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Upstate New York, the Home of Emil Rossini, private basement lab 2028

Emil stands next to Sergei as they walk down a corridor filled with large tanks. Emil looks down to Sergei, "Would you like to know the secret that makes all this work."

Sergei nods as Emil continues, "We didn't create the gene sequence that gives you your abilities, nor did the German scientist who did it to me. Throughout history there have been unique people. They've been worshiped as gods, hailed as heroes, even burned as witches but really they were just humans born with something extra."

They stop at a large tank filled with liquid oxygen with an unconscious man inside,"There's nothing magical about this man here, yes he's very old, older than most religions in the world. One random gene made him the most famous hero to ever exist, immortal, powerful and the source of the trans human DNA that Nexus put in you and those like you. Only problem is, its a tad unpredictable."

Sergei looked up at Emil,"Why are you showing me all this?"

Emil grinned,"For 2 reasons, for one, in the future you will need to know and secondly."

He steps in front of the tank, "I wanted you to see this, in case you ever decide to turn on me. This man could literally move mountains with his bare hands, and I keep him in a jar in my basement. Remember that."

Chicago, Illinois, Lincoln Park. 2041

Just after midnight Frank Monroe and Elvis Campbell sit on a park bench talking. Campbell looks to Monroe,"There are better ways to do this, you're a general you have subordinates for this."

Frank grins,"If you want the big fish, you need better bait."

Campbell looked annoyed,"Some times I forget where Rob gets that cocky crap from."

Frank looks over to him,"Its not cocky if its true."

Both men burst into laughter.

Little Italy, Manhattan

In the back room of a restaurant Ivan Bagrov looks down on the last independent mob boss in New York,"You could've made this easy for yourself, the Bratva, the Triads, the Yakuza, even the street gangs were smart enough to join up but you damned Italians, always so damned stubborn. You're a tired old cliche', your kind have been a joke since the end of the last century yet you still cling to the idea that you're the ones who matter."

Ivan turns a chair around and sits leaning over the back,"I tell you what, one time only deal. If you take this phone and tell your family I'm in charge I'll make sure you can have an open casket at your funeral."

The man spits blood in Ivan's face. Ivan grabs a towel and as he wipes his face he looks over to Sergei, "Peel off his skin, and send it to his kids."

He then steps out to answer his phone, slamming the door behind him as the man starts screaming,"Just finishing up some business. Detroit? Have to have a talk with Marcus for not telling me. No, I want to do it with my bare hands. Besides the blue bastard would tear you apart any way and I gave him my word I'd kill him myself."

Waldorf Astoria, Chicago, IL the next day

Frank Monroe sits watching the sports report in his room as Marcus Drake appears behind him. Marcus sneaks up silently as Frank seems unaware.

Suddenly Marcus grabs his head form behind the chair knife in hand, before he can finish he feels something clamp on his wrist. He pulls back his hand to see that Frank had attached a small power inhibitor cuff on his wrist.

Frank jumps to his feet to face Marcus who goes in for the kill. Frank catches his hand with the with the knife blade less than an inch from his chest. He then yanks Marcus over punching him hard in the face then twisting his wrist causing him to drop the blade. Marcus looks genuinely shocked as the man in his mid 50s easily disarmed him and rendered him powerless.

Frank grinned,"You think we can't track teleporters?"

Marcus swings his free hand connecting with Frank's chin sending him back a step as he runs out the door.

Once Marcus is down the hall Frank picks up his phone,"Tagged him, let him run but try not to make it look like it."

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@joshmightbe: Really, really well done!

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@Comiccrazeraze: Thanks

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So the true origin of the splicers is revealed?

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@tmacximas: well the source has been identified but not publicly

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@joshmightbe said:

@tmacximas: well the source has been identified but not publicly


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@joshmightbe said:

I keep him in a jar in my basement. Remember that

Always knew Rossini was bad, this proves it! Nice

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@batkevin74: He's not a man to take lightly

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@joshmightbe: Excellent!

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@batkevin74: thanks

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That basement tenant is kind of freaky.

Also -- I have decided I detest Ivan the most. I want Kirby to kick his @ss again.