friend fell into the dark abyss. 
"FOX!!"Falco shouted watching his friend disappear before his eyes, as he just hung there. 
Falco was then transported away from the battlefield, and back to where Link, Mario, and Samus were as Falco fell to his knees and silently shed tears for his fallen friend...his fallen brother. The other characters looked at Falco, though none dared go near him however they knew that the two had known eachother, having see them summoned and coming through the same portal, knowing that their fight must have been harder to do then any of the other ones. 
"Fox...I swear, I swear I will make whoever did this pay!"Falco thought, his sorrow turning into hatred and anger wanting to avenge his fallen friend as he then rose to his feet, the tears stopping as he now focused on revenge. 
Well there  you have Chapter 5. Enjoy reading, and stay tuned for updates!
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Wow, this was really good. I did not expect you to do it this way.

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@jobiwankenobi said:

Wow, this was really good. I did not expect you to do it this way.

What did you expect hmm?
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@Wolfrazer: I was just expecting another fight idk *shrug*. Your story makes more sense than that would have; I had just forgotten that the last round was those two.

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Alright, now Jobiwan I appreciate your comments. But other people viewing/reading, please give comments on this story and thoughts would like some feedback. 
Chapter 6: Metal vs Flesh  
It seemed like a long time before a portal opened up, and a giant white glove floated infront of the remaining characters. All of them looked rather strange at this giant glove, wondering what it was about and they were all quite surprised as it spoke to them. 
"Welcome final four finalists...you have all fought well, and are ready for the semi final round"the glove said. 
"Just who are you?"Link asked. 
"Ya, are you the one who brought us here?"Mario asked. 
"I am the Master Hand, and yes I brought you here, to fight I have watched all of you on your adventures for quite some time..."Master Hand replied. 
"You...you made me kill my best friend!"Falco shouted. 
It was at that point Falco went into a rage, running towards the Master Hand and jumping up to come down upon the Hand with a fist but was then suddenly blinded sided and kicked back towards the other three characters. Falco gave a groan, as he got up slowly shaking his head some as he looked to see what had hit him, Link, Mario, and Samus looking surprised as they all saw metal versions of themselves. 
"As I was saying, your semi final challenge is a group fight against metal versions of yourselves...there will be no items dropping from this fight, let the match begin!"the Hand said as he then disappeared, the characters disappearing as well to another battlefield. 
The characters, along with their metal versions were transported to a simple floating and very large platform which was floating above a bottomless pit. Wasting no time, the metal characters attacked their counterparts who had barely enough time to register what they were fighting against.  They were all pushed back, and were in 1 on 1 combat with one another, Link seemed to be matching blow for blow with his own double, it was like fighting Dark Link only it was metal while Mario having fought metal Mario before it was the same as before. For Falco and Samus, this was something completely new to them and they were getting beat down hard, Falco was getting pounded into the ground and spitting out blood while Samus was getting blasted by her double's arm cannon and rockets, as her suit was reaching critical damage. 
Meanwhile Link continued to lock blades, and bash shields against his double and rolling out of the way of other attacks as he tried to analyze how he was going to defeat him. He then got an idea, as he blocked a blow from his double and then sweep kicked him causing the double to fall as Link then slashed at him though it wasn't enough to completely finish as Link then grabbed his metal self and then kicked him over the platform causing him to fall fast due to his weight. Link was about to go help the others, before being transported back to the main room as the others fought, it was at this time that Mario was in a grapple with his own double having his throat squeezed until he finally got a good hold and then slammed his double's head down into the arena floor. 
Mario then grabbed his double by his legs, swinging him round and round before throwing him off the ledge as he fell fast down and like Link, Mario was transported back to the main room. Now it was just down to Falco and Samus, and their doubles and both of them were in pretty bad shape, Samus's suit was giving off all kinds of warnings of critical damage and overloads while Falco seemed to be half dead with a swollen eye and a bloody beak. Samus had a charged shot in her cannon ready, but if she missed it was over so she had to get dangerously close to her double, and as she ran towards her double the metal version of Samus sent a charged shot of her own hitting Samus directly and sending her flying back and heading towards over the ledge. 
Samus had just enough time to aim her own shot, and send it off as it hit her metal version sending her flying back as well as the two fell into the bottomless pit. It was now down to Falco and his double, and the avian looked like he could barely stand as he held up his fists and spat out some blood. 
"COME ON!"Falco shouted as he ran towards his metal version. 
Metal Falco blocked and dodged Falco's blows, before hitting him in the stomach and kicking him across the arena floor close to the ledge. Falco weakly tried to get up, coughing up blood as he felt his entire body was numb looking over seeing his metal self run towards him. 
"I'm sorry Fox...."Falco thought.  
" Your coming with me!"Falco said.
As his metal self came at him, Falco used every bit of his last strength to get himself to his feet and then grab his metal self tossing them over the ledge as they both fell into the bottomless abyss. 
Back at the main room, the characters that were left, Link and Mario came face to face with the Master Hand once more. 
"Well it seems you two are the last ones..."Master Hand said. 
"Where are the others! What did you do to them?"Link asked. 
"Why...I added them to my collection of course..."Master Hand replied, as he then snapped. 
A set of trophies then appeared in the room, those consisting of Captain Falcon, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Fox and the two new ones, Falco and Samus. This caused surprise looks on the remaining two faces, as they then gave angry looks to the Master Hand. 
"Release them! NOW!"Link demanded as he took a step forward. 
"You dare challenge me? Well then...challenge accepted..."Master Hand said. 
"You won't get away with this!"Mario added. 
The two remaining characters got ready to fight, as they then charged at the Master Hand beginning the final battle to save their worlds! 
Well there is chapter 6, 7 shall be the last!