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15km above the Maldives, 2037

Blair’s brow was furrowed as she held her brother Eric aloft, who held their comatose father, whilst she was being held up by her other brother Arthur.

“There!” yelled Arthur, his vision spotting a clear spot down below “Take us down”

“I’m am so sick of running” said Blair as they lowered down “I thought we were going to get them”

Eric looked up at his sister as they floated down “We are! But dad needs medical attention. We left Qatar because ‘magically’, the Qatari government changed its policy on extradition with the US”

“Nexus?” said Arthur

“Who else? We need to fight on our terms, but we need dad in a top class medical facility and we need anonymity”

“Ano-what?” repeated Blair

“Incognito, invisible”

“Why didn’t you say that?” said Blair as they landed just outside the Galholhu Soccer Grounds. It was 2.00am and the place was deserted.

Eric looked around and then laid out his plan “Okay Arthur you need to go steal us some clothes. Also fly straight up to about troposphere before…what?”

“How high is that?” asked Arthur “I can fly but I don’t come with a built in altimeter!”

Eric glared at his brother and then breathed “Go up until we look like ants okay. We don’t need the Maldives air traffic control calling NASA or NORAD if you just go zipping across the sky like a comet. Blair you’re going to steal two cars and stage and accident. If this works then dad will be taken care of in the hospital without any interference”

“And you?”

“I get the horrible job” Eric pulled a knife from his pocket “I’m going to maim dad’s hands just in case some bright spark decides to run his finger prints” Eric looked at his unconscious father “Sorry dad”

Deck of the USS Timberlake, Persian Gulf, 2037

Captain Brian Winston stood with the other members of Mike Company; Clover, Raven, Burmese, Sagrada and Wigan, as the rain pelted down from the grey clouds. Winston sucked in a lungful of cigar smoke and exhaled as he listened to the berating from the other end of his phone. He grunted in the correct places and waited his turn to speak.

“What do you want me to do?” he snapped “By the time you’d pulled your strings, they’d gone! That’s not my fault is it?! And that jihad team they have didn’t help matters either! So don’t go yelling at me!”

Winston listened to the response and after a few minutes threw his phone off the aircraft carrier and into the Persian Gulf “Boring conversation! Listen up you two-legged pigs! Everyone’s favourite criminal family has done another runner. Our job is to track them down and kill them. They’re the orders from both the President and from Rossini. We have total blank cheque on this so don’t worry about collateral damage, civilian casualties, damage bills, civil rights, international borders or other nonsense. We find them! We kill them! Do you get me?”

Mike Company looked at him and they burst into laughter.

“Every time” groaned Winston “This was my movie moment. Deck of a ship, the rain…stop laughing you animals! Get to work!”

Majeedhee Magu Road, Maldives, 2.35am, 2037

Thomas Orwell was loaded into an ambulance. The authorities had gotten to the accident within minutes after Blair had used her gravity powers to smash the two cars together and then carefully place her father in the wreckage. She stood next to her brother, posing as a married couple. She wore a full burqa with only her eyes exposed, which concealed the ear mike where Eric was posing as her voice from a nearby tree.

“So what happened sir?” the policeman asked in Dhivehi. Arthur looked at him blankly before turning to Blair.

“Honey what is he saying?”

“He asked you what happened?”

“Oh well these three teenagers…” Arthur began his story and Blair; actually Eric relayed the story to the policemen. A tissue of lies that involved under-age drinking, joy riders and a man crossing the street who was hit by these ‘callous barbarians’

After nearly an hour the police left and Blair and Arthur walked up the street and were joined by Eric.

“And the Academy Award for over acting goes to Arthur Orwell” stated Eric “Seriously could you of made it any harder for me?”

“What?” shrugged Arthur

“Dhivehi is a hard language. Trying to listen to you make a simple story into the plot of a John Grisham novel, then translate that into a language I barely know”

“Worked didn’t it?”

“What about me?” said Blair

“Oh excellent standing still” laughed Arthur “Did you learn that in Milan or New York?”

Blair narrowed her eyes and made a fist. Arthur suddenly hit the floor like a tonne of bricks was just dropped on him.

“If Eric had said that you’d of just laughed” whined Arthur as he lay prone on the floor.

“Possibly” Blair looked down on him “Apologise”

“What for?”

“Enough you two!” snapped Eric “We just get out of the fire and you two want to act like kids and jump back into the frying pan!”

Blair released her grip and held out her hand to help him up. Arthur took her hand, winked at Eric and shot into the sky at speed. Eric looked around and began fuming.

“Idiots! My siblings are idiots!”

Nexus Headquarters, New York City, 2037

Dr Rossini sat in the Helen Keller Room, a dossier on the Orwells spread before him. He pushed his fingers together like he was squeezing an invisible ball.

“Where would they go?” he mused

“Are you asking me?” replied Agent Johnson “Or having a moment?”

“A little of both” Rossini picked up the photo of Blair Orwell and showed it to Agent Johnson “Where on Earth could someone this beautiful hide?”

“With other beautiful people” stated Agent Johnson.

“Hmmmm” Dr Rossini stared intently at the photo of Blair before tossing it onto the table “Three children and a man in a coma have caused do much drama. Now to other matters, Agent Johnson…what do you know of Spider Light?”

The Agent looked at Dr Rossini “Nothing?”

“Really? What about Codename Tundra?”


“Tin Man? Cupid? Rushmore?”

“So far just a bunch of silly names and a mountain in South Dakota” replied Agent Johnson

“They really are that good” chuckled Dr Rossini

“Dr Rossini?”

“Never mind Agent Johnson. They are just names” Dr Rossini smiled at his lie “Names we’re trialling for the next batch. What do you think?”



owns Spider Light...hope you don't mind and this is set before the incident in Japan in Spider Light #1 showcasing how secretive they really are before Apex went kerblooey!)

( another pic for you also)

Rated MA just in case

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great job

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“And the Academy Award for over acting goes to Arthur Orwell" I liked this part. The Orwells remind me of the Umbrella Academy for some reason. GREAT read.

Very smart and charming Batkevin. I look forward to what comes next.

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@joshmightbe: Thanks. I may want to borrow some of your Russian guys for the next chapter and then hopefully bump them into 2041, where we set our scene

@SyIar: Thanks! I've never actually read Umbrella Academy, might have to start! Hopefully making reference to your guys like I did was okay

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Bumped, part 8 going up...now!

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@batkevin74 Nice! Very nice. Also I think you forgot a world {“A little of both” Rossini picked up the photo of Blair Orwell and showed it to Agent Johnson “Where on could someone this beautiful hide?”} Do you mean where on Earth? Or where in the world? Or where in the Sam Hill? :) Otherwise very good, and a crossover with Spider Light (well cameo to be precise)

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Pretty nice! Keeps escalating, every time I think the stack of cards will fall, you put more on top.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Thanks for the spell check, fixed now

@Joygirl: Half the fun of making a tower! When's it gonna topple? :)

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Poor Eric!

“I get the horrible job” Eric pulled a knife from his pocket

He's my favourite. And yay! Blair got burned (heh heh -- learned to stand....)...

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Love the humor you added here to sort of counterbalance the seriousness