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Daniel was still trying to catch his breath, he couldn't believe what he had just done. He had just killed a man, the mans word's were on repeat in his head,

"A special place in hell, a special place in hell for freaks like you." He shook himself, he was just defending himself... what else could he have done. The sun was going down in the neighborhood, and along with it a temperature drop that made his body shake. Causally pulling his jacket closer to his body he made his way down the dimly lit street, until he reached his destination. To anyone else it was something that belonged in a scrap heap, its outside form so ruined you could barely make out that it was once a RV. To Daniel though it was his home,

Daniel pulled the jammed door open with his powers shutting it, hard, behind him. The inside was something Daniel carved out himself. A bed to the left, a bookshelf not to far away and then a giant hole in a wall, looking out over the woods. He had made the wall around summer, to let more air circulate, he figured he'd just attach back on at a later time.

He figured that later time was now, he felt like he was in an ice box, he stepped outside to where he had forced out and removed the piece, easily fifteen feet wide and tall, comprised, for the most part, of metal. That was all he needed, he reached his hands out and lifted the metal with his mind, he focused as he moved it through the air, then shaped it back into the wall. He extended his hands in a wide motion, to make the metal jam into place. He surveyed his work from the outside satisfied with his work. He went back to repeat the opening door process, before he got in though he was grabbed on his shoulder.

Daniel's brain started working in that split second his brain came up with many different scenarios,

"Was it a cop? Called by a witness? Did they find his hair at the crime scence? Another attacker? Could he bring himself to attack them?"

"Daniel, Daniel it's me Jim, why are you so jumpy?" Daniel calmed, Jim was a nice guy, he and his wife, Wilma helped raise Daniel when he ran away from the orphanage.

"Sorry." Daniel said turning to face Jim, Jim was an elderly man, in his late seventies, with peppered hair and a wide friendly smile.

" 'ey, 'ey Danny boy no problem the missus just wanted me to come over and invite ya to dinner wit us." Daniel didn't want to go, he was hungry but he couldn't eat thinking about that man's face, but he knew they weren't gonna take no for an answer. He nodded his head yes. Jim clapped him on the back, "good to 'ear good to 'ear!" Daniel was led to Jim and Wilma's home, a run down home, with a collapsed metal roof and a walls with holes in them, covered only by old comforters.

Daniel smelled something delicious when he entered into their home, Wilma had already set a plastic table with three different plates, staked with spaghetti. Wilma gave him a warm smile as they sit down at the tables, she was old just like Jim, and she had red hair. "Go ahead," she said motioning, "Dig in." Daniel thought he couldn't stomach anything, but when he first tasted Wilma's food, he dug in.

"You have a good day?" Wilma asked, after he was done eating. He shook his head back in forth,

"It was okay."

"Ah well good to hear!" Rose answered, getting up and turning on their small television. Some dumb commercial about "how you should splice your children today!" And all that stupid crap about how it would make their lives better. Daniel didn't pay to much attention to those commercials, he didn't want any part of it and he figured he was normal outside of his "gifts." Jim was shaking his head,

"That just ain't right, we need to stop playin god with everything." Rose spoke up,

"Its not gonna stop, as long as we have the urge for power its never, ever gonna stop," she looked outside and Daniel saw that it was getting really late,

"I need to be goi...." he started, Rose cut him off,

"No! No! You stay here for the night." She lead him over to a bedroll on the ground and motioned to him to lay down. As he got in, she leaned forward and kissed him on the forehead. "Good night Daniel get some good rest understood?" He pulled the roll closer to him and soon fell into a deep sleep.

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Good chapter, the commercial for splicing was good, and gave me a few Ideas, the splicing fad has fallen out of favor but I can see the company trying to drum up more interest in it

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@joshmightbe: Hey thanks happy you like it!!