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Nexus Headquarters

Dr Emil Rossini looked at the monitor at the two members of the Trans Human Task Force inside the Helen Keller Room. "I'd appreciate it if you don't run around too much, I have a lot of very nice things in my office and wouldn't like bullet holes in them."

They looked around and saw his face on a video display looking at them like a cat staring into a fishbowl. Agent Johnson stood flat against a wall, quietly and calmly awaiting orders.

“Feel free to beat them within an inch of their lives Johnson,” said Dr Rossini as he checked his watch “But I need them alive and able to talk. Blind them, cripple them, break them but if they can’t answer questions…”

“Yes sir!” said Agent Johnson as he faded into the wall and headed to the Helen Keller Room.

Oceanic Airlines 815, 32,000ft above sea level

“What is your name?” asked Eric as he flipped switches in the cockpit to the co-pilots horror.

“Daniel, Daniel Duncan”

Eric looked at him gobsmacked “You don’t remember who I am, do you?”

Daniel looked at Eric and shook his head “We went to school together. You and your retarded friends use to tease me day in day out!”

“Oh my god, Splice Orwell!” Eric sneered at the nickname “You’re not here to get revenge, are you?” asked Daniel.

“You think I hijacked a plane just to pay you back for being an ass?” Eric sniggered “Yeah, that’s the reason…idiot! Now what are those? Missiles? Lasers? What?”

Daniel looked at the radar screen “Jets. F-27 Raptors”

Eric looked at the dials “Okay we’ve got…three minutes until they hit kill range, meaning they’re serious because they’re coming in close. Which is why they’ve jammed all signals coming off the plane, clever! Okay Daniel, when I give the signal you’re going to flip this crate on its side and then jam it towards the ground”

“You’re crazy Orwell!” replied Daniel “The fuselage won’t take the strain!”

“Trust me,” said Eric “And if you don’t do it, then I will come up here and extract years of revenge on you! Are we clear?”

“Yes” stammered Daniel as he gripped the flight controls.


“Now look here!” protested a portly man with a moustache. Eric whacked him in the nose, breaking it, sending blood gushing down his face. Eric pushed him down the aisle.

“THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION, NOR A COMMITTEE!” yelled Eric “MOVE!” People ran for the back of the plane.

“What’s the plane bro?” asked Arthur who was herding people towards the back of the plane.

“They want us dead, which means they’ll kill everyone onboard just to get us,” said Eric wiping the blood off his hand onto the seat “So we’re going to do dad’s favourite scene from his favourite film!”

“Shut up!” said Arthur “HEY BLAIR! WE’RE DOING TEMPLE OF DOOM!”

Blair beamed and lapped her hands like a child “Cool!” She looked at the terrified people around her “Oh don’t worry, you’ll be fine…mostly”

30,000ft above sea level and climbing, Mach 3, westerly vector

“This is Hollywood on approach. Sound off gentlemen”

“This is Merlin, standing by”

“This is Cougar, standing by”

“I have the lead. Attack formation, strafing run first, back round for missiles”

“Roger that!

The three F-27 Raptors banked and began their attack run towards Oceanic Flight 815.


To be continued...

(Rated MA, universe created by @joshmightbe though the Orwells are my creation in homage to author George Orwell whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair. Hollywood, Merlin & Cougar are callsigns from Top Gun and Oceanic Airways is a fictional airline used in Lost, Executive Decision & several other places. The photos are of supermodel Candice Swanepoel. Thus ends the disclaimer)

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@batkevin74: Great chapter, does it mean I'm a geek for knowing exactly what you're planning to do with the plane from the Temple of Doom statement.

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@redhood13: Thanks

@batkevin74: Great chapter, does it mean I'm a geek for knowing exactly what you're planning to do with the plane from the Temple of Doom statement.

Yes josh, yes it does! :)

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@batkevin74: If I ask about inflatable life rafts would the answer constitute a spoiler?

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@batkevin74: The Corps chapter 19 will be up soon and it'll be setting up something special for chapter 20.

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Ah! That is so cool, naming the siblings after George Orwell! I didn't catch that -- grrrrr!!!

Yep, I knew Eric was my favourite:

“THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION, NOR A COMMITTEE!” yelled Eric “MOVE!” People ran for the back of the plane.

Now, maybe we can get Max and Eric meeting up sometime in the future...

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@lykopis: Anything is possible! Glad you're enjoying this and Splicers in general. Have next chapter up soon just have a busy week of trivia this week