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Ray Doyle sits in a doctor's office listening to a prognosis,"I'm afraid I don't have any good news for you, Mr. Doyle. We have a bit of a catch 22 here, your power is killing you but at this point its also the only thing keeping you alive. Your digestive system is basically dead, I'd say the only reason you can still eat is due to the radiation vaporizing anything you swallow. You're subsiding on pure energy meaning a power inhibitor would pretty much instantly kill you but the radiation you produce is going to continue to destroy systems until there's nothing left."

Ray sits silently for a moment then asks,"Any idea how long its gonna take?"

The doctor shakes his head,"No, could be months, could be hours, there's no way to tell."

Bravo company HQ current

As Ray wakes up he's glad to see he didn't cough anything in the night, he slowly rises and goes to hit the snooze on his alarm forgetting the glass of water he'd left beside it. He accidentally knocked it to the floor shattering it. As he cleans it up his finger is cut but no blood comes, as he looks at it he notices the bright green glow of his energy radiating from the cut.

Kirby knocks on his door then enters to see Ray sitting on his bed shaking as he looked up,"I'm out of blood."

Kirby looks cautiously,"What?"

Ray raises his hand revealing the cut and Kirby sighs and reaches over to grab a lead paper weight on Ray's shelf and then heads to the medicine cabinet. He breaks off and flattens a small piece of lead and tosses it to Ray along with a box of band-aids.

Qing steps into the door way,"What's going on?"

Kirby fakes a grin,"Ray cut himself and is being a baby about it."

She looks over to see Ray looking pale and scared,"Kirby get out."

The big man does as he's told as she slams the door behind him.

A few hours later the group had been sent on routine patrol, Ray had been sent off with Karen, while Qing had gone with Kirby.The two were sitting on a bench having some coffee when she finally spoke to him,"How long have you known?"

Kirby sips his coffee,"About 2 months."

She glares at him,"When were you planning on telling me?"

He sits back stretching his arms,"I wasn't, I gave him my word."

She shakes her head and sighs,"Who else knows?"

Kirby replies,"Just me, him and his brother Mac as far as I know."

She slumps back,"And Karen?"

Kirby shrugs,"Hasn't said anything, but you never can tell with telepaths. If it helps any you're about to get to take out some frustration."

He points across the street at a vicious looking thug following a woman down the street. She asks,"One of ours."

He nods,"Hands are glowing red."

The thug grabs the woman by the arm but Qing slams her foot into his chest from the air driving him to the pavement as his would be victim ran off. he then shot off waves of red energy that she easily dodged and went in for another strike. He rolled out of the way and leapt to his feet running off as fast as he could while she chased him down. She easily caught him and hurled him into an alley. She landed and punched him hard in the face knocking him out. She then raised her foot to stomp on him but Kirby had caught up to her and grabbed her before she could drop her boot to the man's skull.

"You got him. We're done." He grunted as he pulled her away.

She glared back at the big man and shot into the air leaving Kirby to take in the thug.

(To be continued)

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Poor Ray. Poor Qing. :(

Kirby's a good guy -- I like you showing this side of him. I hope you keep his relationship with Ana on ongoing thing.