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continued from here chapter 15

Nexus HQ 2026

Emil Rossini was sitting at his desk staring at an assistant, "Why should I be concerned with this kid, are his parents trying to sue?"

"See sir, the thing is he wasn't treated, he seems to have these powers completely naturally."

Rossini's eyes narrowed, "Find everything you can on him, what was the name?"

"John Kirby, you know the blue kid that was in the papers a few years back."

As his assistant left Rossini hit his speed dial and Nexus CEO Cromwell answered, "What is it?"

"Seems we have a wild card."

Ivan's Penthouse 2041

Hollis talks into his comm, "I need five minutes."

Down on the street Kirby replies, "I got ya covered."

Kirby then looked to the door man, "You're gonna want to be elsewhere when the big man gets down here."

A minute later Ivan walks past the nervous looking door man, "Is my guest still here?"

The door man nodded and Ivan stepped outside. Kirby had planted himself against the wall so Ivan didn't see him as he stepped out the door. As the large Russian moved past Kirby quickly slapped a power inhibitor on his arm before punching him in the jaw.

Ivan hit the ground and wiped some blood from his lip as he noted the inhibitor, "I thought you had more spine than this."

Kirby then stepped out and showed Ivan the power inhibitor he had on his own wrist, "Just don't want to make too big of a mess comrade."

Ivan then chuckled a bit before charging Kirby and driving a shoulder into his midsection and slamming him into the ground. Kirby then kicked him off and jumped to his feet. Just inside the door the building manager stood next to the door man, "Should we call the cops?"

The door man shook his head, "I think we should let it work itself out."

Kirby gave Ivan a hard shot to the face followed quickly with a punch to the gut. On the third swing Ivan caught his arm and held it as he delivered several vicious shots to Kirby's head and upper chest. Kirby then twisted his arm free before slamming his shoulder into Ivan and lifting him into the air before slamming him into a wall.

Ivan was becoming angrier by the second, he grabbed by the midsection as he slammed him against the wall then picked him up and threw him a few feet. When Kirby attempted to stand Ivan kicked him in the face sending him down on his back. He then rolled away as Ivan attempted to stomp on his throat. Kirby then went to grab Ivan again but was caught and hurled through a shop window.

Ivan followed him in and was about to continue when he noticed Kirby put a finger to his ear and say, "Be done in a sec."

He then looked to Ivan, "We'll need to finish this later."

Ivan charged but Kirby hit a button on a device he'd pulled from his pocket that sent a shock from Ivan's power inhibitor that knocked him out cold."


The next morning THTF safe house basement.

Marcus Drake woke up to a splash of cold water from a bucket held by Morgan Ellis. Rob then stepped forward, "Morning Sunshine, we need to have a little talk."

Marcus glared down at his hands bound to the arms of a chair while a power inhibitor on his wrist blinked quietly,"It was the chick in the blue dress wasn't it?"

Rob sat down in a chair across from Marcus, "You're going to tall me everything you know about Bagrov's syndicate and how it connects to Nexus or my large friend behind you starts removing teeth."

Marcus turned his head and saw Kirby standing behind him, "I'd say I got rights but something tells me it ain't that kind of situation."

Rob nodded, "Glad we all know where we stand."

(To be continued)

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@batkevin74: 17 will be up soon, gotta finish my Black Adam story for the tourney first.

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@joshmightbe: No worries :) A new Orwell's will be up soon to truly but the kids in the universe and possibly at loggerheads with Foxtrot Company :)

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@batkevin74: Cool, Rob will be busy with this arc for a few more chapters but the rest of Foxtrot is still in Chicago doing their job.

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Can you send me to the first chapter? I want to read this from the beginning and I couldn't find anything earlier than the 14th chapter -- I got all lost and stupid and hope you can be nice and take pity on me. :)

(unless you have a blog where all the chapters are linked?)


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Yay, I am caught up (technically) from where I was before!

Another great chapter -- I love how you had Kirby slap on a power inhibitor onto himself to make things fair with Ivan. Boys will be boys.