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Other tales in the Splicerverse found here: http://www.comicvine.com/forums/fan-fic-8/splicers-library-672963/


“This is Captain Harrison Sullenberger on the flight deck. We are currently at a cruising altitude of thirty two thousand feet, with a tail wind of about fifteen kilometres per hour which should push our arrival up to Honolulu by about an hour if it holds, then onto New York. I hope your having a pleasant flight aboard Oceanic Airlines Flight 815”

Arthur returned from the bathroom and sat next to Eric who was showing Blair images on his laptop “What’d I miss?”

“Probably the bowl” giggled Blair.

Arthur reached out and wiped his hands down the front of her veil ‘Didn’t wash my hands either!”

“Ewwwww!” shrieked Blair and the two started slapping each other, much to Eric’s annoyance.

“Seriously how old are you two?” asked Eric as he separated them “Out of all the Trans Human Task Force there’s only a few we really need to worry about. They’re mainly in Foxtrot Company but there’s a few in Mike Company, who’ve met before and a couple from Zulu Company as well”

“What’s with the dumb names?” asked Blair.

“Phonetic alphabet” said Arthur “When you’re calling in locations you use them to make sure you’ve heard or been heard correctly. Like tee is for tango or cee is for Charlie”

“Or I is for idiot” joked Blair.

“Anyway,s asides from them there’s some others who are generally bad news; Arkady and Ivan Bagrov, Marcus Drake…”

“Kate $%#!*g Winchester!” stated Arthur.

“Yup, she’s a nasty piece of work” said Eric “She caused the Santa Cruz massacre a few years ago. If you see her, kill her!”

Blair was shocked “What?”

“I’m serious!” said Eric “She gets a hold of you especially, she could kill the entire planet!”

“Look, I’m done with using my powers to…”

“Blair!” Eric snapped “Kate Winchester overloads, doubles even trebles trans human powers. She could make you nullify the earth’s gravitational pull! You know when you got us out of that bar by reversing gravity, flipping everyone to the roof. Imagine that on a global scale and ten times quicker”

“Everyone shoots up into the air” said Arthur “Jeez!”

“Not just people, everything!” replied Eric “You see Kate Winchester, you kill her and then you run just in case”

An Oceanic steward leant over “Excuse me sir, but you’ll have to turn that off”

“You do know that whole interferes with navigational systems is a load of rubbish right?” said Eric “They proved in back in the 20’s, but airlines keep clinging to their traditions”

“Sir, under the guidelines set out by…”

“Blah blah blah whatever!” said Eric as he snapped the computer shut and stood up “Can I get a drink?”

“Yeah make that two” added Arthur.

“I’m sorry sir, at this time…”

“Really?” Eric groaned “I can’t use my computer, I can’t get a drink. What kind of made up fictional airline is this?”

The steward sucked his cheeks in “Sir, I don’t like your tone!”

“I’m going to the bathroom…Chad. Don’t be here when I get back” warned Eric as he brushed past him and walked up the plane. Blair and Arthur chuckled like schoolkids.

Nexus HQ, New York City

Dr Emil Rossini looked at his phone as he stepped off the lift. It was beeping in an odd tone. He flipped it open “What?!”

He listened and his expression changed from serene to volcanic “Don’t say another word!” He placed the phone by his side and strode towards the Helen Keller Room the safest, soundproofed, anti-eavesdropping places on the planet which was located on the lower ground floor. He briskly jogged down the stairs and finally secured himself inside.

“Who is this?”

“This is Federal Sky Marshall Rigoberto sir, aboard Oceanic Flight 815 Brisbane to New York”

“Do you have visual confirmation Marshall Rigoberto?” asked Dr Rossini.

“From my position sir, I have visual confirmation of Arthur and Blair Orwell”

“And the passenger manifest?” asked Rossini “I don’t want another Malta incident!”

“Sent directly to you also sir. It reads like a challenge”

Rossini opened the data file and scanned it “Nothing out of the ordinary here”

“Passenger is surname first so look at passengers twenty five down”

Rossini looked again at the list {We, Ar; Cumming, Too; G’et, Yoo} “Didn’t anyone query their ridiculous and obviously fake names?!?”

“Sir, I work with a Tray-Vonn, a Soda and an Obi-Wan Reebok Ranch Dressing”

“What is your first name, Marshall Rigoberto?”

“Hashtag sir!”

Rossini rolled his eyes “Marshall, I am sending three jets to blow that plane out of the sky. Your mission is to make sure the Orwells do not, I repeat DO NOT survive. Do you understand me?”

“I understand and will fully comply sir, but there is a minor complication”

“That you don’t wish to die?”

“No, not that sir, that is part and parcel with this job. We have onboard Pax Jolie-Pitt and his wife Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, along with their four children, sir”

“And who in God’s name are they?”

“Pax is the director of the film Tiger Ambush sir and his wife is the daughter of the lat…”


“Sir, yes sir”

Rossini hung up and walked over to the drinks tray and poured himself a large scotch before taking a seat on a lounge to gaze at the velvet aqua walls. He dialled his phone “Good afternoon Mr President….thank you sir…let me stop you right there; your opinion polls are not my concern! I have called to tell you a terror cell has taken over a plane bound for New York…yes sir, a similar thing to what happened back in 2001…no, much worse sir, they have a tactical nuclear device onboard. I have three jets on route to put the passenger jet….yes sir a passenger jet…I don’t care how many are onboard! This was merely a courtesy call…sir...okay that is it! Clean out your desk! You’re going to have a heart attack and be replaced by the Vice President!”

Rossini hurled his phone across the room “I hate politicians!”


Eric exited the toilet and just glanced over his shoulder, he could see into the cockpit as they hadn’t quite shut the door properly.

“…nse? We’re in radio range!” said the co-pilot.

“Well none of our radio nor wifi devices are working and we’ve got three streaks on the radar heading our way” replied the captain “I’ll try the tower again”

Eric looked out the window trying to see if he could see anything and then it dawned on him. He raced down the plane when Chad blocked his path.

“Sir, there’s no running on this flight” he said with that mean tone in his voice.

“Chad” Eric stepped in close to the steward “I have a bomb strapped to my chest. Go tell the captain” He shoved Chad out of the way and returned to his siblings who were both watching the cartoon channel.

“We’re in trouble!” stated Eric as he pulled their earphones out.

“Hey!” whined Blair

“What did you do?” asked Arthur.

“I think they’re going to blow us out of the sky with missiles!” said Eric.

“That’s him!” shouted Chad pointing at Eric as Sky Marshall Rigoberto levelled his weapon at the trio.

To be continued....

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Great job, I like the relationship between these characters tho I am curious to see how they react when they find out the THTF isn't taking orders from Rossini anymore.

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@joshmightbe: Well at the moment that isn't common knowledge, so they're cautious. Oh and yeah I'm going to kill the US President and have the VP replace him because Rossini still has power (probably Agent Johnson).

The kids will soon run into one of the companies, we may have to plot a proper crossing over

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@batkevin74: PM me what you want to do and I'll see how I can help

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Oh wow -- leave me hanging why don't you! GAH -- it's like non-stop action, when are these siblings going to catch a break? Loved it, of course. :P

Plus your little insertions of meta-humour never fails to get me laughing:

“Really?” Eric groaned “I can’t use my computer, I can’t get a drink. What kind of made up fictional airline is this?”

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@lykopis: Thanks, Oceanic seems to be the ficitional airline of choice I've found out. It first popped up prominitly in Executive Decision, was used in Lost and there's even a whole wiki page on it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceanic_Airlines

And you thought this chapter was good, hopefully the next one knocks you flat on your butt! :)

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Fun dialogue as usual. Interesting to see the kids (or I guess they're adults now, they still kinda act like kids) are actually gonna go up against some metas.

Actually, I should mention that, considering 3 years have passed, they really don't act any differently than they ever did... though it looks like Blair got hotter.

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@joygirl: Well 3 years isn't that long, and yes Blair is constantly hotter

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