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part two

Amazonian forest. 12-40 pm

Wonder woman, green Arrow, steel, hawkman, plasic man, flash, and green lantern,

Batman is dead and superman has been sent by j’onn on a mission

« - damn damn DAMN !

-shut the fuck up plastic ! green Arrow throws

-shut it YOU TWO ! flash, do you see him ?

- well diana… I’m having trouble but.. oh damn ! »

flash throws himself down on the ground as the distant sound of hawkman screaming starts.

Ollie breaks the silence :

"- J’ONN ! teleport us back, he got hawkman !

The voice of the martian still has this tone of fear,rare thing for a martian, or just for him.

- I am bringing you back !

- I see him !

- Steel ! don’t !

Steel flies in the forest, the last thing heard from him is :

-I’ll be back !"

the teleporter brings the team back in the watchtower. But none of the heroes are capable to speak.

to be continued here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/super-end-part-4/747978/