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Little Odessa Vodka Bar 2037

The club was busy that night as John Kirby and the other bouncers stood in front of the door. Ivan Bagrov stopped to stare them down as usual, this was the first time he'd shown up during Kirby's shift and was upset that the big blue man didn't focus on the ground like everyone else when he glared. His buddies waved him in.

A few hours later

A woman was being annoyed by a drunken Ivan when Kirby stepped up,"I believe the lady is tired of your company."

The bar tender took a step back as Ivan stood up, "I don't think its any of your business smurf."

Ivan stepped up to him noticing Kirby stood a couple inches taller than him. Ivan gave Kirby a hard back hand expecting him to go down. Kirby's head turned a bit but he stood his ground ordering Ivan out of the club.

Ivan laughed, "This is my father's place, you couldn't toss me out if you wanted to."

One of the other bouncers put his head down,"Oh hell."

Out on the street

Ivan landed hard leaving a crater in the asphalt as Kirby rushed out the door. The big Russian, sobered by the impact jumped to his feet ready for a fight as the blue man came in striking distance. As Ivan punched the ground shook and it sent Kirby back a bit but as he fell back he kicked Ivan hard in the gut dropping him to a knee.

Ivan countered with a hard punch to Kirby's knee throwing him off balance long enough for Ivan to get back to his feet. It quickly devolved into a vicious fist fight with the 2 men proving to be evenly matched. They were causing more damage to the surrounding area than each other when Arkady arrived. He immediately ordered Ivan to stand down and fired Kirby on the spot ending the fight but the feud was just beginning.

Iowa 2041 the Traveling Zoo

Frank Monroe sits across a table from Henry Rossini, "I need to know whether his bark is worse than his bite."

Henry shook his head, "You're looking at this the wrong way, Emil is not a dog. He is a wolf, and wolves don't bark."

Frank grinned, "I doubt he's all that threatening."

Henry got a serious expression as he continued,"Do not underestimate him, he is possibly the most dangerous man on Earth. How much do you know?"

Frank looked curious, "Beyond the two of you showing up in 2012 next to nothing."

Henry nodded, "We didn't invent the process, it was created by a Nazi scientist in the 30s. He failed to recognize his success until it was far too late. Emil and I merely perfected the work he'd done on us."

Frank interrupted, "How old are you?"

Henry answered, "I am 113 years old, Emil is my older brother. Our aging process has been slowed to a crawl and our intelligence was increased exponentially."

Chicago 1 week later

Rob and Campbell stand looking to Frank as he tells them everything he'd learned about Rossini. He was mid sentence when Rob cut him off, "We're being watched."

Frank and Campbell sat in silence as Rob surveyed the area, and took out his gun. He fired 2 shots into a tree causing someone to fall from the branch. Campbell and the General looked surprised that Rob had opened fire but he turned to them, "Trouble's coming fast."

Sergei ripped out of the bushes he'd landed in and charged the group. Rob emptied his clip firing at him as he approached, he managed to dodge all but one bullet though it didn't slow him down. Sergei slammed into Rob and hurled him away as Campbell and Frank drew their sidearms and opened fire. Sergei slashed his claws across Campbell's face leaving four deep gashes he then punched him hard in the chest breaking 2 ribs. He then turned his attention to Frank. He pounced on the general and savagely slashed into him as Rob arrived. He slammed a fallen tree branch into Sergei's face sending him back a few feet then struck him again before reloading and emptying the fresh clip into Sergei's chest. There was a flash of light and Marcus Drake appeared catching Sergei before he hit the ground and disappeared with him.

Campbell called a medic as Rob went to his father's side. Frank was unconscious and Rob tried desperately to hold back the blood pouring out of him.

(to be continued)

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Shameless self promotion

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@joshmightbe: Kirby Vs Ivan: Nice! I look forward to a rematch from these two!

And the ending! Gunfire, teleporting, DEATH! Nice

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@batkevin74: Thanks, The Kirby vs Ivan thing will be important later, the end of this is pretty much setting the stage for the Corps and the Syndicate for the next few chapters

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Good job dude! Brutal fight at the end.

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Really good, I like how this story is developing

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Amazing job!

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@Comiccrazeraze: @SyIar: @BlackArmor: @Necrotic_Lycanthrope: thanks glad you all liked it

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You're very welcome. :)

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