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I wasnt sure if Laura was being serious but after she stood up and headed towards the elevator, my fears were confirmed. She signaled me to come with her index finger, and Kurt said "come on Joe it's not like she will kill you." 
"Yeah.." i said standing up, though secretly I wasnt to sure. 
I headed to the elevator, i couldnt help but think that the last time i was this close to Laura she tore up my calf, bad thing was I was sure she was intent on doing much more. As soon as the door opened Laura pushed me out she wasnt that strong but I wasnt sure if she was holding back.  
"You know umm.. Laura I dont plan on fighting you." I said turning around to face her. 
"Good it will just make killing you easier." 
"Heha" I laughed nervously. 
Then she popped her claws and ran towards me her swings were wild, but also uncoordinated so they were pretty easy to dodge. She was getting angry but, I was actually beginning to find it amusing. She swung at my face a swing that i would have easily dodged if i had not tripped over my untied shoe lace. Her claw hit my face digging deep, causing me to fall down to my hands and knees. She grabbed my long hair and forced me to face her, I could hardly see through all the blood but saw that she was about to punch my face with her right fist claws and all. Luckily though almost as if on instinct i grabbed the hand she was holding me by with my left hand and using my right broke her arm. She yelled out and, I kicked her pushing her back a few feet. She popped her arm back into place and I wiped the blood off my face, she ran at me ducked and put my hand on her hips and tossed her behind me. While in the air she stabbed my shoulders, I ran forward a little and tried to give myself time to heal. She came at me and swung at me again, I grabbed her arm and pulled her down In a very wierd fashion she was about 5 inches from the floor when I caught her. I blew her a kiss and like expected she went ballistic, she head butted my mouth. She started swinging again and again I dodged we must have been going at it for thirty minutes, with nothing. then she backed me up close to a wall she got a lucky hit and put her right hand, directly into my stomach. I reached down to grab her arm with both my arms, and using her left arm she stabbed me in the neck pining me to the wall.  
"Have you had enough" she said laughing. 
I was now coughing up blood, "what are you getting tired."  
She started to laugh, then walked away. I followed after her but let her go on the elevator alone. When I got to the room Evan was laughing. 
"What.." I said angrily. 
"Nothing Joe its just well you just got your a^s handed to you buy a girl."  
I growled at Evan, "you know you should clean your self up kid you look like crap." said Logan "speaking of which i have a shirt that might be more your style."  
I headed up to my room and looked at my self in the mirror I was covered and blood and my shirt was now just shreds. While I showered i couldnt help but wonder why I was healing so fast during the "fight", though it didnt really mater. I got out of the shower and went in to my room I saw a shirt lying on my bed it was exactly like the last one, except that instead of white it was a bronish orange and the X was dark brown.  

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Great fight! Well done. 

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glad you liked it.
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@Project_Worm said:

"You know umm.. Laura I dont plan on fighting you." I said turning around to face her.

"Good it will just make killing you easier."

"Heha" I laughed nervously.

Then she popped her claws and ran towards me

RUN! :)

This is quite a cool read PW! I am stopping now, 6 in a row has done me but I'll look into the other 10 soon.