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Sunnydale Knights

TITLE: Sunnydale Knights

AUTHOR: Methos (ianblyth2005@btinternet.com)

DISTRIBUTION: If ya want to host it somewhere else just tell me where ya putting it ok? ;)

DISCLAIMER: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, Batgirl, Nightwing, Oracle and any other mentions of DC characters belong to DC Comics ok?

SUMMARY: YAHF, strangely starting before Halloween though... events during ‘School Hard’ lead the gang to choose costumes they wouldn’t normally choose, which leads to chaos for all involved.

FEEDBACK: Love it :) Either here or to my e-mail address.



SPOILERS: Anything past School Hard for Buffy, Major spoilers for anything past ‘The Killing Joke’ Batman timeline.

“You know, the last slayer I killed... she begged for her life” Spike taunted Buffy from across the hall.

Buffy just stayed quiet, walking slowly, purposefully towards him. Her fingers twitching around the stake she held tightly in her right hand.

“But, you don’t strike me as the begging kind.” Spike carried on, watching her intently.

As Buffy stopped in the middle of the hall she ‘felt’ the vampires shuffle around her, she knew they were afraid of her, afraid of the slayer. “You shouldn’t have come here.” Buffy said, not an ounce of emotion in her voice.

“No?” Spike replied with a sneer.

“No.” Buffy said with finality as she launched herself towards him, only to find he sidestepped at the last moment.

“Come on slayer, thought you were better than that.” Spike grinned as he threw a table in her direction.

Ducking the table, Buffy came back up to see Spike standing right in front of her, his arm raised.

His fist coming down to her face was the last thing she saw before everything went black.

“You, get the hell away from my daughter.” Joyce screamed as she ran at Spike with an Axe.

“Oh please.” Spike sneered as he span around to meet her, grabbing the axe from her hands and sending her sprawling with a swift kick to the stomach. “I’ve just put the slayer down; do you think you could take me with an axe?”

“Slayer?” Joyce mumbled in confusion.

“Hey.” Xander shouted from the door as he entered Willow, Willow immediately gasping at the scene of destruction that greeted them.

“Oh? And what are you going to do? Talk me to death?” Spike taunted, snapping the axe in his hands and throwing the sharp wooden end towards Xander.

Dodging the wooden spike by inches, Xander tumbled to the side before finding his feat again and watching Spike jump out through the window and run off into the night.

“Buffy, are you ok?” Xander asked, running over to her waking form.

“Ugh... what happened.., Xander? Where’s Spike?” Buffy asked, rubbing her head as she sat up slowly.

“Out the window, is everyone all right?” Xander said, looking around and noticing Joyce’s unconscious body in the corner.

“Mom!” Buffy screamed as she jumped to her feet and raced over to her mother.

“Is she ok?” Xander asked, as he watched her cradle her mother’s head in her lap.

“She’s breathing but...” Buffy trailed off as she looked towards the door. “Willow...” Buffy said softly.

“What... Willow!” Xander shouted as he followed her gaze to see his best friend lying on the floor in a pool of blood, the wooden spike impaling her through her stomach.

“Call an ambulance.” Xander shouted at the top of his voice, panic edging round the words. “Someone call an ambulance.” He shouted again as he reached her body and touched his fingers to her throat.

“Is she...” Buffy trailed off, not wanting to even say the words.

“She’s alive, but it’s weak.” Xander said, tears flowing freely from his eyes. “Someone call 911!” Xander shouted again as he saw people running for the exits.

“Willow, it’ll be ok. You’ll be ok...” Xander muttered over and over again as he swept some hair from her face, his bloody fingers trailing sticky red marks across her face.

It was some time later when the sirens started to come closer, and the paramedics showed up and took both Willow and Joyce to the hospital.

“Xander...” Buffy started, as they both stood in the road, watching the ambulance drive off into the darkness.

“Don’t Buffy, she’ll be fine, she has to be.” Xander said, all emotion gone from his voice. He stood there, his arms wrapped around himself as he watched the red and blue lights disappear into the night.

“She has to be.” He whispered as he walked off into the night, leaving Buffy, Giles and Jenny standing alone in the night.

ok, just a quick intro to a fic i'm working on at the moment...

going to be a Buffy / Batman crossover... for those of you who know the buffy verse, and the fanfic, you can probably guess whats going to happen in 3 episodes time lol :D

let me know what you think

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Thats pretty cool O. Keep it going.

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I have A fan-fic but i'm afraid I'll be attacked by angry hulk fans (it's a some mutant alien vs the hulk fan-fic but I won't spoil the mystery alien's identity yet)

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I think I'm hooked, babe. More please :D

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Oh good start! Keep it up. :-)

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