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Savannah, Georgia

Rob Monroe sits on the back of a pumping truck smoking as it empties a septic tank. He hates his job but his kind tend to be lucky to have jobs. As the machine finished up 2 men in military uniforms approach. He doesn't even look up,"Who's your friend dad?"

General Frank Monroe grins," I have a job for you."

Rob turns, " I didn't think the Marines had any place for me and my kind."

Frank sits down on a bench,"That was a politician's decision, things have changed."

Lieutenant Ted Jones approaches with files,"We're forming a special unit to deal with Trans Human threats, the General has told us of your abilities and we believe you could be a great asset."

Rob looks back at the truck,"Well its better than my other options, How's the pay?"

Houston, Texas, 1 day later

Brian Martin, the fastest man on Earth is sitting behind a counter at a liquor store where he makes just under minimum wage. He stands up as the bell hanging by the front door rings.

Rob Monroe walks in, "Are you Brian?"

Brian nods as Rob continues,"I think I have a better use for you than arguing with drunks over correct change."

Yuma, Arizona 2 days later

Brian and Rob along with Lt. Jones stop into a small building near the boarder to check on a rumor they'd overheard about a splicer fighting in illegal cage matches to make money.

As they sat a large man named Benny entered the cage to cheers. The crowd went quiet when Ana Ramos entered, she was less than half the size of Benny but he was still nervous, he ran at her swinging but she caught his fist and threw him through the cage wall and into the floor. He laid there unconscious as angry spectators complained about their lost bets. As she collected her winnings Rob and his group approach.

She looks them over with caution,"Its not my fault if you lost your cash, you should know better than to trust your eyes now days."

Rob chuckled,"I think we found a new recruit."

Lt. Jones cleared his throat,"Hold on a minute. Ma'am are you even a U.S. citizen."

She glared at him,"I'm from Cleveland."

Rob looks over,"The accent fits."

She looks up,"A recruit for what?"

New York City

Adam Brooks sits on bench in Central Park just past midnight as Gen. Frank Monroe sits down beside him. Adam looks nervous as he pulls his hood tighter.

Gen. Monroe eases back,"Animal splicing is rare, your folks must have been monumentally short sighted."

Adam nods,"My mother thought it'd be cool to have a son with snake eyes, she didn't know about the other traits. Don't think she cared until I came out looking the way I do."

The General continues,"We've been watching you for a while now, you're strong, you're agile. I think you could be more useful to my task force than to this park bench catching pigeons."

T.H.T.F. base, undisclosed location Colorado

Several dozen people sat in a large room as General Frank Monroe entered with his last few recruits, these people shied away from the crowd keeping themselves covered.

He addressed the crowd,"As you may be aware, Trans human crime and hostility is becoming a huge problem. I know most of you are thinking we brought this on ourselves, honestly I'd have to agree with that. I'm not asking you to agree with us or even like us, all I'm asking is that you help us keep this from escalating into full blown war that will end badly for all sides. You will be paid well for your services, odds are this is the best job opportunity most of you will ever have."

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@joshmightbe: Nice beginning, my entry into Splicer-ville going up soon. can we have a concrete date the world is set in, say 2041-9 so we're all clear. Good job

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@batkevin74: September 2041 works

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@joshmightbe: Sweet! Writing up chapter 2 now

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@batkevin74: cool

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Does Cleveland have an accent? Being Australian the only Amwerican accents we call tell are Texan with their y'alll. Nice....this is new right? I just read batkevin's which is gold!

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@tomdickharry1984: Everywhere has a local accent, some are more difficult to separate than others tho. For instance someone from say New York sounds almost as different from someone from Indiana as a guy from England. Non regional accents are actually something people have to practice.

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pretty good.

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My only criticism is the lack of definite scene changes; example: Yuma, Arizona 2 days later should really be in bold or itallics otherwise it just kinda LOOKS samey, if you know what I mean. The content is fine, the format is a bit average. And what does THTF stand for? Otherwise good work @joshmightbe

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@4donkeyjohnson: My laptop has a tendency to get glitchy with fonts (among other things) sometimes

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And THTF? Total Hydrating Tooth Fairy? What does that mean @joshmightbe ??

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@4donkeyjohnson: Trans Human Task Force

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Thank you

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Oh, man! I should have read this earlier.

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@Project_Worm: I got 13 more chapters and 3 spin offs going

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Very cool beginning (I read the prologue last week or so, totally forgot about it). That I get to enjoy the following chapters back to back has made giddy!


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@lykopis: I'm just happy someone is reading them.

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I went back to start from scratch again so I can immerse myself entirely in this. I have settled in for some great story-telling, I can tell.