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Issue 1: The Boomerang Effect


"A good nights sleep" Spidey thought to himself "How come I never get it?"

Suddenly, a boomerang hit him in the head.

"G'day, mate!" shouted a man emerging from the shadows, with several boomerangs "I'm Boomerang, and I believe you have something of mine!"

"That you THREW AT ME!" yelled Spider-Man

"Hey, I'm sorry 'bout that, just hand me the boomerang BEFORE IT GETS UGLY!!!" Boomerang threw another boomerang at Spider-Man

"Where do these guys come from?" thought Spidey

Spider-Man webbed on to Boomerang, who was trying to run away

"Where do you think your going? Why are you even out so late anyways?" Suddenly, Spider pulled Boomerang backwards "It's WAAAY past your bed-time!"

"The reason I'm out here is a deal with the Kingpin of Crime" explained Boomerang "Now let me finish this!"

"Why'd you throw that boomerang at me?" asked Spider-Man.

Suddenly, Spidey noticed somebody behind him.

"Hey, who are you?" yelled Spider-Man.

"You dont know him?" asked Boomerang "He's been being chased down by Kingpin forever now!"

"Who is he, then?" asked Spider-Man

"He goes by the name of Hobgoblin" Boomerang threw a boomerang at the man, who kicked the window out and dived right out. "He's GONE now! Rrrg!!!"

Boomerang ran out of the warehouse, and Spider-Man followed him

"Wait!" yelled Spider-Man.

Boomerang ignored him and kept running.

"Aw, man!" Spider-Man webbed onto a lamp post and pulled on the web as hard as he could, sending him flying into the air as he kept webbing until he got home.

"Hopefully I dont wake up Aunt May" He walked to his room and took off his costume, climbing into bed.


"Last day of the school-year, Peter" The new kid, Ned Leeds, walked up to Peter

Peter and Ned met each other one day at the Daily Bugle. Peter was walking in to show Jameson some new Spidey pictures from his latest battle with The Shocker, when he saw Ned applying for a job as a reporter. Peter and Ned got along great.

"I know, right? This year went by so fast!" Peter said to Ned

"Yeah" Ned was suddenly distracted by Felicia Hardy, his secret crush, as she walked by

"Hey, Ned, do you know anything about a guy named Hobgoblin?" asked Peter "Or maybe a hit-man named Boomerang?"

"I dont really know anything about them, but I've heard about e'm on the news. Some guy named Ben or maybe Phil Urich said he got some info on them from a vigilante named Devil or something." answered Ned.

"Hmmm..." said Peter "Just curious. Your a reporter now, right? Just thought you might know them."


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You forgot the Marvel Legacy tag : 3

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

You forgot the Marvel Legacy tag : 3

I wondered if this was part of this group...

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@Avenging-X-Bolt said:

You forgot the Marvel Legacy tag : 3

LOL Sorry

Its too long of a name, so how about "ML: Spectacular Spider-Man #2" for the next issue?

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It's good, but I don't think it lived up to the show. It just doesn't have the same feeling as the show.