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(This contains pretty major spoilers for the Star Wars The Old Republic MMO. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)

Imperial Fleet, hovering above Dromaund Kaas

Darth Mathias sat peacefully in his room meditating on the force. All the objects in his room floated slowly around him as the strange mystical energy worked wonders in the nearby area. There was a loud knock at the door disrupting Mathias' concentration.

"Sir. The data you asked for has arrived." A voice said on the other side.

"You may enter."

Mathias was a tall Zebarak figure with 5 horns on his head and tattoos covering his face. He was dressed in Sith Inquisitor robes and on his belt wore a double bladed light saber. The door behind him whirred open revealing a thin, pale imperial officer dressed smartly and looking very nervous.

"Sir. Your spies have downloaded all of the data you suspected the Emperor of having on you."

"Very good. Pass it here Private."

The private passed it over and the screen lit up. The data on the screen at first showed Mathias' physical features. He had yellow eyes with a green outline, bright red skin, a large scar covering his forehead and had achieved the specialization of Sith Shadow within his first year in the Sith Academy. The data then went on to describe events in Mathias' life. He'd been raised as a slave until the Sith discovered his unnatural ability to use the force to a powerful extent. When he arrived at the academy he was taken under Sith Lord Varsh. A pure blood Sith. Varsh had not been cruel to Mathias. In fact Mathias had grown to love Varsh as a father. Which allowed Mathias to earn Varsh's trust. Which Mathias used to his advantage when he finally decided to kill Varsh off. Since then Mathias had gone through the ranks as a Sith until he reached one of the highest ranks a Sith Lord could reach. A general and in charge of the Imperial Fleet protecting the Imperial homeworld of Dromaund Kaas. So now for some reason the Emperor had started researching about him. Curious...

"SIR!" A hologram appeared before Mathias showing another Imperial officer looking panicked. "We're receiving reports of an attack on the Emperor's palace. They're requesting assistance!"

Mathias went quiet for a second. As he started to speak an evil glint went off in his eye.

"Leave them. Activate camouflage for all cruisers and the Jedi will leave us be."

"My...my lord?"

"Lieutenant. Choose your options. Live and possibly gain a position of power. Or have me capture and torture you for several hours. Make your choice and tell me."

The Lieutenant seemed troubled. Mathias couldn't understand his mindless devotion to the Empire.

"I... I'll ignore all hails my lord."

"Good. Magnify view of the Emperor's citadel. I want to see the action myself."

Mathias wheeled round in his chair and watched as the Emperor's citadel burned. A faint smile drifted across his face as he watched the citadel of Dromaund Kass burn and dozens of people die.


Nar Shada, The Prancing Uganaut inn

Flurgarth Starkiller walked into the bar and looked around. Just like the name suggested it was run solely by Uganauts. Small little creatures with large teeth. Flugarth noticed his target sat at another table and walked over.

"Are you Smigrath the Heathen?" Flugarth asked.

"Depends who's asking?"

Flugarth pulled out his pistol and fired it directly into the man's chest. The body collapsed on the floor and the man's eyes rolled upwards into his skull.

"Flugarth? Have you killed the loser yet?" A voice from Flugarth's ear communicator asked.

"He's dead. What do you want Wes?"

"Just got a new target for ya. A pretty big one too."

"How big?"

"So big that the Emperor himself has asked you to kill someone."

"I'll meet you back on the ship."

"Targets name is... Inquisitor Mathias."

"This day just gets better and better.

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awesome : )

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Awesome job! VERY nasty character, love his origins. :)

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Nice opener. The teaser at the end was good but I was hoping for a little more information on both characters.

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@dngn4774: That's why it's an ongoing! Bwahahaha!