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Brighton Beach, New York 2027

A man sits chained to a chair as Arkady Bagrove and his son Ivan look on,"Son, this man is a traitor. He spoke to the police about your uncle and now he may be executed."

Arkady handed his then 13 year old son a gun,"Now is the time for you to prove yourself."

Ivan tossed the gun on a table,"A bullet is too merciful."

He then picked up a claw hammer and marched over to the sobbing man in the chair.

San Diego, California 2029

14 year old Marcus Drake sits in a waiting room at his therapist's office as his mother talks with the doctor inside.

The doctor looks across the desk at Marcus' mother,"You should be very worried about your son, he knows the difference between right and wrong, he simply doesn't care. He has no kind of compassion or empathy, he's aggressive and cruel. I'm suggesting he be institutionalized."

Marcus' mother looks up, "Isn't there some kind of medication, or something else we can do?"

The doctor replies,"There are options but his case is quite severe, I'm not saying he's a lost cause here. Just that he may benefit from a controlled environment while he gets used to the meds."

The 2 stepped out of the room but Marcus was gone.

Kyoto, Japan seconds later

Marcus looks around and mutters to himself,"Sorry Mom, I won't go live in a cage."

He then walked down the road whistling a happy tune.

Nexus Labs Southeastern division Charleston, South Carolina 2028

Emil Rossini steps over to see the young man the division chief had called him about. The chief begins,"This is Sergei Krol, born in Poland. His parents were found shredded beyond recognition, luckily they worked for us so our security got to him before the local authorities arrived. We're putting together a cover story, standard kidnap scenario."

Rossini looks down, "And what makes our young friend so special?"

The Chief steps over, "He has incredible strength and speed, his sensory perception is off the charts, that Monroe kid is the only one that's rated higher so far. He heals at a rapid pace but the really impressive thing is his stealth abilities, he can blend in with his environment so completely that he may as well be invisible. I figure if we could duplicate this we could sell perfect assassins to governments around the world."

Rossini grinned, "I think we can do more than that. I'm going in."

The chief looked fearful as Rossini moved to open the door,"You sure you want to do that?"

Rossini glared at him as he entered the room causing the man to step back.

Sergei looked hatefully at Rossini who calmly sat on the edge of the cot in the center of the room and said in Polish,"<I can help you boy, but we need to teach you some self control>"

Sergei walked over looking curious, every other person had treated him with fear but Rossini looked on with no worries as he continued" <I've been through worse things than you are capable of boy, and make no mistake I would not go down so easy if you try.>"

Nexus HQ New York city

General Frank Monroe enters the office of Emil Rossini past a protesting secretary,"Doc, we need to have a little talk."

Rossini looks on annoyed as he continues his phone call. Monroe walks over to the desk and yanks the cord out of Rossini's desk phone.

Rossini jumps to his feet to meet the General's glare,"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Frank firmly states, "I don't know how its worked in the past but the Task force is under new management, your security clearance has been revoked and you're done taking my prisoners. If I hear one more report of your companies interference I'll have your ass in a cell."

Rossini looks shocked, the previous head of the task force had been a weasel of a man who'd bent to Rossini's every request, even had his men declaring Nexus authority when making an arrest. This man was different, since Monroe had taken over the company had been resisted at every turn and now Monroe was here to personally announce the end of their involvement.

Rossini started to say something in protest but was cut off,"You have a complaint, take it up with your congressmen."

As the general exited Rossini angrily dropped back into his chair, it had been decades since anyone had talked to him like that, he picked his cell phone and called Marcus,"I have a new assignment for you."

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Good chapter. I like how it's not all just senseless action.

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@AweSam: There should always be some reason behind the action

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@joshmightbe: Very good. I like Ivan being a nasty little $#i+ from a young age, claw hammer ouch! And I especially like Monroe throwing his weight around and making Rossini squirm. Good work

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@batkevin74: Like with Cut throat over in Iron Age some villains should just be evil. The whole evil for a noble cause thing makes for good stories but sometimes the bad guys just need to be bad guys

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This chapter fits nicely with what I just read in your main story -- not surprised by the viciousness of Ivan, Marcus and Sergei, although He's just special.