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Mound Correctional Facility 6 months ago

Gen. Frank Monroe sits across a table from a large man with cobalt blue skin, his name is John Kirby.

Frank looks over his files as Kirby speaks,"What's the Army want with me?"

Frank doesn't look up,"I wouldn't know I'm a Marine, what we want with you is simple. The Corps believes we have a better use for you than rotting away in here."

Kirby looked skeptical," Didn't think they were fond of a criminal record."

Frank looked up, "You're in here for smashing the skulls of a couple of rapists, far as I'm concerned you did a public service. All I need to know is whether you want to work for me or spend the rest of your life in here?"

Detroit THTF HQ currently

Kirby enters the conference room to meet the glare of Lt. Marc Davis, "You're lucky your ass isn't back in prison."

Kirby grins,"Got the job done."

The big man with superhuman strength and near invulnerability sat down at the end of the table, as the rest of the group entered.

Will Simon, field leader. He has the ability to produce a force field that renders him virtually indestructible while granting him flight and super human strength.

Raymond Doyle, with the power to absorb all forms of energy and emit high level Gamma radiation in a destructive blast.

Qing Su, A woman with the ability to fly via her large bird like wings, also blessed with low level super human strength and agility along with a life time of combat training.

Karen Cole, she has high level telepathy and telekinesis of an unknown degree.

Together they make up Bravo company, this division of the Trans human task force quickly established its reputation for being a bit rougher on the criminals they fought than most. Kirby and Qing being mostly responsible for this.Qing's status as a former member of the Chinese military made her unpopular among the powers that be that are in charge of the task force. She's a constant reminder of her homeland's embrace of trans humans for military use.

Kirby's brutal tactics born from a lifetime of street brawls caused a great deal of concern from the task force PR people. To counteract this Will Simon, the literal poster boy for the organization was assigned here. The 2 men took an instant dislike to each other.

Karen was more often than not the level head of the group, playing referee to Will and John and baby sitter to the unpredictable Qing and Ray, the Irish born trans human who had fled his homeland under mysterious circumstances.

Lt. Davis claimed he felt more like a detention monitor than a military liaison most days. He knew why he was given the dubious honor of guiding a team with a potential spy, an ex con and a probable international fugitive. Beating up a general's son has consequences.

Today they'd been ordered to the conference room to be berated over a video phone due to Kirby and Qing's recent encounter with a local gang of splicers which had caused thousands of dollars in property damage and 2 informants to be hospitalized. The 3 gang members that died didn't help.

They were surprised to see Gen. Frank Monroe on the other end. Lt Davis started, "Kirby and Su are here for their repremand."

Frank glared,"Oh I'll get to them but first, I'd like to know where the hell the rest of your team was. Oh right, Simon was at a photo op, don't know where the other 2 went and you, Davis, decided it was a good idea to send only 2 team members after 12 hostile trans humans? explain yourself."

Davis nervously looked down as Monroe continued,"That's what I thought. I'm tired of hearing crap about this crew, you aren't head busters you are representing the U.S. Marine corps and I will not allow you to sully our name. You're all officially on probation until further notice."

The General then hung up. While Kirby and Qing chuckled at the rest of the group.

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: Good intro, nice Kirby homage :) Look forward to seeing what the big blue guy can do

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@batkevin74: I'll show him off a bit more in the next chapter

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Another interesting team! This is great!