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 Me, Evan, and Kurt where hanging out in the living room. They seemed so calm I wanted to ask what the danger room but was secretly afraid of the answer. I looked at this big grand father clock there was only about fifteen till' we had to be at the danger room, I sat there quiet. Just as I was going to ask Kurt what we were doing, Scott walked into the room. 
"Hey Joe you want to have a sneak peek at the danger room." 
"Uh yeah sure," I said standing up from the couch. 
"Cool come with me," we walked out of the room "Ten minutes you guys" he called out to Evan and Kurt. 
"Yeah okay" said Kurt and Evan in unison. 
We walked down the hall into an elevator, "I think your gonna like this" he said as we took the elevator down. 
"How far down are we going," I said noticing that it was taking kinda long. 
"The danger room is a hundred feet under the mansion." 
"Woa, um why." 
"Because its not only our training room but its also our safety room." 
"A room for training and safety wouldnt have guessed it by the name." 
"Yeah I guess its sort of  miss leading." 
The door to the elevator opened and we and it lead into a sort of control room, but behind all the controls was couches and other seats.  
"So whats all this," I asked Scott. 
"Well the controls are where, me Jean and Logan control the training exercises. With the specialized computer we can make all kinds of locations and missions, Its good practice though we can also have the good O'l sparring matches." 
 Scott showed me a few locations and missions that were his favorites. Then Logan walked in and in the next elevator came Kurt, Evan, and Laura. Logan said he wanted to show me what the danger room was all about. He took both Evan and Kurt down an elevator opposite of the one we took down here, into the danger room. I watched amazed as the trio cleared the first mission in just a few mission it was one where they where on the Brooklyn bridge fighting this huge mechanical squid looking thing. Logan signaled Scott to start a new mission, he did but this one was alot different. it looked like it may have been in Alaska or something outside a military warehouse. The mission was to get a hostage who was in the center of the warehouse, without  being discovered. Nightcrawler teleported around the building taking out guard who were on the roof or other entries while Logan and Evan ran into the building. There was an electric fence that block there way Logan tried cutting the fence but it socked him horribly down to the floor. He signaled Evan who ran to the fence and putting his and on it absorbed the energy he winced so I knew that it hurt him. Evan using the energy from before knocked out the rest of the guards. Logan ran down to the cell where the hostage was being held he used his claws to tear a hole in the bars and grab the hostage as soon as he touched him the room went back to normal.
The three came back up the elevator. Logan looked at me and said, "so what Joe you want to give it a try." 
"I dont know Logan I wouldn't even know which one to try." 
"How about a fight with Sabe..." laura began to say before bieng cut off by logan. 
"No.." he said in a serious tone. 
"I was joking danm... wait how 'bout a sparing match." 
I looked at Laura, "with who?" I asked  worriedly. 
Laura had an almost sadistic smile on her face when she said "with me."  

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Great job, as usual! Your writing is improving, and it's fun to read every time and see how you'll up the ante.  
Uh oh, Laura. . . 

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yeah its gonna get interesting.. probably... hopefully
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@Project_Worm: Interesting, with Laura, means that someone is gonna die. I'm totally kidding, lol. 
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I LOL'd so hard when I read that. Love your new avi btw. 

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@Project_Worm said:

Me, Evan, and Kurt where hanging out in the living room

Evan, Kurt and I.

@Project_Worm said:

"Hey Joe you want to have a sneak peek at the danger room."

Scott's sentence reminds me of that Jimi Hendrix song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE3FAY-NOiU