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2041, Nexus HQ

Dr Emil Rossini looked up from his paperwork at the two men in his office; Agent Johnson and Captain Brian Winston of Mike Company “It’s been three years’ gentlemen. Three long years and still you have been unable to locate the Orwell’s”

“Well, we’ve been…” started Captain Winston when Rossini’s gaze stopped him cold “Sir?”

“You remember Dr Ed Quinn?” asked Dr Rossini “He’s still in Pelican Bay. For these last three years he’s been violated by large burly men at least four times a week. Do you wish to join him Captain?”

“No sir!”

Dr Rossini got up from his desk and headed over to his tea set “Those three children have been a persistent thorn in my side. Where were they when you lost them?”

Captain Winston went to protest when Agent Johnson nudged him and answered “Dominican Republic sir. Since WE lost them, there have been reports from everywhere, but nothing concrete sir. They haven’t returned to the Cook Islands or New Zealand”

Rossini poured himself a cup and returned to his desk “But you can’t tell me where they are can you?”

“No sir!” they chimed in unison.

“Hopefully they’ve died in a car crash” half joked Rossini “But people like that never just vanish…” He looked up from his tea “I suggest you both go now before I change my mind about sending you to replace Dr Quinn!”

The Junction Hotel, Dimbulah, Queensland, Australia

“You look familiar love?” said the old man as he took his beer off the bar.

“If I had a dollar for every time you said that Max,” smiled Blair “I’d have enough money to move out of this town”

Max smiled a toothless smile and raised his glass “You’re beautiful love!”

Blair rolled her eyes and ran her fingers through her now light brown hair “Go sit down Max”

Arthur rounded the bar with an armful of dirty glasses “All good?”

“Just Max”

“You look familiar love?” mimicked Arthur “Eric back yet?”

“Why do we have to work and he doesn’t?” whined Blair

“Because I’m the brains!” laughed Eric as he entered the bar “And I’m the one keeping us all alive remember? And what, you don’t like working?”

Blair poked her tongue out and walked down the end of the bar to serve another local. Arthur loaded the dishwasher.

“So what’s the plan little brother?” asked Arthur “Because as lovely as far north Queensland is, this…” he pointed to the uniform of the Junction Hotel he was wearing “Is rubbish!”

“It’s a lovely bowtie!” chuckled Eric “But you’re right, our days of hiding are over. We tried exposing their secrets and they killed an airport full of people. Dad’s still in a coma and in care and still undiscovered, which is good news”

“How long can a coma last?”

“Well the world record is thirty seven years” said Eric glumly “Dad’s been under for four”

“So he’s got…thirty three years til he breaks the record” said Arthur. Eric stared at his brother in horror when Arthur smiled “What, I can’t make jokes?”

“Let’s hope your New Zealand army skills are sharper than your wit” said Eric “But today is your last shift”

Arthur smiled and hopped up onto the bar “Ladies and Gentlemen! Drinks are on me!” The three old men and the middle-aged mum gave a half hearted cheer.

Brisbane Airport, Queensland, Australia

Eric and Arthur stood in line waiting for their rows to be called as Blair came over from the bathrooms, adjusting her burkha. Two security guards approached her and asked for her passport.

Arthur started towards them when Eric caught his arm and shook his head “Airport security has been retarded for year’s bro. Even in an age where people throw trucks and eat uranium, they’re still scared of headscarfs”

“I could fly us there” suggested Arthur.

“Really?” Eric smiled at his older brother “Ten thousand miles give or take carrying me, Blair and all her luggage”

“Why do we have it with us anyway?”

“They kinda get suspicious if a person in a burkha doesn’t have any luggage” said Eric as the line started to move. Blair joined them.

“I swear, next time, one of you can wear this stupid thing!” she hissed “I can’t see, I could hardly go to the toilet with it on!”

Arthur stifled a laugh but Eric couldn’t keep a straight face either and the pair laughed out loud at their sister’s misfortune as they headed towards the plane.

“I’m going to throw you out the plane when we get airborne” she grumbled.

To be continued.....

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Nice chapter! (I've got to go back and pick up at chapter...4, I think...to catch up to this). I've enjoyed what I've read so far. Looking forward to reading all of it.

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@cbishop: Thanks, this was one universe that kept bugging me to keep going.

Hey @joygirl new Orwell's complete with picture of Blair. Also @lykopis you said you wished to be informed when a new one arrived, viola!

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Great chapter, I might have to go back an do some more Corps chapters, I left it in the middle of an arc.

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@joshmightbe: I finally got up to the current date 2041 where all your stories were set, now to push on. I do want to have a crossover with one of your other companies, especially your fast guy :)

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@batkevin74: Well the corps is taking a tangent from the main teams for a bit so Brian and the rest of foxtrot squad are free for now.

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LOL -- I just finished giving you heck for not updating this!! I take it back -- sorry! :P

Nice to have the trio back at it -- still loving the interaction between these sibling and their traipse about the world is fantastic.

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@lykopis: Well you were right to berrate, it was several months between chapters. Eric, Arthur & Blair are fun to write

@joshmightbe: Cool, I'll have a re-read and refresh my brain of where you're up to in your side of the Splicerverse to see what I can do

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Whoa, time-jump. o.o

Quick note as a hard rule -- When a line of dialogue ends, but continues to a text, put a comma unless you have something else that needs to go there. Grammatically, nothing at all is unacceptable.


“I could fly us there” suggested Arthur.

Really has to at least be,

“I could fly us there,” suggested Arthur.

Not a huge difference but you'll be surprised at the difference it makes.

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@joygirl: Thanks. And yeah I was three years outta sync with the rest of Splicers so it was a jump, but leaves a gap to fill in if needed eg remember back in 2039 when...

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