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Continued from Chapters 1, 2 & 3. Rated MA.



Guantanamo Bay Naval Reservation, Camp Delta, 2037

Thomas Orwell sat on his crossed legs, hunched over looking at the gravel. His hands were handcuffed and cable tied, a pair of gloves sown together kept his palms together. A mask covered his mouth and nose and a tight orange jumpsuit covered his body that was riddled with shock-tags. Four soldiers in full combat gear watched him and the twenty other people in the outdoor cage.

“Orwell! Thomas Fane Orwell?” yelled a guard entering the cage with a pair of angry Rottweilers

“…Yes” Thomas looked up and a size 11 combat boot smashed into his face.

“Who told you to look up?” roared the guard “Are signalling your terrorist buddies?!” His dogs joined in commotion, growling and barking inches from Thomas’ face.

“Transfer this one to the Legal Assistance Chamber” snapped the guard as two soldier swooped in and hauled Thomas to his feet.

“The what?”

The guard smashed a fist into Thomas gut “It’s just a name, you flag hating communist!”

Nexus Headquarters, New York City, 2037

Dr Emil Rossini and Dr Ed Quinn sat in the velvet aqua room called the Helen Keller Room. It was called that because it was one of the safest, soundproofed, anti-eavesdropping places on the planet located on the lower ground floor. Dr Rossini poured a cup of tea and passed it to Dr Quinn who sat in a sofa chair.

“So you heard about Schultz?” he asked

“Thank you. Yes. Terrible accident” Dr Quinn sipped his tea “Shame about the car”

“I know, barely thirty miles on the odometer” Dr Rossini sat in his sofa chair “But it wasn’t all a complete loss”

“Do tell”

Dr Rossini pushed a button on his armrest and a section of the wall slid open to reveal Agent Johnson standing there.

“Oooo impressive” mocked Dr Quinn “I’ve seen Agent Johnson before”

Agent Johnson walked into the room and handed a piece of paper to Dr Rossini “Always a pleasure to see to you too medicine woman”

Dr Quinn screwed up his face and took another sip of tea.

‘Agent Johnson has brought us a sizable, legal donation as well as confirmation of the demise of Dr Benjamin Schultz” Dr Rossini held up the piece of paper “This signed, blank cheque will ensure Nexus will survive well into the future “

“How?” Dr Quinn was confused

“Thomas Orwell gave Schultz a blank cheque” explained Dr Rossini “A cheque he never cashed. Most of Orwell’s assets were in cash. I now have access to that cash. Do you see where I’m going?”

“How much was he worth?”

“At last count Thomas Orwell had around eight billion dollars” smiled Dr Rossini

Guantanamo Bay Naval Reservation, Camp Delta, 2037

Eric Orwell jammed the tranquiliser pistol into the guard’s mouth so far he was gagging. “I shall ask you one last time before I pull the trigger; where is my father?”

The guard pointed down the corridor. Eric withdrew the pistol and smashed the hilt into his nose, spreading his nose across his face. Arthur shot down the corridor at super speed and was back, almost looking like he’d never left.

“Where?” yelled Arthur grabbing the guard by the collar and slamming him into the wall.

“Legal…Legal Assistance Room” whimpered the guard.

Arthur threw him to the ground. Eric pumped a dart into the guards leg “Thanks”

Arthur flew down the corridor and called for his brother “C’mon Eric!”

“You keep forgetting I move at NORMAL SPEED!” yelled Eric as he unclipped his radio “How goes it Blair?”

“I think they’re dead!” came his sister’s voice “Please hurry Eric”

“Stay calm, breathe” said Eric “What’s happening?”

“I brought down the tower when you were inside. Then they came out so I pinned them to the floor like you said…I squashed some into the floor”

Eric smiled then got back on the radio “Easy up on your pressure wave. We’ll be out in a sec”


Eric rounded the corner to see his brother kicking a steel door to no avail.

“All that speed and no upper body strength” smirked Eric “Out of the way”

“What are you going to do? Speak Spanish to it?”

“Sí, señor” Eric put the guards I.D card into the swiper and the electronic lock went green, the door clicking open. “Después de que mi amigo”

Arthur was dumbstruck and shook his head in disbelief “You’re amazing”

They entered the Legal Assistance Room to see their unconscious father strapped to a waterboard. Arthur shot over to him and had him out and up in seconds.

“Dad? Dad!” Arthur shook his father slightly “Can you hear me?”

“He’s concussed” stated Eric looking around the room to see four surveillance cameras “You take out the cameras’ I’ll take dad”

Arthur pulled out a retractable baton and flew around the room in a blur smashing each one violently.

“You okay dad?” asked Eric cradling his father

“E-air-rick?” Thomas drooled and tried to focus

“ERIC! ARTHUR!” Blair’s voice screamed over the radio “HELP!”

“Go!” said Eric to Arthur and as the O left his lips, Arthur was out the room and off. Eric sat his father on the floor and rummaged through his duffel bag and pulled out a bomb made of semtex, ball bearings and a water bottle full of jet fuel.

“I was hoping to drop this in a room full of soldiers” said Eric as he set the bomb on the floor and draped his father over his shoulders “Let’s go”

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Great chapter, nice to see Rossini plotting and Eric is so far looking more useful than his powered siblings

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@joshmightbe: Rossini is like most people with a bit of power and some money: an @ss#ole! He isn't really evil, just motivated differently. And yes Eric is the brains of the Orwell's, has to be to compete with his superfast military brother and supermodel gravity negating/increasing sister

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I liked it! Still a bit of lack of respect for the comma but you're getting there, there were definitely less glaringly unsegmented sentences in there. Definitely liking where the story is going, and the chapters are short enough to hold my interest. :P

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@Joygirl: Thanks! I thought I did okay on my trip to comma town :) Appreciate you having a read, must write something to grab your attention...

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Like it. I really have to start reading all of the Splicers stuff.

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@TheCannon: Yes, yes you should :)

@primepower53: Thanks

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Very good!!

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@csguterres: Thanks, chapter 5 is up if you're keen :)

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@joshmightbe: Thanks for the bump

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Bumped the first 3 and now to reading: {Arthur flew down the corridor and called for his brother “C’mon Eric!” “You keep forgetting I move at NORMAL SPEED!” yelled Eric.} Well done! The Orwell's is very entertaining, funny and a bit of a rollercoaster, each chapter builds and leaves me well wanting some more. Love the ending of this chapter (very slow-motion Hollywood explosion is how I picture them leaving)

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I want one of those Helen Keller Rooms.

Another great addition -- the plot thickens and geez -- that cheque. o-o (next)

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Feels like a build up for chapter 5. I'll probably read the rest later on.

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I don't trust Thomas, I think there's more to him than meets the eye.