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Star Wars has captured the imagination of audiences all over the world and is an example of modern-day mythology, much like the superheroes of DC and Marvel Comics. As I'm sure most of you know, the mythology of Star Wars goes far beyond the movies, as there have been countless video games, novels and comic books that make up what is now referred to as the Star Wars Expanded Universe. The purpose of this thread is to create a fan-fiction project that takes place in this Expanded Universe, a project I've titled "Star Wars Beyond".

The Expanded Universe has explored many different periods in the Star Wars timeline, establishing a rather complex history and continuity. Star Wars Beyond will attempt to define a new era in the Star Wars timeline and will be set approximately 1000 years after the events of the films, a completely unexplored period which will allow for maximum creative freedom.

If you are interested in being one of the writers for this project, sign-up in this thread. As this is an entirely new era in Star Wars history we will have to brainstorm ideas for new characters, work together to come up with an overarching conflict, and create the status quo of the galaxy in which our various stories will be set. Once the basic framework of the Beyond era has been established, writers will have the freedom to craft their own stories within this general framework. I'll update this post as we move along with links to the various stories that will be a part of Star Wars Beyond, so that they all can be accessed from one convenient place.

Nearly all of the fan-fiction projects and stories on this site are based on DC or Marvel so I think this could be an interesting and fun change of pace. Even if you don't want to be involved with this project as a writer, feel free to toss out some general ideas in this thread for what you might like to see as part of the overarching story. For those of you who do want want to be one of the writers for this project, just let me know what kind of story you want to tell. For example, a story about a bounty hunter tracking down a certain target, or the story of a relationship between a Jedi Master and Apprentice.

The story so far...

One thousand years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, the Sith are all but extinct. The Jedi Order has reclaimed its former glory and continues to search the galaxy for the few surviving Sith, who remain hidden in the shadows.



batkevin74- will be writing the story of Rendor E'lgrim, who is among the last of the Sith

andrewtheking- will be writing a story that introduces a new race/culture to the Star Wars universe

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Lol im already writting something like this, we could merge it if you want?

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Well that depends on how far along you are and whatnot. Is it set in the same sort of time period?

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Well my story focuses on an alien born Bruce Wayne who trains under the Jedi and eventually travels to other universe like Avatar TLA and Mass Effect and slowly becomes Batman, its set during the Clone Wars but in this universe Anakin does NOT become Darth Vader.

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I don't know if it would really make sense to merge then, since that is more of an alternate reality or "what if?" story. It's not really similar at all to what I'm trying to accomplish other than the fact that Star Wars is involved.

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@fatcowmoomoo: Sounds AWESOME! I would like to be involved, if I could

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@batkevin74: Yeah for sure. Do you have any character/story ideas that you'd like to do in particular?

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@fatcowmoomoo: "Nine hundred years ago, my ancestor split off and went into hiding, taking the new teachings, the new ways and improving them. For nine hundred years empires have risen and fallen, threats have come and gone, but we have remained. Now I am one of the few, a handful of members who travel the galaxy. My name is Rendor E'lgrim but you may address me with your final words as Darth Menace. I am the last of the Sith Knights, an order sworn to protect the galaxy from the shadows" A snap-hiss of an orange lightsaber filled the air "You will pay for crimes"

1000 years into the Star Wars future, the balance has swung and the Sith are 'good' guys. From the schism under Darth Havok in 137ABY the Sith Order have become what the Jedi Order had in Star Wats: A New Hope. That's my idea

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i will sign up if i can  

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@batkevin74: I like the idea of only having a small number of Sith scattered across the galaxy

: Welcome aboard, what kind of story were you thinking of writing?

I'm going to update the OP with a list of writers who have signed up, with descriptions of the stories/characters they will be writing. We should try and have as much variety in the stories as possible so that there's something of interest for all readers. We can have Jedi stories, Sith stories, stories about smugglers or mercenaries, maybe even an espionage story or a story of about a soldier on the front lines of a battle. Just some things to think about.

Also, as we come up with more details on the setting and time period I'll update the OP.

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@fatcowmoomoo: a story about a group of  human/moles  living under the earth 
 it will be a tale of the universe as seen by new eyes  
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@andrewtheking: By "living under the earth" I assume you don't mean the planet Earth, but underground on some planet in the Star Wars galaxy.

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@fatcowmoomoo: yes  u nderground on some planet in the Star Wars galaxy
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Bumpin this. I'm writing a story of an old moisture farmer and all the excitement of farming said moisture

actually its about an old moisture farmer with a family. however he is a retired legendary bounty hunter who went into hiding decades ago. with his family low on credits and struggling, he comes out of retirement when a young up-and-coming bounty hunter tracks him down and offers him a partnership.

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@drunkredneck: So Unforgiven in a Star Wars setting :) Nice

@fatcowmoomoo: So any more developments on this?