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Continued from Chapter's 1 & 2. Rated MA to be safe, part of Splicer Universe, all ideas fell out of my head as did the characters who are homages of George Orwell the author of Animal Farm & 1984. Read, enjoy and please commenthttp://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/splicers-the-orwells-chapter-1/671864/#10 http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic/8/splicers-the-orwells-chapter-2/671895/#9

The Waldorf-Astoria Grand Ballroom, New York City, 2037

“Happy birthday Eric!” shouted the throng of people as Eric Orwell was dragged into the room by his older sister Blair.

Eric gave his sister a stern glare before breaking into a smile “I knew you were up too something”

“Happy birthday bro!” Arthur hug-head locked his little brother.

“You dressed up” remarked Eric at his brother wearing his New Zealand Special Air Service uniform and beret as he slipped out of the heartfelt roughhousing.

“Happy birthday son” Thomas Orwell nearly had tears in his eyes as he looked at his youngest son “I am so proud of you”

“Thanks dad”

“I have a gift for you” Thomas ushered his son to a large covered object in the centre of the room. Eric nodded and high-fived and hugged his way through the mass of peoples spotting some of the elite of the elite; Blue Carter, Harper Beckham, Enrico Hemsworth, Kansas Barrymore, Robbie Williams II, Devi & Demi Olsen and Rahim Cruise with his smiley wheelchair-bound dad Tom.

“I wanted to give you something unique; something very you and something, well awesome!” announced Thomas “Eric Orwell…happy birthday”

Thomas whipped off the red covering to reveal a brand new hovering, emerald Lamborghini Reventon

“That’s off the chain!” laughed Eric “Thanks dad!”

“Wasn’t just him” added Blair “I split it with him”

“And I chose the colour” said Arthur “What? I’m in the army. I get paid in pushups”

“There are three of these in the world” announced Thomas “The hovering capability is experimental and requires you to get a pilot’s licence as well as your driver’s licence”

The doors burst open of the Grand Ballroom as several armed tactical police officers entered along with several men in black suits and earpieces.

“This is a private party” said Thomas heading towards them

“Thomas Fane Orwell?” asked the leading agent


“You are under arrest” the agent swung Thomas arms behind his back and flipped him to the floor.

“Hey!” Arthur was by his father’s side in a heartbeat “Leave him alone!”

“I suggest you back up son” said another agent pointing a severe looking taser at him “Unless of course you want The United States to declare war on New Zealand?”

“Maybe I can help?” said Mr Cruise as he rolled forward.

“I suggest you shut up and roll back sir” warned a SWAT member pointing a gun in his face.

“Leave my dad alone!” yelled Blair as she lunged at the police, Arthur catching her and holding her before her wild swings connected.

“What’s the charge?” asked Eric stepping through the crowd

“Terrorism” growled the agent as they hauled Thomas to his feet

“Call my lawyers” said Thomas “Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim & Taft”

“On it dad” said Eric

JFK International Airport, Queens, 2037

“There are two ways we can do this?” the burly agent said to the three Orwell children standing in the first class lounge along with Dr Benjamin Schultz and Antonia Bennett of Simon, Bennett, Robbins, Oppenheim & Taft. “You three are being deported. You are no longer citizens of these United States”

“You have broken so many laws” stated Antonia as she tapped away on her smart phone “Seriously you are going to jail forever!”

“Lady!” he smacked the phone to the ground “I ain’t talking to you! And people who represent terrorists get audited” He glared at her.

“Pick it up” said Arthur cracking his knuckles.

“Go on, touch me flyboy” replied the agent “Start a war, I dare you”

“You can’t do this!” cried Blair

“Sweetheart, you and your kind don’t belong in America. Your dad’s a terrorist. We keep talking in circles and I’ll arrest you like…”

“Finish that sentence and I’ll drop you in orbit!” scowled Arthur

“Threatening a federal agent will get you locked up” cautioned Antonia as she checked her phone “But no worse than the Gestapo crap they’re pulling”

“Where’s my dad?” asked Blair

“Gitmo, where terrorists belong”

“Oh that’s it” Arthur stepped forward to hit the agent when Eric caught his arm.

“Dude, chill! Dad didn’t raise us to be stupid and the army didn’t train you to be stupid” said Eric “Agent…what was your name again?”


“Of course it is” scoffed Eric

“Now before this turned into a pissing contest, all of you shut up and listen! Your terrorist father is in Gitmo. You three are being deported back to Fantasy Island or wherever it is you live. Dr Schultz is coming with us for questioning about some irregularities regarding Nexus. You sweet cheeks can file your motions in Washington but since they passed the Trans Human Act on Monday you’re pretty much up a certain creek without a certain paddle” Agent Johnson looked at his watch “Now get on that plane! Unless of course soldier boy wants to dance because I’d like nothing better than to crack you in the mouth and haul your genetically tampered ass into a cell next to your father!”

Arthur glared Agent Johnson; contemplating smashing him.

“Eric. Blair. Arthur” Dr Schultz pulled his creations close to him “Leave with dignity and come back with a vengeance” The group hugged, Blair started to cry. “No tears princess. I shall go with these idiots”

Dr Schultz walked with Antonia into Agent Johnson’s custody and the Orwell’s headed to their plane. Eric turned.

“Agent Johnson! One last question”


“Where’s my car?”

“What car?” The Agent smiled a nasty smile.

“I’m going to get that guy” muttered Eric to his siblings

Long Island Expressway, 2037

Agent Johnson gunned the Lamborghini Reventon. Dr Schultz sat handcuffed in the passenger seat.

“Where are you taking me?” asked Dr Schultz “You do realise that you have illegally arrested one of the richest men in the world and annoyed his super powered children”

“Doc” Agent Johnson pushed the car up to 150mph ducking and winding through traffic “Nexus doesn’t like people leaving, nor telling their secrets. You’ve done both”

“I have done no such thing!”

“Well just in case” Agent Johnson pulled out a gun and pumped five bullets into the doctor. He punched the car up to 250mph and took his hands off the wheel “Just tying up loose ends”

The car clipped another car and flipped into the guard rail. Agent Johnson activated his intangibility and faded into the ground as the car careened back into oncoming traffic and caused a massive accident.

2 days later, Santiago de Cuba, 95km from Guantanamo Bay Naval Reservation, 2037

“I’m a super model not a super hero” stated Blair

“Do you want to rescue dad or not?” asked Eric


“Well then” Eric opened up a duffel bag and checked the contents; bolt cutters, acetylene torch, flares “Stop being a baby”

“I’m scared” she said

“So am I. But you’ve got powers” Eric hugged his sister “All I got is a winning smile, personality, brains and a skill for linguistics. You can control gravity”

“Ready?” Arthur entered the room wearing a black combat uniform, his face covered in black paint.

“Now that’s a super hero” said Eric “Looking sharp G.I Orwell”

“So what’s the plan?” asked Arthur

“You fly us in; Blair keeps everyone down with her gravity wave. Arthur and I speed in, locate dad, jet out, grab you and go to Dubai”

“Dubai?” asked Blair as she cast a disparaging eye over her outfit

“No extradition treaty with the US” said Eric. He opened his phone and gasped.

“What is it?” said Arthur as he loaded his tranquiliser pistols

“Doctor Schultz is dead!”

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This keeps getting better

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BTW just added it to the library

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@joshmightbe: Thanks. 4yrs aka soon and I'll be in 2041 :)

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Awesome story so far

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@BlackArmor: Thanks. More to come soon

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Nice! The comment I left about punctuation in #2 remains, but I have no further criticism on that. The story seems to be shaping up nicely (and taking a bit of a turn, as I predicted). I like how, despite being the youngest and having no powers, Eric is ending up the ringleader -- he's never relied on his powers but he's always had to contend, and he's sharper as a result. I'm genuinely quite interested as to what direction this is heading in, and exactly what Nexus is up to.

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@Joygirl: Thank you. Well it is called The Orwell's for a reason, a dark turn was/is inevitable. Thanks for the critique and commentary and I shall take your comments about punctuation on board. Writing part 4 today actually so I'll keep it in mind. Thanks

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@batkevin74: Also, super quick note:

You don't use an apostrophe for pluralization except in special cases (such as abbreviation). The apostrophe denotes possession, so the title should simply be "The Orwells".

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@Joygirl: Thanks! Did not know that.

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Very nice work there. Good work (you do randomly change the entire font to itallics for a few paragraphs)

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Love where this is going so far. The Orwell's are great and I love the idea of Nexus having their hands deep inside the US government. Sh*t just got real.

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@SyIar said:


Love where this is going so far. The Orwell's are great and I love the idea of Nexus having their hands deep inside the US government. Sh*t just got real.

Lol he speaks for all of us great job!

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@Comiccrazeraze said:

@SyIar said:


Love where this is going so far. The Orwell's are great and I love the idea of Nexus having their hands deep inside the US government. Sh*t just got real.

Lol he speaks for all of us great job!

Thank you both! I do like the idea that an influential company can dictate policy and they have: I-Tunes is the legal Napster and Apple with Jobs at the helm coearced, cajoled, forced and implemented everyone into it...hell I-Tunes is a word! So imagine a gene-splicing company with an even more ruthless business plan...as said $#!t got real, and a tad scary.

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Yes bump

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Poked up to join the other chapters

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Aw, man, he destroyed the car? That's just mean.

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Better and better! (Sorry for spelling Eric's name wrong in the last chapter) and oh well, I guess the doctor regrets taking Orwell's offer to work for him.

This Agent Johnson is a problem...(next...)

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@batkevin74: I like how you've portrayed your villain, mainly because I find that villains who have less control over themselves to be more interesting than methodical tacticians. It adds a nice element of unpredictability when a character like that can just random explode on an unfortunate target. I also liked the Tom Cruise cameo. Reading Chapter 4 now.

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@dngn4774: Well if he doesn't die during filming, Tom Cruise will be 75 in 2032, highly possible. Agent Johnson has a nice arc during the series

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Looks like the Orwell Squad is ready to kick ass.