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Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, CA Alpha company HQ

Lt. Commander Jim Fisk sits across from Lt. Cameron Blake to pass on his personnel files to him as he takes over as new overseer of the team.

Fisk pulls up a view screen showing an image of the field leader,"This is Morgan Ellis, he's a short term precog with moderate probability altering abilities. He's a great strategist and an even better fighter. Unfortunately he's also an adrenaline junkie without much regard for his safety and minimal concern for that of his team. If it were up to me he'd be out but the powers that be demanded he take the lead."

A new image pops up, "This is Aleki Sefo, My large Samoan friend here has the ability to manipulate earth, stone and metal. He's a bit temperamental, but highly protective of the team, he balances Ellis quite well."

Next image, "Fiona Kelly, She can absorb and redirect any form of kinetic energy. She can also convert it to physical strength. She's probably the best actual soldier we have here. She's smart, an exceptional combatant, knows when to follow orders and when not to."

Another Image appears," Zan Huang, possibly our most powerful member with his control over the electromagnetic spectrum but he's also the least disciplined of the group. Psych claims he has some self esteem issues that keeping him from his full potential, personally I think he just needs a good swift kick in the ass."

He changes the image, "Akia Shadid, she has the ability to change her state of matter between solid, liquid, gas and if she's pushed plasma. She's not fond of us, I'm fairly certain the pay is the only reason she's here. She's very aggressive in combat but she's probably got a better handle on her powers than any of the others."

The final image loads," Joe Smith, We know the name is fake but that's about all him, he's damn near indestructible and despite his small stature he's one of the strongest trans humans I've ever seen. He can lift at least 90 tons but his upper limit is unknown. As you can see he's somewhat deformed if you'd like to keep all your teeth I'd suggest you don't bring it up. "

Fisk then closes the screen,"You've been cleared to check the case files at your convenience, good luck."

Lt. Blake sits trying to reign in his nervousness at his first command position as the group enters. The first in the room is Joe, at 4 and a half feet he didn't seem terribly intimidating but his dark grey skin was a bit off putting for the young Marine.

He looked up at Blake,"Problem?"

Blake shook his head as the rest entered.Akia looked him over,"He's cuter than Fisk, I'll give him that."

Aleki sat down propping his feet on the conference table,"I'd be careful Cuz, she's a bit of a man eater."

Zan quietly took his seat rolling his eyes at his teammates as Ellis and Fiona stood at the end of the table staring at Blake.

The Lieutenant started,"I'm not sure what your relationship with Fisk was like but I'm hoping to avoid hostility toward fellow teammates. So long as you don't make my job harder I'll try not to complicate yours."

Ellis chuckled,"I'm surprised you got that out without your voice cracking. Look you're a glorified baby sitter, stay out of our way and we'll make sure you look good on your performance review okay."

Blake obviously annoyed starts,"I don't think...."

Joe interrupts,"Of course not you're a Marine."

Blake's mood visibly changed as he kicked the small man's chair to spin it around to face him,"You may not respect me but I will not have you disrespecting the Corps, do you understand me, Tiny?"

The room was dead silent as Joe stared incredulously at the sudden change in Blake's temperament. He then began to laugh,"That's more like it."

Before the meeting could go further the alarm sounded. Ellis looked to Blake,"Feel free to keep talking on the way."

(To be continued)

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@joshmightbe: New team, nice

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@batkevin74: This is the first of a 3 part arc then I move on to the next team, also if anyone else would like to do a Corps team its fine with me, I put a list of military phonetic terms on the main PM for the company names

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Ha, I love the ending! Nice into to this team.