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A little boy cries,"Please stop Katie."

His older sister chuckles,"I want to see it burn."

The boy screams as flames pour from his hands and his sister laughs at the sight.


15 year old Max Winchester wakes up looking at the smoldering garbage around his spot in the alley. He pulls himself up from the pavement to start his day. He's been on the streets for 3 years now. He wanders out of the alley past the frightened bums who kept their distance.

A few hours later as he left the shelter where he always went for dinner he heard a scuffle going on in an alley. He looked down and saw some large boys surrounding a smaller one. The ring leader shoved the smaller boy,"My dad says you're one of those spliced freaks."

The smaller boy looked defiant, "Better than being a walking jello jiggler. What's your blood type, Crisco?"

Max chuckled from behind them. Some of the boys looked back as the ring leader shouted,"What's so funny, prick?"

Max looked him over,"I thought you people were supposed to be jolly."

They stepped toward him but he made a flame in his hand,"Do you really want to do this?"

The boys ran away as the smaller one walked up,"I could've took them."

Max looked down,"If you say so. I can tell you don't belong around here."

He nodded,"I'm Rob, and you are?"

They walked back to meet up with Rob's father who looked angry,"I told you not to wander off."

Rob smiled,"Its okay, my friend here had my back."

Frank looked Max over as Rob hopped in the car,"You got some place to sleep tonight kid?"

Max shrugged,"I'll find a spot."

Frank shook his head,"Get in the car."

2041 Chicago, IL

Max and Ana sat on a roof top waiting for a signal from Rob and Adam who were chasing a splicer with the ability to blend into shadows and travel in them over short distance.

Max looked over to Ana,"Any idea how we're supposed to catch this guy?"

She shrugs,"Bright light?"

Max shook his head,"I'm not sure that'd work."

Down on the street Adam commed Rob,"He's moving."

Rob replies," I noticed, bout damn time too."

Rob calls Max,"Make it daytime."

Max rubs his hands together and takes a breath,"Its about to get hot."

He unleashes a massive ball of fire exposing the shadow traveler forcing him to run for the nearest shadow left. Ana leapt down landing beside him and clamping a power inhibitor on him,"Got him." She calls Max,"Told you, bright light."

Pelican Bay State Prison, Sub Level Trans Human section.

A woman sits in her cell as a guard walks by, he slides a small box into her cell.

She picks it up and opens it, inside there is a picture of her little brother Max in Chicago and a note, 'Ms. Winchester, here's a little gift to help you out. From a friend.'

An evil grin comes over her as she lifts up a small device from the box,"Be seeing you soon Maxy."

Nexus HQ New York City

Cromwell storms in angrily,"Mind telling me why you busted Kate f**king Winchester out of Pelican Bay? Are you trying to start a slaughter."

Rossini looks up,"I needed to see her power work for myself."

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@joshmightbe: Nice! Looking forward to seeing more of Kate, who doesn't seem to be a stable individual

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@batkevin74: Unstable is an understatement

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Seems Max's sista is a BEYATCH! Nice...just in case I'm being dum, what's a jello jigger? Is it a street thang that I just dot get? Good stuf

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@tomdickharry1984: A jello jiggler is a snack food basically a semi solid jello that you can hold in your hand without making a mess, I was using it at a euphemism to call the kid fat

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That pussy and his shadows.

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{ A little boy cries,"Please stop Katie." His older sister chuckles,"I want to see it burn." } Well looks like we've got ourselves a pyromaniac here, and the conclusion where Rossini only has done what he's done so he can see if her powers work...something tells me it all goes downhill from here. When they do they invent the time machine, this is the point where they come back to and put Kate back in Pelican Bay and history is saved!!!! Hooray...(I really doubt that happens) Good work

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Ugh -- Kate is a horrid person.

I am loving Frank, though. What a great guy -- sincerely. Your characters are fantastic.