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2039 Memphis, TN

A Preacher stands in a pulpit railing against Trans humans,"They are tools of Satan walking among us, they mean to destroy us but Brothers and Sisters I'm here today to tell you, they will not win."

The doors swing open as a tall man looks on laughing. He marches toward the pulpit,"You are wrong, we are not tools of the devil. Our kind was born of parents who believed they could play the role of the Lord. He simply decided to prove who was the real God. We are His wrath made flesh sent to punish you for your vanity and hypocrisy."

The doors slam closed as the now panicked people run for them. The man takes the Preacher in his telekinetic grip, "Fear not brothers and sisters, I'm here to save you."

He then crushes the preacher,"Amen."

2041 Task Force HQ Chicago IL

Detective Reed stands in front of the group in the conference room, "The man on the screen is Edgar Price, AKA the Reverend. He's a religious fanatic who gets his jollies by offing church loads of people claiming to be saving their souls."

Brian leans in,"I've heard of him, he took out a few churches a town over from where I was living a year or so back."

Campbell adds,"He's telekinetic, not sure exactly how powerful but he is definitely strong enough to crush a medium sized building without much effort."

Reed continues,"He's been sighted just outside the city and the religious community is on edge. You'll be spending this weekend checking in on every Church, Synagogue and Mosque in the city."

Rob and Max look equally annoyed and say in unison,"Wonderful."

Reed looks over,"Problem?"

Max looks up,"I'm a gay, trans human Atheist."

Rob nods,"They probably have your picture in the Christian dictionary next to the word ungodly."

Reed looks at him, "And what's your issue?"

Rob replies,"There's a Bears game on this Sunday."

Sunday morning, St. James Cathedral

Rob and Sara sit in the back row as the Episcopal Priest gives his sermon. She nudges Rob every few minutes or so when he seems to be nodding off until finally he stands up,"This is a waste of time, We should be out hunting this guy not sitting around here with the worlds most long winded metronome spouting off crap."

A voice from behind him stops him mid rant," Robert?!"

He turns and looks at the woman who spoke,"And the hits just keep coming. I'm out."

He steps into the aisle to leave as the doors swing open,"Are you F***ing kidding me?!"

The Reverend looks in and starts,"Brothers and Sisters........"

"Can it Preach. There's a game I'm missing and I don't like the company in here." He interrupts while still glaring at the older woman who said his name.

He looks Rob over,"I understand your issue my brother, it must be hard to listen to the pretenders talk about our kind as abominations when it is their own actions that brought us here."

Rob rolls his eyes,"Shut the f*** up. You're under arrest and I strongly suggest you use your right to remain silent."

Edgar glares,"I see you are one of the lost, I suppose this means I must show you the way."

Rob pulls his gun,"I'd love to see you try."

Sara quietly calls for back up during the exchange and looks up to notice the very worried look on the face of the older woman whose eyes are locked on Rob.

Rob steps closer to Edgar,"You ain't nothing special, just another prick using religion as an excuse to kill people."

This seemed to anger Edgar,"I serve a higher purpose."

He then telekinetically tosses him away as he begins to speak. Before he gets a full word out is back up and opens fire. The bullets stop in mid air and drop to the floor. As he turns to face him he notices someone digging around in his mind. Adam stands in the door way staring at him. He pushes Adam away sending him back out to the street.

Edgar then marches out after him with Rob close behind. Rob attempts to grab him but is caught in his invisible grasp. Edgar looks up to him,"Watch the power of God before your eyes." Edgar then flips over the several police cars parked out side the church and laughs.

The rest of the team had gathered and attempted to attack. Ana charged but was easily deflected, Max rained fire on him but his telekenetic shield held firm. It seemed he was untouchable until a sonic boom was heard.

Brian hit him at his top speed before he had time to react. His shield barely protected him from the strike. Brian did it once more knocking Edgar back into a row of buildings set for demolition.

The Reverend rose to his feet,"Do you really think a few quick jabs can stop the power of God?"

Brian grinned, "No just wanted to get you someplace where this wouldn't hurt anyone."

Edgar glared,"What are you rambling about?"

Malcolm stepped up behind Edgar and said,"This."

The Reverend was slammed into a building as the ground shook around him.

Malcolm stepped toward him,"It's rare that I get to speak, for obvious reasons. Its nice to let loose."

Edgar's ears were bleeding and several of the buildings around them had collapsed. The Reverend had horror in his eyes,"I'm sorry my lord, I hear your voice."

Malcolm looks around confused as the team arrives and slaps a power inhibitor on the sobbing Edgar who looked at Malcolm in awe,"You see, he is the voice of God. You hypocrites must now see we are His wrath."

Rob grabs the rear door of the prisoner transport,"What ever psycho." He then slams the door.

As Rob returns to the church to get his car the older woman walks up,"Been a long time Robby."

He's visibly angry now,"You don't get to call me that."

She moves closer, "You have every right to be angry but God has forgiven me."

"Well good for you, could you move? I got places to be." He practically spat the words.

Sara comes within ear shot as the woman continues, "I'm sure he'll forgive you too."

12 years of pent up anger erupted,"Forgive me for what?! You decided to get me upgraded, you decided to treat me like crap and you decided to take off. You want to talk about God, go ask your priest about God's views of abandoning your kid. Go back to where ever the hell you were."

She choked up,"I'm your mother."

He burst out laughing as Sara walked up, "Rob we need to go."

He looked back at her, "You're damned right we do."

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@joshmightbe said:

She choked up,"I'm your mother."
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Is how it should have gone lol. Good chapter.

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@AweSam: You need a little drama from time to time

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I'll tone down the melodrama next chapter

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@AweSam said:

@joshmightbe said:

She choked up,"I'm your mother."
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Is how it should have gone lol. Good chapter.

ha ha! Good work

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Great Read. The Preacher was a very interesting concept.

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@batkevin74: After a reread I realized how soap opera that last bit sounded

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@joshmightbe: Comic books are soap opera! Sudden appearances, long lost lovers & family members, back from the dead, cliffhanger endings...soap opera! :)

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@batkevin74: I know I'm just saying the scene played out better in my head than it came out

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@SyIar: Thanks, He'll be back eventually

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@joshmightbe: Bump'd

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I liked the ending - lots of complexities with your characters which make sense, all things considered and nice touch having Malcolm be the one to take down the Preacher ultimately -- voice of God, indeed (although, you can't blame the Preacher for thinking that, lol).

This has me smiling, Rob replies,"There's a Bears game on this Sunday." Isn't that always the way...