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James hadn't had a good meal in awhile, and his body was showing it: he was a pale boy, no taller than five'five. His most ghastly feature, his solid black eyes that seemed soulless and uncaring and his skinny, almost starved, body, ribs clearly visible. He needed, substance, those last four people he ate held him for a time but he needed... needed a, he could smell it.... his next prey. Like a pale, shirtless, zombie he shuffles off to his prey. James is soon before the door of a busted up home, it reeks of his preys smell, the nighttime affects his vision none as his eyes adjusted. He kicked the door in to find an elderly couple, probably watching their small television before the fact, and he smelled that they had his preys smell. The old man swore,

"Who do you tink you are 'ey?" James simply ignored him and pushed past him, looking at the sleeping bag that held his prey.

"Jim its going for James!!" The woman screamed, the elderly man produced a shotgun,

"Back... away... d...don't make me use this!" James paid the old man no attention and continued reaching for his prey, Jim discharged both barrels. James, felt the pain and let loose an unearthly shriek and turned on the couple and pounced, his mouth full of razor sharp teeth wide open.

Daniel was waken up by a warm, liquid sensation spraying on his face, he felt it first, it was thick and runny, he smelled it, an irony smell that could only mean one thing.... blood, then he heard the snapping and cracking. He quickly rolled himself out of the sleeping bag to find, a weird, skinny man-like creature bent over Jimmy and Wilma's body.

"Wha...what the heck?" The creature must of heard him, as it turn and grinned at him with a bloody, toothy mouth.

"Ah yes come here, prey, they were quiet delicious but i'm here for you!" Daniel had no clue what was going on, but he did know that this guy had killed Jim and Wilma, Daniel's friends, the people he had come closest to calling mom and dad. This, this thing was about to pay.

Daniel reached out with his free hand to the metal roof that Jim and Wilma once sat under, he crushed it down and hurled it at the creature. The impact sent it through the houses brick wall, back into the night street. Daniel ran to the hole, a little tired, but he had to make sure that this, this whatever was dead. He was amazed to see it standing up, and staring at him with black, soulless eyes. Daniel picked up a near by trashcan and hurled at the thing, he saw it move inhumanly quick, closing the distance between itself and him. He duck as it swung its clawed hands, he re grabbed the trashcan and hit it in the back. It flew past him, only to stand up again, Daniel's brain was turning,

"This thing couldn't be stopped. What was it? Why was it calling him prey?" Daniel threw everything he could pick up at him, he felt his focus slipping. He could barely stay awake, he fell to one knee,

"What do you want with me?! Who are you?" The thing grabbed him by the chin, he felt its long greasy fingernails press against its face.

"I need the gene, to feed the hunger I feel, the hunger I need to sate or die." It hissed, licking its lips.

"My gene?" He had to keep it talking so he could figure out what he needed to do.

"The gene, that sets you," It said rubbing his face, "apart from them." It said waving its hand in the direction of Jim and Wilma. That set Daniel off, with one last ditch display of strength, he pushed the creature back and picked up a flat bed truck, he raised it high into the air and then smashed it down on top of the creature. He stood there for a moment to see if it would slither from under the now, totaled truck. He was satisfied to see that it didn't, if it did he would have been completely vulnerable, as he passed out. His last imagines were of an guy in a cop suit, picking reaching down to lift him off the ground.

He woke with a start to a old smelling bed, he looked around to see a room, just now being lit up by the natural light, streaming from the outside. A very simple looking apartment, a small t.v., a kitchen and a few couches here and there. He staggered out of, his head was still pounding from the fight. He staggered around until he found the bathroom, as he was using it he heard movement outside the door. After these past two days he was on high alert, he staggered out of the bathroom, to find a young-ish girl, about his age, with blue and black hair and dressed very punk-chic. They made eye contact,

"sup." She said breaking the silence.

"Who are..." he started, only to be cut off as she stood up and offered her hand saying,

"Elizabeth, your name is?" He didn't shake it,

"Daniel. Who? Where?"

"Before you start," She said holding up a finger, "Look at this," She said motioning to the television. He saw that it was a news report about how something had gone terribly wrong, two elderly people found dead, in a roofless, wall damaged house. There was also news about how a car had been rammed into the ground, but there was no sign of anything under it. That made Daniel's spine chill.

"Yeah I saw your little scrap with old long tall and butt ugly yesterday...." she said

"Yesterday?" He asked

"Oh yeah you been out for about eighteen hours now, looked like you needed some help so I brought you hear and gave you some food, and put you to sleep." She smiled, a bright, wide smile.

"Wait but there was a man?" He asked

"Sure officer Pensworth." She answered

"You know him?" He asked, "I'd like to thank him for bringing me here." She shrugged,

"Ok." Daniel had seen a few weird things but as the girl began to stretch and change, her features, shifting and melting right before him he couldn't believe his eyes.

"What?" he/she/it/ whatever, she was asked in a rough voice, "Did you honestly think you were the only one?"

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good job, but I would like to point out that in this world splicers are publicly known of

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@Comiccrazeraze: If you'd like we can say this is set a bit earlier in the timeline like say when they first started being discovered

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@joshmightbe: Oh ok sorry I didn't realize that they were publicly known i will make a note of that in the future!

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@Comiccrazeraze: Its ok we can work around it, like I sadi we could set it at the time when these people were just being discovered if you want, it would make it easier for you to explain him not understanding what's going on

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@joshmightbe: Sure that could work, thanks and sorry for the issues!

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@Comiccrazeraze: Not a problem