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Its another short story by me. I'm practicing my writing skills, so feel free to critisize. If not then feel free to compliment.

On the side note, this is my short story so if smthng isnt "as expected" dont tell me how they did it in comics, I'M the author.

“Where are you going?” Lois asked while giving birth/

“Lex Luthor had bailed from jail, he is trying to destroy the Earth!”

He flew out of the win-dow/ she heard the wind blow/

Pain of birth crept so slow.../

Before they married, she had doubt him/

The years later and she's struggling without him/

Looking at her ring, wondering and pondering what was the thing/

That made her make that choice/

“Hey mommy!” - an innocent voice/

Wakes her, breaks her away from dreaming/

She had barely seen Superman, as evil is always scheming/

She hugged their boy, letting off a tear/

Full of fear and bad memories/

Him and her now had such different chemistries/

Her tear reflected, her child's whole life – imperfected/

The boy she hugged sat in a wheel chair... defected/

Superman never got to hold him, she always told him/

“Be here at least one day a week”/

Fifty two weeks later, she broke down in an elevator to weep/

“I can't do this,” - whispered Lois/

Trying to keep up with her work/

She never slept, going berserk/

Alone, trying to raise a child, it drove her wild/

“I'm sorry, the dangers are the worst yet” - Superman said/

Next day he was gone, and his boy took his first step/

And a while later, the boy caused Lois to dart back/

Almost receiving a heart attack/

Boy did a deed, she never thought he can/

For his first word... was “Superman.”/

And so he grew, watching as his daddy flew/

“I have to go son, I'm Superman.”

Was the excuse to his biggest fan/

Despite that he never rocked his crib into the night/

Never set him right, after the boy lost his first fight/

He hasn't been there, during the days/

His son brought home his first hard earned A's/

All walls of his room were covered with Superman posters/

Toys, and he had the bigger action figure, even a Superman toaster/

He was never there to teach him responsibility/

The child's growth procrastinated, but he was fascinated with his father's ability/

“My dad can beat your dad! Superman is my father!”

The boy claimed, he truly loved and placed above his father was non other/

While Superman ripped trees, he never saw his son's scraped knees/

Receding and bleeding on the concrete/

As the child was lying there, crying with his mom on the street/

“No mom! Look! I won't fall, I'll fly!”

“Stop it! If you fall, you'll die!”

“But mom! I'm Superman's son! All i have to do is try!”

He jumped... Off the three story building/

Where his blood didn't flood, her tears filled~in/

Superman held the weight of the world/

But the world couldn't pause, for the boy's downward hurl/

That night, she took him home, in a wheel chair/

The doctor said he needed lots of time to heal fair/

And yet, she didn't know whether to be sad or mad/

When the boy said/

“I'm still just as strong as my dad!”/

And chucked his action figure right across the pad/

Lois snapped back from her hated flashback/

Wiped her tear, let her eyeliner smear in black/

She took the wheelchair with her nervous hands/

Walked outside of Daily Bugle, passing by the stands/

Rolling the chair in front of her to her car/

“Look mom, there's a fire! Look up higher!” - The boy pointed not too far.

Indeed, the fires sparked, and inspired a desire.

“Dad is coming to save them, right?” “No honey...” “You're a liar!”

He fiercely objected, rejecting his mother's theory,

“He saves the world, don't you see it clearly?”

“If he saves the world, why didn't he save you?” - she thought so wearily.

But to say she didn't dare/

And the next thing gave her a scare/

As the chair, was gone from her grip/

Her son was speeding down the street like on a strip/

“Honey NO! What are you doing?”/

She couldn't believe the picture she was viewing/

She chased him, tripped and fell, when she got up she couldn't tell/

Where her child had gone, so alone, she felt like she was gone to hell/

“Hey kid! What are you doing?” A fireman exclaimed.

“Doing what my daddy would!” - the child proclaimed.

He barely stood up, taking three steps and disappeared/

As mother stood, her soul flood with thought she greatly feared/

“Superman, where are you...” She was going into shock/

...Forever it seemed, but them she screamed, waking the whole block/

Their son, used his body as a cushion to save a girl, fell out of the second story/

The worry Lois had, was insane, the kid didn't want this glory/

He lay there, in smoke and mud, had chocked on blood, opened eyes/

Hearing his mother's cries, he tries/

To say his words, but his body hurts too much/

The last thing he remembers is an ambulance and his mother's touch/

“Hold on, please hold on!” She prayed in desperation/

Her son's respiration was slower, there was a camera that filmed it to the nation/

It was all live, a breath – one more/

And right before the heart rate went zero.../

He smiled at his mother, “...Tell my father, he is my favorite hero...”
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very good!

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I wanted it to be sad. This is my view on Superman and his kid.


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Very sad.

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I know that, I'm just saying that maybe you should be put on suicide watch. Seems a little emo.

(Emo's my "word of the day".)

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i liked it a lot.... but how ironicly sad... very good.

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nice post keep writing.