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Okay, this fan-fic is probably going to be rather short, lame and hastily done but I needed something fresh so I could return to Herald of Death so I decided to make a fan-fic based off of one of my favorite films, The Covenant. The characters are my own in a way even though I'll use the names from the movie (being too lazy to come up with my own) so don't think of the name as the character in the movie, I'm just pikcing and choosing. As of yet I also have not decided the plot so I don't know how many Sons of Ipswitch I'll have if even more than one but the main character of my story is Chase Collins. Oh and don't expect this to be ANYTHING like the movie, I'm just using the concept of the powers and all that, the rest of it is basically my own. Anyways, here goes...the intro post.

Imagine if you had the power to do anything, but the more you used this power the more it took its toll on you until eventually you are nothing.

These were the words Chase Collins was told every day by his mother, she feared for him, she feared he would be overtaken by the powers like his father had been, that he would destroy himself and so it was that she had dreaded this day... Chase trembled with excitement as he watched the clock in his room, today was his sixteenth birthday, the day he could finally get a taste of the ultimate power, the power that could make all his dreams and desires reality, the power that anyone in the world would kill for but that only a remote few would ever possess, the power he craved more than anyone ever should crave their own demise.

Counting down the minutes as he had been doing for hours now, Chase knew it was only two more and then, then he would have it, it would all be his, smiling at the thought he closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nasal passage, relishing this intoxicating feeling. Whispering to himself, "Its almost mine, I can already taste it." it was quite clear that he lusted for the powers that were his by bloodright, and this brought a look of sorrow upon his mother's face as she watched her anxious child from the doorway. He knew not she was there, but if he did he would not care, her warnings met nothing to him, power was all he ever dreamed of, he was just like her late husband.

She was ripped from her thoughts as she heard the grandfather clock chime, it was midnight, and Chase was now going through the first step to Ascension, she looked on in fear as his eyes went white, emotion left his face and he slowly began to lift off the floor, a lifeless corpse suspended in the air, but indeed he was not absent of life, he was simply gaining a new one, a better one. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched her son write in agony as the forces began to flow into his body, overtaking him, feeding his addictive needs and she shook as he screamed in agony at the sheer weight of the burden he now possessed.

As the power filled him he fell to the floor and she rushed over to him, she knew he was not hurt, he was enjoying himself she was sure, if he were conscious that is. But still her motherly instinct would not allow her to walk away, she needed to care for her son, to save him from sharing his father's fate...

Screams were suddenly ripped from her throat as intense amounts of electricity coursed through her body, countless volts of power draining her of her life, bringing about her death...after all the love she gave to her son, this was how he repaid her? Chase stood up, his eyes still misty white and his mother now limp on the floor at his feet, to this day it is unknown whether he killed her or his "gift" did but there have been some hints to the truth.

Walking at a steady pace, Chase departed his bedroom, the murder scene that would never be found, going on for several minutes, as he walked Chase's features began to change, making him look more attractive, more powerful, more...godly..and as he stood on the doorstep of the giant manor he looked back and smiled, "I won't be needing you anymore." A movement was seen in his eyes as they went black and two waves of gold spread out from their centerpoint...fire than burst forth from his hands and engulfed the dwelling place within seconds..."Its time for me to make my own world." And he jumped, thousands of feet into the air, the power of flight bestowed upon but a mere mortal, could he handle such amazing abilities without destroying himself?

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I liked it

but i never seen the covenant so i dont know what your talking about,but a good read^^

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lol, your supposed to say it was horrible, I don't even know what I'm paying you for if you mess that up xP

and The Covenant is the best movie ever!! you should really watch it

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Nice job Jack, not like Aztek....Aztek sucks :P

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TheDrifter said:

Nice job Jack, not like Aztek....Aztek sucks :P"

what's with all these saying its good, now I'm going to feel obligated to finish it...

oh wait, I'm not Jack, I'm Aztek

*beats Drifter's a$$*
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Okay this post is REALLY short, I would make it longer but this fan-fic isn't really important to me, I'm just trying to finish it :P

Same time, different location

Caleb Danvers was now hundreds of feet in the air, only supported by his hands behind his back that clasped around the metal bars, allowing him to hang onto the phone tower as he had been doing for almost an hour, thoughts racing through his head. Today was the day, the day of his Ascension, and he could feel The Power growing within himself, the urge to embrace it made him tremble, he had once nearly lost himself in the powers he had now but he feared that should he fall while possessing the Power, one thousand times stronger than that he had now, there would be no turning back.

Finally he came to the conclusion it was now or never, he could taste the Power welling up inside himself and he let go, beginning his plummet to the earth below. But in the final seconds before he reached his "destination" his body tensed up and he screamed, he didn't want to die anymore!! His eyes became pitch black and an energy seemed to pulse from the center of them, spreading until it passed over his eyes and then he crashed into the solid ground, at full force, a huge indent surrounding him.

Silence enveloped all, Caleb seemed to have both succeeded and failed, succeeding in one goal and failing in another...for he had not died, slowly he got to his feet and brushed the dust off himself..."Time for the world to meet their Master..."

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I liked Jacks issue better


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TheDrifter said:
"I liked Jacks issue better

lmfao...I actually thought I posted with Jack o_O
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LOL i seriously need to get that Warlock copywritten...

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Vlad Tepes Dracula said:
"LOL i seriously need to get that Warlock copywritten..."
o_O what do you mean? I took this from a movie...